by Stian

Phishing/Spam: iTunes Store -Thank you for your purchase

Please be aware of the following iTunes Store scam e-mail circulating these days.
The e-mail should be deleted and requires no other actions from you.


From: iTunes Store <>
Subject: Thank you for your purchase

Dear customer,

This is an automated reply, but your Apple ID was just used to download Football Manager Handheld 2014 from the App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID.

Order Number: QAPPCCVW21RCSW
Order total: 9.35 ?

If you initiated this download, you can disregard this email. It was only sent to alert you in case you did not initiate the download yourself.
If you did not initiate this download, we recommend that you go to iTunes Payment Cancellation Form to change your password, then
See Apple ID: Tips for protecting the security of your account for further assistance.

How to resume Payment Cancellation Form iTunes Store downloads

Please do not reply to this email. Thank you for your patience.
iTunes Store Customer Support

Apple ID : yourÉ
Lang_Country : en_UK
Product : iTunes Store
Support Subject : iTunes Store
Sub Issue : Connecting to iTunes Store with computer
See additional info below
What device did you use to connect to the store? Windows computer (PC)
Choose the iTunes Store or App Store for your country: United Kingdom



by Andreas

Selenium – Working with dynamic ASP.NET controls

Selenium LogoI recently had to find a replacement for our extensive Watin UI test framework. The reason being problems as a result of the IE11 release, and that Watin seems to have been abandonded in April 2011.

The choice landed on Selenium, which seems to be the de facto standard these days. It allows you to test in a variety of browsers, and is very much alive and kicking. There’s a .NET web driver available as a NuGet package, which makes it very easy to get started. But this isn’t a post about how great (or not?) Selenium is, it’s just a tip for those who’s using it for ASP.NET projects and came across the same annoyance as I did.

Selenium doesn’t handle dynamic ASP.NET controlId’s very well. It says in the docs that they recommend using static id’s, but seriously.. For projects before ClientIdMode was supported (< 4.0) this simply wasn’t an option. And should we go through thousands of lines of code and change this? I think not.

The solution is using XPath. Which, in Selenium’s defence, is supported. But it’s ugly, compared to using RegEx which was supported by Watin. Take the following example:

            <asp:TextBox ID="txtEmail" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>


To reference this textbox control, Selenium out-of-the-box requires this:

IWebElement e = driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//input[@id[substring(.,string-length()-7)='txtEmail']]"));


That’s not pretty. And you have to calculate the length of the controlId, take zero base into consideration (8 minus 1 = 7) and you will hopefully get a working reference. My preferred solution would be to add an extension to the By class, like By.RegEx() or something. But it’s a static class and extension methods require you to create an instance of it, so I had to scrap that idea (something for the next version of C#, Microsoft??)

My second best solution was a set of helper methods to generate the ugly XPath string. I’ve implemented a couple of options, where one get’s a reference without taking the type of control into consideration while the other allows you to look specifically for a textbox (input).

    public static class SeleniumTools

        public static string GetXPath(string controlId)
            return GetXPath(controlId, "*");

        public static string GetXPathForTextBox(string controlId)
            return GetXPath(controlId, "input");

        private static string GetXPath(string controlId, string controlType)
            return "//" + controlType + "[@id[substring(.,string-length()-" + (controlId.Length - 1) + ")='" + controlId + "']]";


At least this makes it a bit easier to read, and you don’t have to work out the XPath string manually:

IWebElement e = driver.FindElement(By.XPath(SeleniumTools.GetXPath("txtEmail")));
by Aage Andre

BSOD – process1_initialization_failed

After an afformentioned power-loss, one of the guest-vms started BSOD’ing during boot. Safe mode was no go, and only recovery worked.

Found a tip:

- Copy ‘C:\Windows\System32\CodeIntegrity\bootcat.cache’ from a working, similar server (2008R2 in this case) to a cd or usb-drive.
- Since this was a Hyper-V guest I created a ISO with the file, using ImgBurn, and mounted the iso inside the guest, while in recovery mode.
- Delete the original bootcat.cache from the system, and copy the working one you got from the other server.
- Reboot.

by Aage Andre

Windows Server 2012R2 reboot loop

One of our hosts ran into a reboot loop after an unplanned shutdown(also known as powerloss). When booting again, the server went straight from booting to shutting down services and rebooting.

Windows update is often the problem when boot-problems occur in my experience. So, boot into recovery mode and command prompt, and remove the file C.\Windows\WinSXS\pending.xml.

Reboot the server and no updates messing with your host during boot.


by Stian

Check if element is hidden with jQuery


Expert solutionJust another quick jQuery help post; how can I check if an element is visible or hidden using jQuery?

To check this for a single element, you can write:

// Checks for display:[none|block], ignores visible:[true|false]


You can also have a selector which gives you all hidden elements:

// Matches all elements that are hidden


or of course all visible elements:

// Matches all elements that are visible.
by Joakim

Using WinMerge as the default diff/merge tool in Visual Studio 2012/2013

Updated: The procedure described below also works for Visual Studio 2013!

I found the default diff/merge tool in Visual Studio 2012 to be a huge improvement over previous versions, as now you are actually able to see what has changed quite easily.


But that being said, I still prefer to use WinMerge as the default diff/merge tool since it has more features. Another nice feature of WinMerge is the possibility to integrate it into Windows Explorer which allows me to diff files (and folders) on my hard drive.

So how do you make WinMerge the default diff/merge tool in Visual Studio?

Go into “Tools –> Options –> Source Control –> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server”, click on “Configure User Tools …”, and add new commands for the “Compare” and “Merge” operations.



Values for the compare command;
Extension: .* (meaning all files)
Operation: Compare
Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe (the path to where WinMergeU.exe is located)
Arguments: /e /u /wl /dl %6 /dr %7 %1 %2 (the arguments for WinMerge, I’ll explain them in detail further down)

Values for the merge command;
Extension: .*
Operation: Merge
Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe
Arguments: /e /u /wl /dl %6 /dr %7 %1 %2 %4

After you add these two commands, right-clicking a file in Visual Studio and selecting “Compare…” should result in the two files being opened and compared in WinMerge. Should you want to go back to using Visual Studio’s own diff/merge tool, you just remove the two commands again.


So what do the values used in the arguments field in the two commands actually mean?

Values starting with a forward slash (/) are WinMerge command-line parameters. The full list of possible parameters can be found here. But I’ll list the ones I use (not all of them are necessary, you may remove some or add others as you prefer):

/e –> Enables you to close WinMerge with a single Esc key press
/u –> Prevents WinMerge from adding either path (left or right) to the Most Recently Used (MRU) list
/wl –> Opens the left side as read-only
/dl –> Specifies a description in the left side title bar
/dr –> Specifies a description in the right side title bar

Values starting with a percentage sign (%) are provided by Visual Studio as input for the WinMerge parameters. You can see what they stand for by clicking the “play” button behind the arguments field when you create the command, but I’ll list them here as well (I’ve greyed out those I don’t use):

%1 –> Original file
%2 –> Modified file
%3 –> Base file
%4 –> Merged file
%5 –> Diff command-line options
%6 –> Original file label
%7 –> Modified file label
%8 –> Base file label
%9 –> Merged file label

WinMerge can be downloaded the from here.

by Joakim

Detecting Browser Types and Browser Capabilities in Asp.Net

The following helper class allows you to detect browser types and browser capabilities in Asp.Net. It works in both MVC-controllers/views and WebAPI-controllers (and I would think it should work with WebForms as well).

