by Andreas

Free .DBF Query Manager

A recent request from a client included digging into some data from an old CRM system, which is using the .DBF format. A quick search online showed that there are actually people charging money for query managers supporting this format – which, by the way, is obsolete and slow. I therefore sacrificed a couple of hours of my precious time (..) and put together a very simple DBF Query Manager, written in managed C# code.

This might be developed further, but I honestly doubt it. It solved my issues, and might solve yours as well.

1. Choose a directory where the DBF files are stored (DBF is a flat file database system where a table is represented as a file within a directory). In my example the .DBF files are stored in Q:DBFDemo:


2. Click Connect to open the Main Query Window:


3. Run your queries as you would in an overpriced, commercial, dishonest version! Including nested queries – any syntactically correct query will work.

Note: this thing is free. Free like it used to be in the old days – with no strings attached, or a “max 30 days use before we rip you off”-scheme hidden somewhere in the code. It took me a couple of hours to build. This blog post included! But for that very reason there is hardly any error handling! It will display a “Table not found” error message whenever it detects something wrong – like if you screw up the query. There is no intellisense (or intelligence..), and it is READ-ONLY! At least for now..

But it works! Like a charm! And THAT’s the main point!

Click here to download (requires .NET Framework 4.0)

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