by Wojciech Sura

Inspecting locked files

Locked file


Aaaargh! Everyone surely encountered (and hates) such situation. One of the processes keeps open handle to a file or folder and – as an effect – it cannot be deleted. But which one?

SysInternals to the rescue – again! Today we will use another useful tool from this package, ProcExp. The Process Explorer – as says its full name – is actually quite good replacement for its system equivalent – provides a lot more information about each process, allows creating mini or full process memory dump on request and more.

We’ll use it to find the application, which keeps a file open, thus disallowing it to be deleted. In order to do so, we have to open ProcExp, choose Find | Find Handle or DLL… and then enter the name of locked file. And boom, almost immediately we get the guilty process.