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Specialized;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Configuration;

namespace MyProject.Helpers
    public static class BrowserInfoHelper
        public static string GetUserAgent()
            return HttpContext.Current.Request.UserAgent;

        public static HttpBrowserCapabilities GetCapabilities()
            var capabilities = new HttpBrowserCapabilities();

            var hashtable = new Hashtable(180, StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase);
            hashtable[string.Empty] = GetUserAgent();
            capabilities.Capabilities = hashtable;

            var capabilitiesFactory = new BrowserCapabilitiesFactory();
            var headers = new NameValueCollection();
            capabilitiesFactory.ConfigureBrowserCapabilities(headers, capabilities);
            capabilitiesFactory.ConfigureCustomCapabilities(headers, capabilities);

            return capabilities;


Then use it, for example in an MVC-view, like so;

    var browserCapabilities = BrowserInfoHelper.GetCapabilities();
    var browserIsOldIE = browserCapabilities.Browser.Equals("IE", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) && browserCapabilities.MajorVersion < 9;
@if (browserIsOldIE)
    <div>Please upgrade your browser!</div>
by Andreas

IE 11 / Windows 8.1 update killed my local sites

imageAfter upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 (included in the recent Windows 8.1 update) my local IIS hosted web applications suddenly died. But only in Internet Explorer – the other browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) were unaffected.

After some research I found out that IE 11 comes with a brand new technology called AppContainer. It’s a protection mechanism that blocks Read and Write access to most of your system, including your IIS hosted sites.


There are several ways of getting around this, but I simply turned off “Enhanced Protection Mode” under IE 11 Internet Options. I use Chrome for my daily browsing anyway, and IE is just for verifying browser compatibility of my applications. Remember to restart your browser afterwards.


by Njål

File Format/Extension CSV


imageHere is a CSV(comma separated values) list I put together with over 10500 file formats and descriptions.

I got the content from various websites – by making a small C# program that screenscraped the content that I wanted to collect.


