by Andreas

How to stop all Sharepoint 2010 services

imageRunning the Sharepoint 2010 environment on your Windows 7 laptop sure is convenient rather than depending on Windows Server 2008 R2. Especially for those of us who also develop in several other languages and generally use the computer for non-Sharepoint tasks. Windows Server gets a bit dull and heavyweight for daily use, even though I survived nearly a year with it. But Sharepoint requires a fair bit of CPU and RAM because of all the background processes, including the SQL Server database. It also slowly fills your harddrive up, as described in my earlier post Sharepoint Is Eating Up My Harddrive!.

This made me think of writing an application that could shut down Sharepoint whenever I didn’t need it (especially during my overheating shutdown issues…). Fortunately for me, someone else already did! On Codeplex there is a project called Sharepoint 2010 Service Manager. This little piece of magic allows you to turn off all the Sharepoint related services with a single click of a button – including the database. And you can also choose that Sharepoint doesn’t automatically when Windows starts! Brilliant!