by Andreas

Sharepoint 2010 – get rid of the Windows Security login dialog

When you’re running Sharepoint 2010 in your development environment you probably wont have a domain and Active Directory set up. After all, it is a bit of an overkill when it’s just you and your cat that require a login and a profile. Unfortunately the lack of an Active Directory means you will be prompted to enter your username and password each and every time you open up your Sharepoint site, whether this be during development and debugging or just accessing the intranet you’ve set up (for you and your cat – hey, animals need shared calendars and document libraries too..).


“Remember my credentials” doesn’t seem to work in this case, and if you’ve attempted to create a new entry in the Credential Manager you’ll soon find out that it doesn’t help either (which is where “Remember my credentials” should have stored your login info in the first place). So, the trick is to add your Sharepoint site as a local intranet site in Internet Explorer. Go to Internet Options, open the security tab and choose “Local intranet”. Click sites, and in the following dialog box choose Advanced. If you did this while browsing your Sharepoint site the web site address should already be in the input textbox, but if not just add it manually (e.g. “http://localhost”):


Close your browser and reopen your Sharepoint site – and you’re automatically logged in.