by Njål

ImageGen resize functionality for free!

ImageGen is a great little .NET library that basically resizes images on the fly. The typical use of it is on websides, blogs etc – where a image is resized just before sending it to the browser. It is often used in Umbraco CMS sites, but it can be used just as easily in any site.

Here’s an example: (original image) (resized by ImageGen)

It is often very useful to resize a image to a height of e.g. 60 pixels while also ensuring that the width should not be greater than e.g. 200px.
ImageGen offers this in its PRO version:

This feature is the only true useful feature of the PRO version ($199 per domain!) I have ever had use for.  Here’s a trick to achieve maxHeight / maxWidth functionality with the free version:

This resizes the image to a width of max 150px, height of max 50px, while preserving the aspect ratio.

Happy resizing!

  • Dampee

    Hi thanks for the tip! Really useful and a lot more worth than 199$