by Aage Andre

DPM 2010 – Replica is Inconsistent on Hyper-V guest System Protection

I went through roughly 200 sites and blogs trying to figure out why, after installing DPM 2010 on our servers, the bare metal recovery and system state backups failed with “Replica is inconsistent”.

Most people would say it’s because you don’t have enough disk space allocated for the replica or recovery point. Or some other mumbo jumbo.

The simple truth: In addition to the DPM-agent, each server needs to have Windows Server Backup-features enabled for bare metal recovery and system state.

Guess that was to much info to write in the technet article on best practice and installation since it was already 2 gazillion pages long…

Thanks Andy Dawson

  • Richard

    Thanks very much,
    I was looking around looking for solutions to this problem. Disk space my arse.
    What a simple answer and fix.


  • EB

    Thanks a lot for this, I used a lot of time to find an answer to this issue 
    Sometimes it seems to me that Microsoft does not test their products at the level they should!