by Joakim

Error when clicking a hyperlink in Outlook (Win8/Chrome)

I switched to Windows 8 on my computer as soon as it was available as an RTM version on MSDN, and so far I’m really happy with Microsoft’s latest OS offering. I have however run into a few problems related to using Chrome as my default browser (e.g. the problem I had with external links in Visual Studio 2012).

The problem for today is the error message I got when clicking hyperlinks in emails using Outlook. Instead of the hyperlink launching a website in my default web browser (Chrome) I would get an error message saying;
This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”


The cause of this problem lay in the registry. It turns out that Chrome modifies some values in the registry that it (probably) shouldn’t, namely ComputerHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT .htm and ComputerHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT .html


Chrome had changed the (Default) value of both these entries from htmlfile to ChromeHTML….  Changing the value back to htmlfile fixed the problem. Clicking hyperlinks in emails now opens up the web address in my default browser (namely Chrome) just as expected. No annoying error message.

It looks like you could run into this problem under other circumstances than mine (Win8/Chrome as default browser), as Microsoft has written a support article about it which can be found here. The support article lists several methods to fix the problem, depending on what the root cause for the error is.

by Njål

Force Hard Reload in Chrome

Reloading pages in Chrome can be done in a few different ways:

  • Ctrl-R (or F5) – Normal Reload
  • Ctrl-Shift-R (or Ctrl-F5) – Hard Reload

I’m sure you knew this already. But here’s a new trick – you can do a Hard Reload and Clear Cache at the same time by right clicking on the Reload button. This requires that you have the developer console open (F12).


by Joakim

External links in Visual Studio not working – Solution

In a previous post I described a problem I’ve been having with external links in Visual Studio not working under Windows 8. The problem only occurred when I started Visual Studio with administrator privileges and had Chrome set as my default browser.

It turned out that this problem was related to the way Chrome registers itself in Windows 8 during install. It also affects launching Chrome from any application run as an administrator (not only Visual Studio). The issue (and an more in-depth description of the problem) can be found here.

In short this problem is fixed if you perform a machine-wide install of Chrome (instead of installing for the current user only). This will be the default in future versions of Chrome on Windows 8, and is already implemented in the development version of Chrome. In order to fix this problem on your own machine today, uninstall Chrome, and re-install it from the dev channel (