a,ADA Program
a,UNIX Archive Library
a00,Alzip Split Archive File 0
a01,Alzip Split Archive File 1
a02,Alzip Split Archive File 2
a03,Alzip Split Archive File 3
a04,Alzip Split Archive File 4
a05,Alzip Split Archive File 5
a06,Alzip Split Archive File 6
a07,Alzip Split Archive File 7
a08,Alzip Split Archive File 8
a09,Alzip Split Archive File 9
a11,AIIM image
a2a,IBM Voice Type languages Vocabels file
a2b,A2B Player Playlist
a2c,Alice Scene File
a2m,Audiotomidi Settings file
a2w,Alice World
a3,Unrelated Inventions Audiotools file
a31,Authorware 3.x library
a3d,Amapi 3D Modeling
a3k,Yamaha A3000 Sampler File
a3l,Authorware 3.x library
a3m,Authorware MacIntosh File
a3w,Authorware Windows file
a41,Authorware 4.x library
a4l,Authorware 4.x library
a4m,Authorware MacIntosh file
a4p,Authorware file
a4w,Authorware Windows file
a51,Authorware 5.x library
a5l,Authorware 5.x library
a5w,Authorware Windows file
a64,Artist 64
a65,Authorware 6.5 File
a6p,Authorware 6 Program
a78,ROM Image
a8,Cubicomp PictureMaker
a80,A80 Assembler Source
a86,Assembly language source 8086
aa,Audible Audio file
aa3,ATRAC3 Audio File
aac,Advanced Audio Coding File
aaf,Advanced Authoring Format Multimedia File
aam,Authorware shocked file
aas,Authorware shocked packet
aatrend,ActiveFactory Trend File
aax,Audible Enhanced Audiobook
ab,Applix Builder file
ab,DNA Sequence File
ab$,AutoCAD Spooled Plot File
ab1,Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysis Data File
ab2,PrintShop Address File
ab3,PhotoImpact Album File
ab6,ABStat datafile
ab65,Adobe PageMaker 6.5 Document
ab8,ABStat datafile
aba,Palm Address Book Archive
abap,ABAP Source Code
abbu,Address Book Backup
abc,ABC FlowCharter 1.0 document
abc,ABC Programming Language File
abc,Athena 16 addressbook
abc,Musical Notation Language File
abcd,AudioVisual Book Data File
abd,AmBiz Bonus Calculator Data File
abf,Adobe Binary Screen Font
abg,FIFA World Cup Game Data file
abi,AOL 6 Organizer File
abi,dnaLIMS ABI Trace File
abk,Backup File
abl,ADONIS Application Library Export
abm,HitPlayer Audio Album File
abm,Photo Album
abo,Applix Builder Turbo file
abp,AVS Barcode Profile
abr,Adobe Photoshop Brush
abs,MPEG Audio Sound file
abs,GNU compiler output file
abs,AzAmerica Satellite Receiver Update File
abt,BullsEye script
abu,ACT! Email Address Book File
abw,AbiWord Document File
abx,WordPerfect address book
aby,AOL Address Book File
ac,Mopac Cartesian chemical modeler output file
ac$,Spooled plot file
ac0,AC/frequency domain output
ac1,AC/frequency domain output
ac1d,AC1D packer format sound/music
ac2,AC/frequency domain output
ac2,Banana Accounting File
ac3,Dolby Digital Audio Codec 3 file format
ac3d,3D Format Data
ac4,AC/frequency domain output
ac5,AC/frequency domain output
ac6,AC/frequency domain output
ac6,ArtCut 6 File
ac7,AC/frequency domain output
ac8,AC/frequency domain output
ac9,AC/frequency domain output
aca,Microsoft Agent Character Animation File
aca,Project Manager Workbench File
aca2,Fontographer File
acad,AutoCAD Database File
acb,ACBM Graphic image
acb,CAB Launcher File
acc,Dr.Dos Viewmax file
acc,Graphics Accounts Financial Data File
accdb,Microsoft Access Database File
accde,Office Access 2007
accdr,Microsoft Access 2007 Database
accdt,Microsoft Access 2007 Database Template
acd,Character definiton file
acd,Acid Project File
ace,WINACE Backup File
acf,HTTP Character File
acfm,Adobe Font Metrics File
acg,Microsoft Agent Preview File
acgd,ACG Case
acgi,ACGI Script
acgl,ACG Case
ach,Rockwell Software Logix 5
aci,ACI development appraisal
acl,Corel Draw 6 Keyboard Accelerator
acl,Automatic Correction List for Microsoft Office 7.0
acl,Access Control List
acm,Audio Compression Manager Driver
acm,Photoshop Command Button
acm,Windows System File
acm,InterPlay ACM Audio file format
acmb,Graphics file
aco,Adobe Color palette
acorn,Acorn Drawfile Format [Acorn]
acp,Adobe Acrobat Paper Capture Plug
acp,Compressed ACB file archive
acp,Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file
acq,ACQURL surfing utility VG http
acr,American College of Radiology file
acrobatsecuritysettings,Adobe Acrobat Security Settings
acrodata,Acrobat Data
acrs,AuthorWare File
acs,Microsoft Agent Character File
acsm,Adobe Content Server Message File
act,Action! Presentation
act,FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
act,MS Office Actor Program File
act,Illustrator/Photoshop Custom Colour Table
act,ADPCM Audio File
action,Automator Action
actions,Photoline4 Defaults file
acv,Compress/decompress audio file
acw,Microsoft Accessibility Wizard Settings
acx,Atari ST program
ac_,Creative compressed SB16 sbide file
ad,AfterDark Screensaver
ad2,ADPCM 2
ad3,ADPCM 3
ad3e,Adobe Dimensions File
ad65,PageMaker 6.5 File
ada,Ada source text file
adb,Ada source text body file
adb,HP 100LX Organizer appointment database
adb,Ability Office Database File
adba,Advanced Integrated Maintenance Support System
adc,Scanstudio 16 color Bitmap Graphic file
add,Adapter driver file used in the boot process
ade,Microsoft Access Project
ade,ADC Audio File
adev,AppleTalk Extension
adex,ADEX Corp. bitmap image
adf,Amiga Disk File
adg,Ableton Device Group
adgm,After Dark Module
adi,AutoCAD device
adif,Amateur Data Interchange Format Specification 1.0
adl,QEMM Mca adaptor description library
adm,After Dark MultiModule screensaver
adm,Windows NT policy template
adn,Lotus 1
adn,MS Access Blank Project Template
ado,Adobe PhotoShop Duotone
ados,ADOS Compound Document
adp,FaxWorks Modem Setup File
adp,Astound Dynamite File
adp,Microsoft Access Project
adp,AOL Server Dynamic Page File
adpcm,Sound  ADPCM IMA ADPCM sound file
adr,After Dark Randomizer screensaver
adr,Opera Address book
adr3,CompuServe Address Book
adrg,ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
adri,ARC Digitized Raster Images
adrk,After Dark
adrp,File Alias
ads,Ada source text specification file
adt,HP NewWave datafile for card applications
adt,AdTech Fax file
adt,AutoCAD Audit Log
adt,ACT! Document Template File
adts,Audio Data Transport Stream file format
adu,Text File
adv,GUS device driver
adw,Copyright information
adx,Dynazip Active Delivery script
adx,Lotus Approach dBase Index
adx,Archetype Designer Document
adz,Amiga Packed ADF file
ae,Author/Editor file
aec,Cinema 4D After Effects Composition File
aeh,iPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext
aep,ArcExplorer Project file
aep,After Effects Project File
aepx,Adobe After Effects XML Project File
aes,After Effects Stablilzer Settings
aet,After Effects Tracker Settings
aeu,MS AutoRoute Express Europe Route
aex,Alpha linked executable file
aex,PGP Armored Extracted Public Key
aex,Greeting Card Factory Clip Art File
aexpk,PGP Armored Extracted Public Key
af,3D Plus2 Model
af2,ABC FlowCharter 2.0 Flowchart
af3,ABC Flowchart
afc,Apple Sound file
afc,Mass Effect 2 Audio File
aff,iSpell affixes definition file
afg,Guitar Musik trainer file
afi,Truevision Bitmap graphic
afl,Lotus 1
afl,RubberFlex animation
afm,Adobe Font Metrics File
afm,HP NewWave Cardfile application
afp,ABC FlowCharter shape palette
afp,Advanced Function Presentation.
afp,Encrypted File
afploc,Apple Filing Protocol Location
afpp,AppleShare Prep File
afs,Adobe Type Manager font set
afs3,Advanced File Security Encrypted File
