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Windows Phone Developer Tools January 2011 Update

windowsphoneMicrosoft just release the new Window Phone Developer Tools update for January 2011. Copy and paste in emulator is one of the main features (how big deal is this really?), but there are also other minor bug fixes and a new version of the Windows Phone OS emulator image.

You can download the Developer Tools Jaunuar 2011 Update here.

Official list of Windows Phone Developer Tools January 2011 Updates includes:

  • Windows Phone Emulator Update – Exposes copy/paste functionality in the Windows Phone 7 emulator. For more information, see How to: Test Copy and Paste in Windows Phone Emulator. End users can use the copy and paste functionality only after receiving the corresponding update to the Windows Phone 7 operating system.
  • Windows Phone Developer Resources Update – Fixes a text selection bug in pivot and panorama controls. In applications that have pivot or panorama controls that contain text boxes, users can unintentionally change panes when trying to copy text. To prevent this problem, open your application, recompile it, and then resubmit it to the Windows Phone Marketplace.
  • Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool – Detects the phone capabilities used by your application. When you submit your application to Windows Phone Marketplace , Microsoft performs a code analysis to detect the phone capabilities required by your application and then replaces the list of capabilities in the application manifest with the result of this detection process. This tool performs the same detection process and allows you to test your application using the same list of phone capabilities generated during the certification process. For more information, see How to: Use the Capability Detection Tool.
  • Windows Phone Connect Tool – Allows you to connect your phone to a PC when Zune® software is not running and debug applications that use media APIs. For more information, see How to: Use the Connect Tool.
  • Updated Bing Maps Silverlight Control – Includes improvements to gesture performance when using Bing™ Maps Silverlight® Control.
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by Stian

WP7: Application launch failed

When you try to deploy your WP7 applications from Visual Studio to your phone, you might get the message: “Application launch failed. Ensure that the device screen is unlocked and device is developer unlocked. For details on developer unlock, visit

The link you get is only a link to, which does not actually help you solve the problem.

Very often we find that the reason for this error message is the device screen is unlocked, but it is also necessary to register your device on your developer account to be able to deploy. You already have the tools you need on your computer, just follow these instructions:

Developer Phone Registration

  1. Go to “All Programs” on your start menu and find “Windows Phone Developer Tools
  2. Start “Windows Phone Developer Registration
  3. Fill inn Windows Live ID and password.
  4. Click “Register


by Stian

Learn to develop for Windows Phone 7

Do you want to start developing applications for Windows Phone 7? Good news! Microsoft together with Charles Petzold has released a Free E-book called “Programming Windows Phone 7.

This book is divided into three parts.

  • The first part discusses basic concepts of Windows Phone 7 programming using example programs that target both Silverlight and the XNA framework.
  • The second part of this book focuses entirely on Silverlight
  • The third part on XNA 2D

The book has a lot of code examples which are available for download here

This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community and YES, Programming Windows Phone 7 is truly a free download.
The book will also be available for sale on paper, for those who prefer to read a book the old fashion way.

I’ve personally used this book as a reference when working on applications and I would like to thank Charles and his team for a great book.

Download your copy from Microsoft.

by Stian

WP7 Dev: Run application in Trial Mode

Today I want to show you how easy you can implement trial / full version features in your Window Phone 7 application.
Microsoft MarketPlace allows developer to offer customers trial version of their application. To check if you application is
running in trial mode, you can call IsTrial() on the LicenseInformation object like in this example:

private static bool IsTrial()
var license = new Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace.LicenseInformation();
return license.IsTrial();

WP7 Development

Things to note about trial mode:

  • Trial license does not expire, but is replaced by a full license when the customer purchases the application.
  • IsTrial() will ALWAYS return FALSE during development so you must simulate IsTrial being true by either using conditional compilation or some configuration setting.
  • You are required to prompt the user to purchase the application (in some location at some point in the app).  When prompting the user you should open up the Marketplace Launcher to allow the user to buy the product.  If the user buys the product you will want to re-query IsTrial again to check for status changes.

Also read about How to check for internet connection in your WP7 Application.

by Stian

WP7 Dev: Check for internet connection

HTC TrophyJust wanted to post a the source code for developers wanting to check for an internet connection on Windows Phone 7.
Please remember that the emulator will always return true!

Btw: I have a HTC Trophy with WP7 in my hand – it’s awesome!
private bool HasNetwork()
if (!NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable())
MessageBox.Show("No internet connection is available. Try again later.");
return false;
return true;

by Andreas

Windows Phone 7 App Hub open!

The App Hub for Windows Phone 7 apps and games is now open at


For the selected few (?) with early submission access it should now be possible to register your applications for review! Take note of the word ‘should’ – even though it’s supposed to be up and running, you still can’t choose the Phone 7 OS from the dropdown menu (as of 11:36pm 11th of Oct 2010)! But by the time you read this it has probably been fixed, so I’m adding some proof:


Anyway, there are several applications lined up signed Degree Consulting Group so as soon as they sort out the bugs on their webpage we’re off!

UPDATE: The App Hub has now been sorted out and works beautifully!

UPDATE 2: Degree Consulting Group now has one application approved in the App Hub, and another one is currently in progress!