by Stian

Use computer keyboard in Windows Phone emulator

WindowsPhone7EmulatorIf you spend lots of time in the Windows Phone emulator you may have noticed that you need to type using the SIP (soft input panel) because your computer keyboard is disabled. There is not visible settings anywhere on how to change this, but luckily I got a tip from my fellow developer Christoffer that this could easily be fixed by doing the following.

  1. Set focus to an input field
  2. Press the  PageUp button

Then SIP will now collapse and you’ll see ENU in the top bar. You can now use your keyboard to write in any input in the application.

If you would like to get the SIP back, just set focus to an input field again and press the Pause/Break button – hey, it’s back! (you probably didn’t miss it?)

Hardware buttons

Hardware buttons of the phone can also be triggered by your keyboard. See the following table

F1 Back
F2 Start
F3 Search
F6 Camera pressed half way
F7 Camera pressed fully
F9 Volume Up
F10 Volume Down