aft,Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3.0 Template
aft,Ancestry Genealogy Database File
afw,Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3.0 Workspace
afx,Auto F/X image format
afz,Geneology Backup File
ag,Applix graphic
ag4,Access G4 File
aga,Agenda File
agc,AfterGRASP Compiled Script
agd,AgileGraph Data
agd1,Freehand 5
agd1,Freehand 5
agd2,Freehand 7 File
age3scn,Age of Empires 3 Scenario
agent,Forte Agent and FreeAgent Data Files
agf,Atlas Geo File
agg,AggFlow Plant Flow Diagram
agi,Asterisk Gateway Interface File
agl,Array Visualizer File
agl,Data  File
agn,Psion Series 3 AGeNda
agp,Aspen Graphics Pages
agp,ArtGem Project
agp,ASPMaker Project File
ags,AfterGRASP Script
agt,BullsEye Agent
agw,Aspen Graphics Windows
agx1,Freehand Plug
agz,AggFlow Aggregate Plant Flow Diagram
ahb,AIM High
ahd,Asus Probe file
ahf,AnetHelpTool file
ahi,Dynamics AX Online Help Index File
ahk,Autohotkey Script File
ahl,Emule Configuration File
ahrp,Image Apple II+
ahs,Adobe Photoshop Halftone Screens
ahtml,HTML File
ahx,WinAHX Tracker Module
ai,Adobe Illustrator Artwork file
ai,Corel Trace Drawing
ai,Progress Database After Image File
ai65,PageMaker Plug
aic,Advanced Image Coding Bitmap
aif,Audio Interchange File
aif,Knowledgeware Setup Information
aif,QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy Import File
aifb,AIF Builder Project File
aifc,Audio Interchange File
aiff,Audio Interchange File
aim,AOL Instant Messenger Launch file
aim,AIMMS ASCII Model File
aiml,Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
ain,AIN Compressed archive
aini,Connection Extension
aio,APL transfer file
aip,Adobe Illustrator Extension
aip,Audiosoft parameter file
air,MS Flight Simulator File
ais,ACDSee Image Sequence
ais,Velvet Studio Instruments file
ais,Xerox Arry of Intensity Samples Graphic
ait,Adobe Illustrator Template
aiw,Formula 1 car race 2001 Season01 School France fil
aix,HP NewWave Cardfile Application data
aja,AJC Active Backup
ajg,AJC Grep Project File
ajp,CCTV Video Stream Files
ak,Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
akai,Disk/file formats
akf,Acrobat Key File
akm,Aksharamala Binary Keymap File
akp,Akai S5000 / S6000 Sampler AKP file specification
aks,Aksharamala V2.0 Binary Keymap File
akt,General actual file
al,ALAW Format Sound
al$,Midiprg Steinberg Cubase compressed file
ala,Alan Adventure Language File
alarmz,Alarmz Alarm File
alaw,European Telephony audio
alb,JASC Image Commander album
alb,Backup File
alb3,PageMaker 3 Document
alb4,PageMaker 4 Document
alb5,PageMaker 5 Document
alb6,PageMaker 6 Document
albm,HP Photo Printing Software Album
alc,Alchemy Chemical Modeler Input File
alc,Norton Internet Security Ad Server File
alc,Dynamics AX Label Description
alc4,PageMaker Dictionary
alco,URL Manager Pro File
ald,Aladdin Interactive DSP Document
ald,Dynamics AX Application Label Data
ald2,PageMaker 2 Document
ald3,PageMaker 3 Document
ald4,PageMaker 4 Document
ald5,PageMaker 5 Document
ald6,PageMaker 6 Document
alex,Alexa file
alf,Abacus Law
alf6,PageMaker Default File
alg,ARCSOLO Activity LoG
alh,Aladdin Interactive DSP Model Header File
alh5,PageMaker Add
ali,Dynamics AX Label Index
ali,Blackberry Application Loader File
alias,Alias Image
all,Arts & Letters Library
all,Arrangement File
almb,Location Manager Module
almn,Location Manager Module
aln,Grlib Saoimage file
alo,Almanac support file
alpha,Bitmap image
alr,ADRIFT Language Resource
als,Alias Image
alsa,Recorded sound from /dev/dsp and Sun /dev/audio
alst,Anarchie Server List
alt,WordPerfect Library Menu
alt3,PageMaker 3 Template
alt4,PageMaker 4 Template
alt5,PageMaker 5 Template
alt6,PageMaker 6 Template
alth,QuickHelp File
altp,QuickHelp Preferences File
altq,QuickView Settings
altv,QuickView File
altv,QuickView Help File
alv,Photoshop Levels
alx,Internet script language defines 2
alx,BlackBerry Application Loader
alx,ActiveX Layout Control
alz,Alzip Archive File
al_,Audio Utility Juker compressed file
am,Applix SHELF Macro
am1,Adventure Maker Project File
am4,AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File
am4,Security First CCTV Video File
am5,AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File
am6,AutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project
am7,AutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project
amaya,Amaya file
amb,AIMMS Model File
amc,Quicktime AMC File
amc,Ant Movie Catalog
amc,Wireless Analyzer Captured Data
amd,Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
ame,ACT! Email System Library
amf,Music file
amf,DSMIA/Asylum module music
amff,2D Graphic
amfm,Adobe Multiple Font Metrics File
amg,AMGC Compressed archive
amg,ACTOR System image
ami,Annotation file
amiga,Amiga file
amipro,Ami/AMIPRO Table Structure through version 3.1
amm,Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
amodel,ActiveModeler Professional Project File
amp,Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings
amr,Adaptive Multi
ams,Velvet Studio music module file
ams,Extremes Tracker module
amsorm,OnLine Ringman Auction File
amt,Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
amu,Sony Photo Album
amv,Anime Music Video File
amx,After Effects Motion Exchange File
amxx,AMX Mod X Plugin File
amz,Amazon MP3 Downloader Download File
an,Text file
an1,Street Atlas Draw File
anc,Canon Computer Pattern Maker file
ang,AIMSUN NG Network
anha,Analog Helper Analysis
ani,Windows Animated Cursor
anl,Project Analyzer Saved Analysis
anm,DeluxePaint 3D Animation
anme,Anime Studio Project File
ann,Windows 3.x Help annotation
annot,Amaya annotation file
ans,ANSI Text file
ansi,Gen. Ansi file
ant,SimAnt saved game
anv,Image AirNav
ao,ActionOutline Data File
aod,Dynamics AX Object Data File
aof,Acorn Object Format
aof,Artlantis Object File
aoi,Dynamics AX Application Object Index File
aol,America On
aom,Download Manager Online Manager Shortcut
aom,After Effects Output Settings
aomver,Adobe Download Manager Version File
aoqc,America On
aos,Nokia 9000 Add
aot,Applicatio binary object template file
ap,Applix Presents file
ap,WHAP Compressed Amiga archive
ap0,Win Apw_data file
apa,AlfaPad Organizer File
apb,Apollo OLE Section file
apc,Compiled application file
apc,Lotus 1
apc,Cryo APC Audio file format
apd,Dynamic application library file
apd,Lotus 1
ape,Monkeys Audio File
apf,Lotus 1
apf,Homesite Project file
apf,Sony Ericsson Acoustics Settings File
apg,APOGEE picture file
aph,Ability Office
api,Acrobat Plug
apk,GameSpy Arcade Service
apk,Android Package File
apl,Application library file
apl,APL Workspace file
aplc,Anarchie Placeholder
aplt,AppleScript Applet
apm,Windows Metafile image format
apng,Animated PNG File
app,Database Application
app,Centura Team Developer Application File
app,Application for Apple Mac OS X
app,Samsung Application File
appc,Control Panel Application
appd,Desk Accessory
appe,Application Extension
applescript,AppleScript File
applet,Eclipse java.policy.applet File
application,ClickOnce Installation File
appxsym,Windows 8 Application Package File
appxupload,Windows 8 Application Package
apr,ArcView Project File
apr,Employee Appraiser Performance Review file
apr,Lotus Approach 97 View file
aps,Resource Script
apt,Lotus Approach Data view file
apt,Text mode application file
