by Andreas

WP7 + Kerio connect = no sync

Windows Phone 7 is aimed at the business market with its fully functional Office suite, Exhange Server integration and so on. With just a few simple operations you’ll have your contacts, email and calendar synchronized and available wherever you are (in other words you’ll never be 100% off work..). Anyway, for those who use Kerio Connect there are some bad news (as of Decemer 2010): Sync does not work with Kerio!

As far as I know there are two options worth considering for synchronizing contacts at least (please suggest more):

1. Wait for Kerio 7.2 to be released (currently in beta 3 now (17th of December), for the system administrator dare devils. Ensure you have support staff ready when making the “upgrade”.. )

2. The three step crap solution where you dump your Outlook contacts to an online 3rd party service (Soocial is your friend), then import them into a Gmail account which you then finally synchronize with your contacts list on your phone.

(Yes, you can use a Hotmail account which you synchronize with Outlook in pretty much the same way)