by Stian

The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly

When trying to submit a new application or update an older (pre-mango) application in the Windows Phone marketplace / AppHub, you may get the unpleasant surprise of an error saying “The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly”

This is due to a new requirement that came around the launch of Mango. All applications must now have a natural resource language specified (will allow the new languages that came with Mango to work correctly).

There is an easy way to fix this, I will give you two ways it can be accomplished:

ATIV-S-Product-Image-Front-5-600x399Option #1

Update your Assembly.cs:

// Add this to you usings
using System.Resources;

// Then add this line in the code
[assembly: NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute("en")]
Option #2

Follow these steps:

  1. Right click the project name in Solution Explorer and click Properties
  2. Under the Application tab, click the Addembly Information button
  3. Select the default culture in the Neutral Language list