apup,Apple Printer Prep Fi
apu_,Apple Printer Utility
apx,Lotus Approach Paradox
apx,Borland C++ Appexpert database
apz,Autoplay Media Studio Exported Project
ap_,C Poet compressed Disk1 file
aq,Applix data
aql,America On
ar,Unix Archive File
arc,ARC Archive / Compressed file
arc,Symbian Device Backup File
arch,Illum src dotfiles file
arch00,F.E.A.R. Game Archive
ard,ArtiosCAD Workspace File
arf,Automatic Response file
arf,WebEx Advanced Recording Format File
arff,Comma separated relation/attribute/data file
arg,Hdf Fort_ps file
arg,AutoCAD Managed Registry File
arg,Arghos Diffusion eBook
arh,Archivers definitions file
ari,ARI Compressed archive
ari,Aristotle audio file
arj,Compressed Archive File
ark,ARC File Archiver CPM/Port archive
arl,AOL v4.0 organizer file
arlold,AOL 6 Organizer File
arm,Armadillo Software Protection System
arn,Astronomical Research Network image format
aro,SteelArrow Web Application File
arp,Ahsomme Accounting Package Report Layout Template
arpi,Adobe Plug
arpx8,Techno Toys Sample Files file
arr,Atari Cubase Arrangement
ars,WordPerfect audio file
arsc,Android Compressed Resource Package File
art,Xara Studio Drawing
art,First Publisher Raster Graphic
art,Canon Crayola Art File
art,Clip Art File Format
art,Another Ray Tracer Format
art,AOL Compressed Image File
art3,Illustrator 3 File
art5,Illustrator 5 File
artf,Freehand Xtra
artproj,Artifacts Project
arty,Illustrator 1
artz,Illustrator 88
arv,Arsiv File
arv,Everfocus CCTV Surveillance Video File
arw,Sony Digital Camera Image
arx,ARX Compressed Archive
arx,AutoCAD Runtime Extention File
as,Applix Spreadsheet
as,Adobe Flash External ActionScript File
as4,AS/400 & iSeries Client Access
as4,SurfSaver Backup File
asa,Microsoft Visual InterDev File
asa,Active Server Document
asat,Assemble SAT 3D Model File
asax,ASP.NET Global Source File
asb,2D Graphic
asc,ASCII text file
asc,PGP armored encrypted file
asc,AutoDesk ASCII Export File
ascii,ASCII Text File
ascx,Web User Control
asd,Microsoft Word AutoSave File
asd,Lotus 1
asd,Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format
asd,Astound Presentation
ase,Velvet Studio Sample file
ase,Autodesk Scene Export File
asf,Advanced Systems File format
asf,StatGraphics Data
asf,Lotus Screen Font
asf,APL*Plus/PC APL Shared File
asf,Electronic Arts Music File
asg,Airport Tycoon
ash,Borland TASM Assembler Header
ashx,ASP.NET Web Handler File
asi,Assembler Include file
asic,ASIC language source code file
asj,Aldfaer Database File
ask,AskSam Database
asl,Asmodo 9s file
asm,Assembler Source Language
asm,Solid Edge Document
asmx,ASP.NET Webservices Source
asn,Asn file
asn1,Asn specs file
asnd,Adobe Sound Document
aso,Astound Dynamite Object
asp,Active Server Page
asp,Procomm Plus Setup and Connection Script
asp,Astound Presentation File
asp,Photoshop Photo File Index
asphtml,Microsoft .ASP HTML File
aspi,Audio Catalyst
aspx,Active Server Page eXtended file
asr,Autoroute Map
asr,Photoshop Scratch Area
asrp,Arc Standard Raster Product
ass,Assistance for the blind
assp,Microsoft Office HTML
asst,Microsoft Assistant
ast,Astound multimedia file
ast,Claris Works “Assistant” file
asv,DataCAD Autosave file
aswcs,Avast! Compressed Skin
asws,Avast! Skin
asx,Cheyenne Backup Script
asx,Advanced Stream Redirector File format
as_,Winhelp file
at,Rescue Disk file
at2,Aldus Persuasion 2.0 Auto Template
at3,Airport Tycoon
at5,Lowrance Map Navigation File
at65,PageMaker Template
atari,ST Graphics Formats
atb,AnetHelpTool file
atd,Systems Management Server SMSADDIN.EXE tool regist
atf,Photoshop Transfer Function
atf,GenePix Pro Text File
atf,Sharp APL Workspace Export File
atk,Bitmap image
atm,Adobe Type Manager data/info file
atmc,Adobe Type Manager File
atmsphr,TerraGen ATMoSPHeRe
atn,Photoshop Actions File
atom,Atom Syndication Format
atr,Lightscape Material Library
atrac,Sony ATRAC Audio File
ats,Unrelated Inventions Audiotools file
att,AT&T Group 4 bitmap
att,Web Form Post Data
atw,Personal information manager file
atx,Alphasoft Trueterm 2001 Dictionaries file
aty,Association Placeholder File
atyp,FileTYPE_ AutoTYPE_
atz,Atomic Time Zone File
at_,Audio Utility Winatb compressed file
au,Sun Audio File Format
au3,AutoIt v3 Script
aucd,AppleCD Audio Player
aud,Video Game Audio file
audiocd,Audio CD file
aup,easyLEARN Author Project
aup,Project File
aupf,Audio CD Player Preferences
aurl,Web Site Address
aus,Agnitum Outpost Firewall Configuration
aut,IPIX automation
aut,easyLEARN Author Learning Item Description
autoconf,UNIX autoconfiguration file for make
aux,Geospatical Imaging ERDAS IMAGINE & LPS Data File
aux,TeX/LaTeX Auxilliary Reference File
av,Final Draft AV Document File
ava,Avagio Publication
avb,Inculan Anti
avb,Avid Bin File format
avd,Dos7 file
avd,AVD Video File
avd,Avery LabelPro Database File
avf,AccountsVision Workbook
avg,Grlib Urt Get Getami file
avi,Audio Video Interleave File
avic,AVI to QT Utility
avl,Video fun file
avm,Incremental File
avp,Avid Media Composer Project File
avr,Audio Visual Research file
avs,Application Visualization System file
avs,AviSynth Script File format
avx,ArcView Script
aw,Answer Wizard
awa,Animation Works Accelerated movie
awb,Lavasoft Ad
awb,Compressed Speech Audio File
awc,Emulex AWC Firmware Update File
awd,FaxView Document image
awdb,Microsoft Works Database File
awe,Adobe Web file
awg,Activeworlds Object Group File
awh,ActiveWorlds Browser Help File
awk,AWK Script/Program
awm,Animation Works Movie
awnd,Anarchie Wand
awp,MS Fax key viewer
awr,Telsis file for digitally stored audio
aws,StatGraphics Data file
awshortcut,ActiveWords Shortcut
awss,Microsoft Works Spreadsheet File
awt,AbiWord Document File
aww,Ability Office
awwp,Microsoft Works Word Processor file
awx,Custom application wizard
awzip,ActiveWords Compressed Solution
aw_,Midiprg Quartz Sets compressed file
axa,Album Axialis
axd,Avery Label Pro Re
axd,ASP.NET Web Handler File
axd,Autodesk Actrix Technical 2000 File
axe,Midiprg Pchord Powpro compressed file
axe,Autoroute MAP
axg,AXUM GraphSheet file
axl,ArcIMS XML project file
axm,Axmedis Object File format
axp,Anvil 5000
axq,Ada Ada Editor file
axr,Telsis Digital Audio File
axs,HTML; ActiveX Script
axt,ASCII application object template
axx,Encrypted File
az,WinDVD File
azw,Amazon Kindle eBook Reader File
azz,Azz Card File
b,Applause Batch list
b!k,Scenery file
b&amp;w,Atari/Macintosh black and white graphic
b&amp;w,1st Reader
b02,ADP Payroll
b1,21st Century Mahjong
b1n,1st Reader
b2d,Source Code File
b30,ABC Ventura publisher printer font
b32,Msdos Bcc file
b3d,3D Builder File
b3d,Maxon Bodypaint 3D texture file
b4,Helix Nuts and Bolts file
b4s,Playlist File
b4u,ReadMe File
b5i,BlindWrite CD/DVD Image
b5t,BlindWrite CD/DVD Image
b64,StuffIt Encoded encoded file archive
b6i,BlindWrite Image File
b8,Raw graphic file
ba,Scifer External Header Archive
ba$,MS compressed BAS; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
baan,baan database p
bac,Backup File
backupdb,Time Machine Backup Folder
bad,Oracle bad file
bad,Microsoft Exchange Badmail File
bafl,BurnAware File List
bag,AAICWpro autoresponder file
bag,AOL 6 Organizer File
bak,Backup File
bal,Ballade Music score
band,Project File
bap,Blaze Audio Wave Information File
bar,dBase Application Generator Horizontal menu object
