by Njål

RequestReduce: Combine & Compress resources. Like a boss.

Combres is a very popular framework for the .NET platform to combine and minimize css/javascript files. Installation is pretty easy using nuget, and configuring it usually isn’t too bad either.

But be ware – there is a new kid on the block: RequestReduce. This is even easier to use, and also compresses external javascript files you might have referenced through CDNs etc.

Install using Nuget, and hit refresh in your internet browser twice. That’s it. RR automatically detects your javascript/css and takes care of the rest:


<link href=”/RequestReduceContent/9d8e9e90e8de050baf2bc2df819f5211-e6cc9b875d6351964ba7d5c434007001-RequestReducedStyle.css” rel=”Stylesheet” type=”text/css” />

<script src=”/RequestReduceContent/03a7e950cff059d0608ab101ee08b178-4f5e2f27d36f2cf9ebaae1acfe4f4f40-RequestReducedScript.js” type=”text/javascript” ></script>

  • thorhalvor

    Short and good post! Its getting more and more important to reduce the payload of every request. Especially for people browsing with their mobile. In Asp.Net MVC 4, wich are currently in Beta, they will have their own Bundling and Minification module for css and javascripts. David Hayden have written a blogpost about it here:

  • Stian

    Just tested this on a web project and it is as easy as you say! No configuration needed – install nuget package and you are ready to go!! Love it <3