by Andreas

HP laptop overheating problem – instant shutdowns

imageI’ve got an HP EliteBook 8540p, with the i7 quad core processor (if you find this blog post and it’s 2015, don’t laugh because that wasn’t a bad setup when I got it in 2010). Over the last few months I’ve struggled with constant overheating, particularly the GPU which easily reaches temperatures of 75-80° C. Whenever I was brave enough to start a graphics intensive job (like watching a YouTube clip – yes, sadly I considered that “graphics intensive”!), the temperature rose to above 80° C and the laptop immediately shut down to self-protect. Solution: having a desk fan running constantly keeping the air around the laptop moving. Mildly annoying to say the least..

imageI eventually got a can of compressed air and thought I’d be able to blow the cooling ducts and heat sink clear of any dust. Surprisingly not much came out, so I was starting to wonder if I had to re-apply thermal grease between the CPU/GPU and the heat sink. Luckily I tried something else first: new drivers! More specifically the BIOS driver and the graphics driver. I remembered installing new drivers a few months ago, but didn’t connect that with the start of the overheating problems. Now the GPU is running at a cool 60-65°, the cooling fans are no longer driving me mad and my hair is slowly starting to grow back.

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  • Gary

    I a experiencing the exact same issue with an Elitbook 8440p (i7 quad core).

    Can you please post the exact drivers and versions that solved the problem for you?


  • Andreas

    I installed driver version for my nVidia NVS5100M. I’m unable to check the BIOS version now, but it was the latest one available from HP at the time.

    Note: despite the fact that the temperature dropped a fair bit after this I was still not happy with it after a while. I ended up pulling the whole laptop apart (not necessary, it can be done entirely by removing the keyboard and the LED panel…) and rip out the CPU cooling elements. I cleaned the fan, the vents and the cooling duct with a compressor, removed that little grid between the fan and the chassis and eventually drilled some holes (!) to increase air flow. Very effective :)

    • Mike Vanderford

      Dude. I know this is old but the punching holes in the grill is genius.

  • Dante Jukilo

    I have same problem on my hp 8540w .the temperatures is 60*C idle, when i play game is 90-100*C and it auto shutdown.i think the thermal epoxy dry.i change the new thermal epoxy and clean the fan.the heat went down but it still hot ide 50-60,full load test 80-90*C.
    then i find out the resolution.i clean the cooling ducts behind + next to the cpu fan and affix the adhesive tape between the fan and the heat pipe,some one removed it (you must open the keyboard to see it).After that the CPU run 30-40*C, stress test is 70-80.

    problem sold.i think the reason is the adhesive tape, if you dont have it, the hot air cant go out and it make the sensor hotter.

    • MAK IT & Entertainment

      Dear I have the same issue, I recently changed new thermal epoxy, but still temperature is high.~ also cleaned the fan properly but don’t know why temperature is still going too high. Checked tape is all right.

      Please advise!

      Adil Khan