bart,Microsoft Border Art File
bas,BASIC Language Source Code
base64,BASE64 MIME encoding/RFC2045
bau,OpenOffice AutoText
bav,AVG Anti
bb,Papyrus Database backup
bbb,BlackBerry Phone Backup File
bbc,BBC BASIC Data File
bbk,BAK file
bbkr,Installer Script
bbl,TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference File
bbm,Deluxe Paint Bitmap image
bbma,Application File
bbnbg,BitGraph terminal Display Pixel Data
bbnng,Bitmap image
bbox,Classic Support File
bbp,Bezier surface file
bbs,Bulletin Board Sytem Text File
bbtl,BBEdit Tool Palette
bbxt,BBEdit Extension
bc,Mikmak 203 file
bc,BitComet Unfinished Download File
bc,Compressed File
bc!,BitComet Incomplete Download File
bcc,Borland c++ file/makefile
bcd,Turbo Pascal Dos file
bcd,Project File
bcf,ConfigSafe Snapshot Index
bcf,Body Mesh File
bcf,Project File
bch,Batch Process Object
bch,Datalex Entry Point 90 Data file
bci,Advisor Computer Profile Report
bck,VMS/VAX BaCKup
bclf,Adobe Color Table
bcm,Microsoft Works Communications file
bcm,Business Contact Manager File
bcmx,Business Contact Manager Customization
bco,Bitstream Outline font description file
bcp,Borland C++ Makefile
bcs,Windows95 browse information
bct,Clarion backup dictionary
bcw,Borland C++ 4.5 Environment settings file
bdb,Microsoft Works Database Backup File
bdb,QuickBooks Timer Backup file
bdc,Lingvo dictionary
bdcff,C64 BoulderDash Construction Kit File Format
bdct,BBEdit Dictionary
bdd,BRender device driver
bde,Temporary File
bdf,West Point Bridge Designer file
bdf,Egret Datafile
bdf,Binary Data File
bdg,Data File
bdg,Project File
bdi,Temporary File
bdic,Chrome Dictionary File
bdm,AVHCD Information
bdmv,BluRay Disc Movie Information File
bdp,Microsoft Exchange Diagnostic Message
bdr,Microsoft Publisher Border
bdr,Microsoft Exchange
bdt,Lingvo dictionary
bdw,Data File
bea,Song File
bean,Bean Rich Text Document
bel,Compressed Archive File
ben,Syssoft Sandra file
ber,German Bericht
bet,BETA Source File
bex,PGP Binary EXtracted public key
bex,BrowserBob Export File
bexpk,PGP Binary EXtracted Public Key
bez,Bitstream Outline font description
bf2,Bradford 2 Font
bfb,Ralcgm file
bfc,Windows Briefcase Document
bff,AIX Backup Format
bff,WorldToolKit Neutral File Format
bff,Need for Speed SHIFT Game Data
bfl,BFLI image format
bfl,Colin Mc.Rae Rally file
bfli,BFLI image format
bfm,Font Metrics file
bfr,Capture File
bfs,Tivoli Storage Manager File
bfx,Cheyenne BitWare Fax Document
bg,Microsoft Backgammon Game file
bga,OS/2 Graphic array
bgb,MS Chat Background Graphic
bgf,MSI BGF chemical modeller input file
bgi,Borland Graphics Interface Driver
bgl,Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery file
bgl,Babylon Glossary File
bgo,Recipe File
bgt,Quicken 2002 inet common file
bgt,Budget Data File
bgx,Bc45 Bgi file
bh,BlakHole Archive
bh2,OASYS Presentation
bhf,pcAnywhere Host file
bhi,Partminer Lib file
bhl,Partminer Lib file
bhx,BinHex compressed file ascii archive
bi,Binary file
bi$,MS compressed BI; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
bi7,Rukus 110 file
bib,Bibliography Document File
bib,Papyrus Database
bic,Civilization III Scenario
bie,Image JBIG
bif,GroupWise initialization file
bif,Image Capture Board Binary Image black & white
bif,Boot Information File
biff,XLITE 3D file
big,Chinese text
big5,Chinese text
bik,BioCharter Profile Backup
bik,Video File
bil,Satellite Image
bil,Band Interleaved by Line Image
bin,Binary File
bin,Macbinary II Encoded File
bin,Micrografx Designer 7 Project Image
bin,SGI Powerflip
bin,CD/DVD Disc Image File
bin,Linux Executable
bin,TenCORE Plug
bin,AVG Anti
bin64,Binary encoding method
bina,Text file saved as Word DOS or Word Windows file
bina,DOS Binary File
bina,Netscape Mail File
bio,OS/2 Bios file
biorad,Biorad confocal file
biq,Civilization 3 Scenario
bird,Algs7 file
bit,Bitmap Image
bix,BIX Compressed File Archive
bix,Kodicom Video File
biz,BizTalk compatible schema
bjk,Scanner Recognita file
bjo,Tabledit Tablature File
bk,JetFax Faxbook File
bk,FrameMaker Book File
bk!,WordPerfect for Windows Document backup
bk$,Backup File
bk1,WordPerfect 1st Timed backup file for document window
bk1,Animation / Data Container File
bk2,WordPerfect 2nd Timed backup file for document window
bk2,Animation / Data Container File
bk3,WordPerfect 3rd Timed backup file for document window
bk3,Animation / Data Container File
bk4,WordPerfect 4th Timed backup file for document window
bk5,WordPerfect 5th Timed backup file for document window
bk6,WordPerfect 6th Timed backup file for document window
bk7,WordPerfect 7th Timed backup file for document window
bk8,WordPerfect 8th Timed backup file for document window
bk9,WordPerfect 9th Timed backup file for document window
bkc,Backup4all Backup Catalog
bkf,Moto Racer Archive
bkf,Windows Backup
bki,IBM BookManager Backup Index
bkk,BookBuddi eBook File
bkmk,Microsoft Bookmark File
bkp,TurboVidion Dialog Designer Backup
bks,Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File
bkt,Zortech 3 tools Samples file
bkt,Shredder opening books
bkw,FontEdit Fontset mirror image
bla,Adobe Black Color Separation
blb,Resource archive
blb,Blob Data File
bld,BASIC Bloadable picture file
bld,Envisioneer Building Project
ble,Photoline4 Blends file
blend,Blender 3D Data File
blf,Advanced Computer Architecture Car Simulation
blg,Windows Performance Log File
blg,MicroSim PCBoard Backward ECO Log File
blg,ARCSOLO Backup Log
blg,BibTeX Log
blk,Alias Wavefront Image
blk,WordPerfect Temporary file
blkrt,Block Artist Image File
bll,Borland Delphi localization Information
bll,Virus European A
blob,Valve Steam Archive
blp,Blizzard Texture File
blrb,Extensions Manager Info
bls,Blockland Saved Game
blt,Wordperfect for DOS
blu,FileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
blw,World file for bil image
blwd,Claris HomePage
bly,Fifa World Cup game data
blz,Compressed Bitmap Graphic
bm,Windows system Bitmap
bm$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
bm1,Apogee BioMenace data
bmc,Embroidery Image File
bmc,Bitmap Cache File
bmd,GameCube 3D Model File
bmdt,Spr Boomerang Prefs File
bme,BeatMania Song File
bmf,Corel Gallery file
bmi,Buzz Instrument
bmin,Batchmin Command chemical modeller output file
bmk,Help Bookmark
bmk,BMC Software Patrol Icon File
bml,Bookmark library
bml,Binary markup language
bmm,Tacmi Pixia palette file
bmp,Bitmap Image File
bmp24,24 Color BitMap File
bmpf,Windows BitMap File
bmpp,Windows BitMap File
bmp_,Windows BitMap File
bmr,Bitmap Reference Code file
bmr,Bare Metal Restore Backup File
bms,Backup Magic Backup Set
bmt,Ami Pro button image
bmw,BuzzPlay music with waves
bmx,Buzz music file
bmz,Compressed bitmap file
bm_,Mumath 30 file
bm_,Webcd fread file
bm_,Compressed Bitmap
bn,Instrument bank file
bna,Balloonist Artwork File
bna,Barna Document
bnd,Ms flight Panels file
bnk,Sound effects bank file
bnk,Instrument Bank file
bn_,Ntgraph Ze32v215 file
bob,BOB Bitmap Image
bobo,Claris Works
boc,EasyWord Big Document
bod,Roland Garros tennis terrains file
bok,TestGen Testbank File
bol,Compressed archive library file
bom,Apple Mac OS X Bill of materials file
boo,Booasm Compressed Archive
boog,Boogie chemical modeller input file
book,Adobe FrameMaker Book
boot,Installshield Boot File
bootskin,Stardock Bootskin File
borland,Temporary file
