by Stian

WP7 Dev: Run application in Trial Mode

Today I want to show you how easy you can implement trial / full version features in your Window Phone 7 application.
Microsoft MarketPlace allows developer to offer customers trial version of their application. To check if you application is
running in trial mode, you can call IsTrial() on the LicenseInformation object like in this example:

private static bool IsTrial()
var license = new Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace.LicenseInformation();
return license.IsTrial();

WP7 Development

Things to note about trial mode:

  • Trial license does not expire, but is replaced by a full license when the customer purchases the application.
  • IsTrial() will ALWAYS return FALSE during development so you must simulate IsTrial being true by either using conditional compilation or some configuration setting.
  • You are required to prompt the user to purchase the application (in some location at some point in the app).  When prompting the user you should open up the Marketplace Launcher to allow the user to buy the product.  If the user buys the product you will want to re-query IsTrial again to check for status changes.

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