by Andreas

Sharepoint 2010 – display custom properties on Profile page

Tip #1:
Changing the order of properties displayed in the user profile page of MySite is a PITA if doing it through Central Admin (User Profile Service Application –> Manage User Properties). To move the item higher or lower you’ll trigger a postback for each and every single step, which takes a ridiculous amount of time. So download this tool from Codeplex and save yourself a bucketload of time.

Tip #2:
There are a few user profile properties that are shown by default, while the rest are visibly only by clicking the “More information” link. Changing the order of these is either simple (see tip #1) or time consuming and horrendous (use Central Admin). The properties visible by default (typically office and contact information) are not affected by the order you specify in Central Admin so how do you change them? And how do you add more properties? Open up the web application you use for MySite (usually something original like http://mysite) in Sharepoint Designer. Find Profile.aspx under “All files” and “Edit File in Advanced Mode”. Now you can use WYSIWYG editor capabilities to shape and alter the layout, and adding a new property only requires a new div tag with a reference to the property name (get the correct property name from “User Profile Properties” in Central Administration. Edit the details for the property you want to display, and get the “Name” property, e.g. “Pager” in this example):

<div style="padding-left: 20px;" class="ms-contactcardtext3" id="ProfileViewer_ValuePager">
Pager number: <SPSWC:ProfilePropertyValue PropertyName="Pager" dir="ltr" runat="server"/>