by Wojciech Sura

Snoop – a WPF window inspector

If you’re developing programs with Windows Presentation Foundation, there is a program, which, if you don’t already know, you surely should.

Snoop is a very interesting free utility, which allows inspecting WPF visual tree┬ástructure of an application during┬áthe runtime – and works completely standalone from the IDE. But that’s not all: you may inspect every single UI element along with its full list of properties and information, where the value comes from (direct, inherited, binding, resource etc.) and change them to observe, what happens.

And what if the visual of interest is buried deeply in the visual tree? That’s not a problem at all – after inspecting window with Snoop, simply hold Ctrl+Shift and hover mouse over that item – Snoop will find it for you.


Since a few versions of Visual Studio are written in WPF, you may Snoop them as well. That’s actually very useful, when you’re developing an extension editor for the IDE.