box,Lotus Notes E
box,Kodicom Video
boz,Compressed file archive
bp2,AutoCAD Batch Plot File
bp3,AutoCAD Batch Plot File
bpa,StorageSync Backup Archive
bpc,Business Plan Toolkit Chart
bpd,Data Designer Ddbac file
bpd,Business Plan Pro Data File
bpg,Borland Project Group
bpl,Borland Delphi 4 packed library
bpp,Clarion Backup aPPlication
bpr,Borland project file
bpr,Reference count 01 file
bps,Microsoft Works Document Backup
bpt,CorelDraw Bitmap fills file
bpx,Truevision Targa Bitmap
bqy,BrioQuery file
br,Bridge Script
br1,Wincmd file
br3,Bryce 3D Scene File
br4,Bryce 4 Scene File
br4,Encrypted  Backup File
br5,Bryce 3D Scene File
brain,Msdev Common Addins file
brc,Bryce 2 Scene File
brd,EAGLE Circuit Board Layout File
bri,Basic Rate Interface
brk,Brooktrout Fax
brl,Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD
brlcad,Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD
brn,BrainStorm Data File
bro,Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator
brp,Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
brt,Brooktrout 301 image format
brt,Micrografx System4 Browser file
bru,Photoline4 Brushes file
brush,Bitmap image
brw,Financial Institution Application file
brx,Multimedia Options File
bry2,Bryce 2
brz,File for very large database backups
bs,Ball and Stick chemical modeller input file
bs,Ball and Stick chemical modeller output file
bs,Printfox/Pagefox image format
bs1,Apogee Blake Stone data file
bs2,BS2 Archive
bs2,BS2 editor file
bs2,Burning Sand 2 Code File
bsa,BSARC Compressed archive
bsave,Quickbasic BLOAD/BSAVE format
bsb,2D Graphic
bsb,Bioshock Saved Game
bsc,MS Developer Studio Browser File
bsd,BSD system file
bsd,Licency according to BSD
bsdl,Boundary Scan Description Language
bsk,Bryce 4 File
bsm,Map File
bsm,Project file for SQLMatcher.
bsn,Midi file
bsp,Valve Hammer Map File
bsq,ArcView Image File
bst,BiblioTex file
bsv,BASIC Bsave Graphics
bsv,Bluespec SystemVerilog
bsy,FTN soft BuSY flag
bs_,MS Bookshelf find menu shell extension file
bt,Virtual Terrain Project Software
btf,Nations Bank Check File
btfl,Desktop DB
btif,Nations Bank Check Image File
btl,Inmos BooTabLe file
btm,Batch file used by Norton Utilities
btm,BizTalk Map File
btn,JustButtons animated bitmap image format
btn,Makeover Button
btr,Database file
btsk,HyperCard Button Tasks
btst,Norton System Info File
btw,Steuer2001 File
bub,Ipix Spherical panorama
bud,Backup disk for Quicken
buf,Buffer File
bufr,Binary Universal Form for the Representation
bufr,Meteorological data
bug,Bugs and Problems file
bugs,General bugs file
bum,Poser Bump files image format
bun,CakeWalk Audio Bundle
bundle,Apple Mac OS X Package File
bup,DVD Information File Backup
bup,CD Indexer
bup,Brother Embroidery System File
bup,Softcode Tracker Contact Manager Backup
bup,Backup File
but,Buttons! Button definition
buy,Movie data file
bv1,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv2,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv3,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv4,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv5,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv6,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv7,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv8,WordPerfect Overflow file
bv9,WordPerfect Overflow file
bva,Biovision motion file format
bvd,”ViGuard+net” anti Virus Program
bvl,Textures file
bvs,BVS Solitaire Collection file
bw,SGI Black and White image file
bw,Silicon Graphics Image
bwa,BlindWrite Disk Information File
bwb,Visual Baler Spreadsheet application
bwf,Broadcast wave file format
bwi,Blindwrite CD Copier File
bwr,Kermit Beware buglist
bwt,BlindWrite CD Image File
bwu,Blindwrite CD Copier File
bwv,Business Wave file
by,Spice Pspice file
byu,BYU Movie
bz,Bzip UNIX Compressed File
bz2,Bzip2 UNIX Compressed File
bzip,BZIP Compressed Archive
bzip2,Bzip2 Compressed Archive
bzp,BZIP Archive
bzp2,BZIP2 Archive
bzw,BZFlag World Map
b_t,Eru/erd file
b_w,Black & White bitmap image
b_w,ImageLab image format
b~k,Backup File
c,C/C++ Source Code
c,Site configuration for Secure Remote
c v,Cvip file
c!_,Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
c#,Microsoft C# File
c*db,Now Up
c*dr,Now Up
c++,C++ Source Borland C++
c00,Ventura Publisher Print file
c01,Typhoon wave
c01,C03 ETC
c10,Split Compressed Archive File Part 10
c2d,IsoBuster CD/DVD Image File
c2i,Driver file
c2i,Tt file
c2l,Cequadrat Winoncd file
c2r,Windows Media Center Click
c2x,Winoncd file
c3d1,Chem3D Cartesian 1 chemical modeller input file
c3d1,Chem3D Cartesian 1 chemical modeller output file
c3d2,Chem3D Cartesian 2 chemical modeller input file
c3d2,Chem3D Cartesian 2 chemical modeller output file
c4,JEDMICS Bitmap Image File
c4d,Maxon Cinema 4d file
c64,Commodore 64 bitmap image
c86,Computer Innovation
c??,Winace Compressed Archive File
ca,Telnet Server Initial Cache Data File
ca0,Borland Installer packed and splitted file
ca7,Beta 44 job file
cab,Windows Cabinet File
cac,dBase IV Executable file
caccrt,Cacao Cartesian chemical modeller input file
caccrt,Cacao Cartesian chemical modeller output file
cache,CAChe MolStruct chemical modeller output file
cacint,Cacao Internal chemical modeller output file
cad,Softdesk Drafix Cad file
cadpac,Cambridge CADPAC chemical modeller input file
cadrg,Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
caf,Southern Company Terrestrial Data Acq
caf,Core Audio File
cag,Catalog file
cal,CALS Compressed Bitmap
cal,SuperCalc 4/5 Spreadsheet
cal,Calendar Schedule Data File
cal*,Now Up
calb,Coolect Album File
cals,CALS Raster Group 1 image format
cam,Casio camera file
camp,WCS Color Appearance Model Profile
camrec,Camtasia Studio Screen Recording
can,Canon Navigator Fax
canf,CanOpener Filter
caos,CanOpener Preference File
cap,Ventura Publisher Caption
cap,Compressed music file
cap,Telix Session Capture file
cap,Network Packet Capture File
car,AtHome Assistant File
car,CAR Archive
caro,Acrobat Distiller
caro,Acrobat Reader
caro,Creatorcode Adobe Acrobat
cas,Cassette Image File
cas,Game File
cash,CompuServe Cache
cat,dBase IV Catalog
cat,Quicken IntelliCharge Categorization File
catpart,CATIA V5 Part Document
ca_,Midiprg Cakepro compressed file
cb,Microsoft clean boot file
cbc,CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System file
cbd,System Dll Catroot file
cbg,CyberGauge Data File
cbi,Column binary file
cbk,System Dll Catroot file
cbl,Cobol Source code
cbm,XLib Compiled Bitmap
cbn,PaperMaster Cabinets group related folders and fil
cbnd,Connection Tool
cbo,COMBAS Object File / Compiled Program
cbo,MITrain Document
cbr,CDisplay RAR Archived Comic Book File
cbs,MasterWord button bar configuration
cbt,Generic Computer based training file
cbz,Comic Book ZIP File
cc,Visual dBASE custom class file
cc,C++ Source code
cc3,Close Combat 3 file
ccad,ClarisCAD data
ccb,Visual Basic Animated Button configuration file
ccc,Curtain Call Native bitmap graphic
ccd,CloneCd Related File
ccd,Vector CAD Program File
cce,Data file
ccf,Multimedia Viewer configuration
ccf,Symphony Communications Configuration file
ccf,Hallmark Card Studio Card File
ccf,CryptLoad Container File
cch,Corel Chart
cci,CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
ccitt,CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
