by arnecato

OneDrive for Business failing to synchronize


Are you one of many who are struggling with One Drive for Business’ inability to synchronize files or its faulty Repair functionality?

Or, you get error messages like: Error Code = 0x80004005 Error Source = Groove?

I have files that seem to be stuck and fail to synchronize, even after several attempts at various ways of unsyncing single files and folders, deleting and resyncing all folders, and lastly, letting One Drive Business fix it all with the Repair functionality.

None of this worked.

The solution that worked was to rename the folder Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\Spw and delete all synchronized folders. After that I let OneDrive synchronize all folders again.

24 hours later, so far, so good. It got past the previous blockers and all files are now synchronized.

Until next time something breaks…