by Andreas

The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit

Microsoft Outlook 2010:

“the attachment size exceeds the allowable limit”

Great error message, greetings from Microsoft! It has now (apparently) deliberately been put up a few obstacles by the overlords in Seattle to limit the maximum size of any email attachment to 20MB. Sounds ridicilously low these days, but at least there are other options. Check out to try a free (and: important, important! : AD FREE) service to send large files easy. It also has other features (I especially like the album function), worth sacrificing a couple of minutes to check out. No need to register before you try it either.

PS: There is a blog entry about on Degree Blog (written in Norwegian).

PPS: there is a “hack” where you adjust the limit in the registry but:
1. That doesnt mean your ISP allows the size you want, what if you have 200MB you want to send?
2. You are changing your registry.. not for the every day user

PPPS: I am a developer. I dont know about the tweaks and configuration possibilities in Exchange 2010. There might be ways around this, but show me the administrator or the ISP that agrees that emails with 500MB attachments are necessary. They don’t care that your holiday photos were taken in RAW format with a Canon 500D. They just don’t care..