by Aage Andre

XenApp 6.5 – STA could not be contacted

Struggled for a day after setting up Secure Gateway for XenApp 6.5 with these two errors in event log:

Site path: C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixXenApp.
The Citrix XML Service object was not found: 404 Object not found. This message was reported from the XML Service at address http://xenapp.internaldomain.local:8080/scripts/ctxsta.dll  http://com.citrix.xml.CtxSTAProtocol.RequestTicket. The specified Secure Ticket Authority could not be contacted and has been temporarily removed from the list of active services.

Site path: C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixXenApp.
All the configured Secure Ticket Authorities failed to respond to this XML transaction.


Mostly, google will give you the answer. What I didn’t see anywhere, is that the configuration is case sensitive.

So when you set up the web interface and Secure Gateway:

Wrong: http://servername01.domain.local:8080/scripts/ctxsta.dll
Correct: http://servername01.domain.local:8080/Scripts/CtxSTA.dll

  • Dave

    Dude you deserver a medal!!
    It’s 1am and I’ve just read your answer and it fixed my problem…. awesome
    Now I only have 216 IT problems left :)