by Andreas

Windows Phone 7 App Hub open!

The App Hub for Windows Phone 7 apps and games is now open at


For the selected few (?) with early submission access it should now be possible to register your applications for review! Take note of the word ‘should’ – even though it’s supposed to be up and running, you still can’t choose the Phone 7 OS from the dropdown menu (as of 11:36pm 11th of Oct 2010)! But by the time you read this it has probably been fixed, so I’m adding some proof:


Anyway, there are several applications lined up signed Degree Consulting Group so as soon as they sort out the bugs on their webpage we’re off!

UPDATE: The App Hub has now been sorted out and works beautifully!

UPDATE 2: Degree Consulting Group now has one application approved in the App Hub, and another one is currently in progress!

  • Tom

    Congrats with app approval! I’m going to submit my app soon too.
    Btw I’m beta tester at another app hub :)

  • Catto

    Good Post, currently I get the same error I’m unable to upload xap file it only wants version 6x.

    Thx 4 the info,

  • Andreas


    make sure you go to the address and choose “Join to submit your apps & games for Windows Phone & XBox”.

    If you only see the old WM 6.x you’re attempting to submit to the “old” Microsoft Marketplace.