ccl,Intalk Communication Command Language
ccm,Lotus CC
ccn,Vitalize! Game File
cco,CyberChat data file
cco,XBTX Graphics
ccp,Clonecd Profiles file
ccr,Microsoft Internet Chat Conversation Shortcut
ccr,ASTM Continuity of Care Record File
ccrf,Bitmap image
cct,Macromedia Director Shockwave cast file
ccx,Corel Photo House
cc_,Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
cd,CD description
cd1,DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Data
cd2,DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Custom Text
cda,CD Audio Track Shortcut
cdaa,AIFF Audio File
cdb,Clipboard file
cdb,CardScan Database
cdb,TCU Turbo C Utilities Main database
cdb,Conceptual model backup file
cdb,Microsoft Mobile Pocket Access File
cdb,Symbian Contacts Database File
cdc,Chromeleon Driver Configuration Plugin file
cdd,Chromeleon Device Driver file
cdd,Conceptdraw Drawing
cdda,AIFF Audio
cdf,ASCII Format Describing VRML Worlds
cdf,Content Definition File
cdf,Comma Delimited Format
cdf,Cyberspace Description Format
cdf,InstallShield Components Definition File
cdf,Computable Document Format
cdfs,Compact Disk filing system
cdi,Phillips Compact Disk Interactive file
cdic,MS Spelling Dictionary
cdk,Atari Calamus Document
cdkey,Access data
cdl,CADKey CAD language file
cdm,Conceptual model file
cdm,Visual dBASE custom data module
cdm,Conceptual data model file
cdo,California 7.5 Minute DEM
cdp,CD Architect Project
cdp,CD/Spectrum Pro
cdp,Siglos  Karaoke Playlist
cdp2,Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2
cdr,CorelDraw Drawing File
cdr,Raw Audio
cdr,Elite Plus Commander Saved Game
cdr,Crash Data Retrieval File
cdr3,Toast v3
cdr3,CorelDraw 3 Drawing
cdr4,CorelDraw 4
cdr5,CorelDraw 5
cdr6,CorelDraw 6
cdrw,Claris Works
cdrw,CorelDRAW File
cdt,Corel Draw template
cdt,CorelDraw Data file
cdt6,CorelDraw 6 Template
cdtr,CDT Remot
cdt_,CorelDraw Template
cdu,CDU Paint image format
cdv,CatDV Catalog File
cdv,ClamAV Virus Definitions File
cdx,Corel Draw Compressed Drawing
cdx,MS Visual Foxpro Index
cdx,Compound Index
cdx,Active Server Document
cdz,ROM With a View Project
ce,The FarSide Computer Calendar Main CE file
ce1,Computer Eyes
ce2,Computer Exes
ce?,2D Graphic
ceb,Apabi eBook File
ceb,Microsoft Certified Installation File
cef,Cruzer encrypted file
ceg,Tempra Show Bitmap graphic
cel,CIMFast Event Language file
cel,AutoDesk Animator Cel Image
cel,BATTERY 3 Drum Cell File
celtx,Celtx Project File
cem,Computer Graphics Meta
cer,Internet Security Certificate File
ceri,Netscape Certificate Index
cert,Netscape Certificate Index
ces,Sheffield dic file
cex,Caddie Exchange file
cf,Imake Configuration File
cf,Sendmail Mail transfer agent
cfb,Comptons Multimedia file
cfc,Cold Fusion File
cff,Capabilities File for FOUNDATION Fieldbus
cfg,Configuration file
cfh,Capabilities File for FOUNDATION
cfk,Kardplay 1.62 file
cfl,CorelFLOW Chart
cfl,IMVU Product File
cfm,Cold Fusion Template File
cfml,Cold Fusion Markup Language
cfn,Atari Calamus Font data file
cfo,TCU Turbo C Utilities C form object
cfp,The Complete Fax Portable fax file
cfr,ColdFusion Report File
cfr,CrossFire Reply File
cfs,Inmos configuration file
cft,CFast Graphics File
cft,Flow Chart
cfx,Creative Dsp file
cg,Norton Crashguard file
cg,Tablature / Song File
cg4,CALS Group IV
cga,Ventura Publisher Display font file
cgd,Cricket Graph Data
cgdb,MS Clip Art Package
cgdc,Common Ground Document
cgf,Asm Objasm file
cgfiletypetest,CGFileType Document
cgg,Cricket Graph Graphics
cgi,Common gateway interface script
cgl,CodeGuard error log
cgm,Computer Graphics Metafile
cgp,NetCaptor CaptorGroup
cgp,PixelCryptor Archive
cgr,Quest3D File
cgt,Cricket Graph Slide
cgvm,Common Ground
cgz,AssaultCube Map
cgz,Linux Drivers Archive
ch,OS/2 configuration file
ch,Clipper 5 Header
ch1,Freelance CHart
ch3,Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart
ch4,Charisma 4.0 Presentation
cha,Adobe Pagemaker Kerning Data
charmm,CHARMm chemical modeller input file
charset,Character Set
chb,Oledb Checkbook file
chd,FontChameleon Font descriptor
cheat,Custom Settings File
chf,pcAnywhere remote control file
chg,Quicken Online Data File
chh,C++ Header
chi,ChiWriter Document
chj,Help Composer Project
chk,Map File
chk,InterCheck Checksum Database File
chl,Configuration History Log
chl,Live Channel File
chm,Microsoft Compiled HTML Help File
chn,Ethnograph Data File
cho,Ares Font Chameleon Output Font
chord,Song Chords File
chp,Ventura Publisher Chapter file
chq,WIN Help file
chr,Character Sets
chs,Corel Presentations Chart Style
cht,ChartViewer file
cht,Harvard Graphics Vector file
cht,ChartMaster dBase Interface file
chw,HTML Help general index
chy,Claris Hyphenation File
chz,CHARC compressed file archive
cia,Sheffield dictionary file
cidb,iTunes CD Information File
cidm,Find File PDF Encoding
cif,CalTech Intermediate Graphic
cif,EasyCD Creator image
cif,pcAnywhere caller file
cih,Virus Tchernobyl
cii,Launcher of ANSER
cik,Corel Graphics10 Custom dual tone file
cil,Clip Gallery download package file
cim,Sim City 2000 file
cin,OS/2 change control file
cin,Kodak Cineon Bitmap Image
cine,Phantom Digital Video File
cinema4d,Cinema4d Amiga version only
cineon,Kodak CINEON image format
cipo,Internet; same as CPI
cir,SuperMax E
cit,Intergraph Scanned Image
cix,TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
ck1,iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data
ck2,iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data
ck3,iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data
ck4,iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data
ck5,iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data
ck6,iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data
ck?,iD/Apogee Commander Keen
ckb,Borland C++ Keyboard mapping file
ckd,Kubotek Design Container
ckf,Casio Keyboard File
ckp,Ingres Dbase Checkpoint data
ckt,CircuitMaker File
cl,Generic LISP Source code
cl3,Layout file
cl4,Easy CD Creator CD Layout
cl5,Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
cla,Clarion source
cla,CLASS Java Class
claf,Claris Font File
clas,Java Class
class,Java class
clb,NoteTab ClipBook Template
clb,ICQ Contact List
clb,Office XP Developer Code Librarian File
cld,CA Clipper debugger configuration file
cld,TerraGen CLouD layer file
cldlyr,TerraGen CLouD LaYeR file
clf,ListPro File
clg,Disk Catalog database
clip,Clipboard File
clix,CLIX Command File
clk,Corel R.A.V.E. Animation File
clkk,Clicker Keyboard
clkt,Clicker Template
clkw,Clicker Word Bank
clkx,Multimedia File
clkz,Date Preferences
cll,Cricket Software Clicker File
clm,Micrografx Picture Publisher 7 macro
cln,CLT file
clo,Cloe Image
cloe,Cloe Ray
clp,Windows Clipboard File
clp,Quattro Pro Clip Art
clp,Clipper 5 Compiler Script
clpp,Picture Clipping
clps,Sound Clipping
clpt,Text Clipping
clr,1st Reader
clr,PhotStyler Color defintion
cls,Visual Basic Class Module
cls,C++ Class Definition
clss,Java Class Filegcodiclass
clss,Metrowerks Java Class
clu,Cluster File
clut,Color Lookup table/ palette of an indexed image
clw,MFC Class Wizard information
clx,UltraEdit file
cly,Corel Graphics10 Custom Layouts file
cly,ACT! Graphic Layout File
cl_,C Poet compressed Disk1 file
cm,Craftman Data
cm2,Poser Camera Set File
cm4,ClipMate Data File
cma,Database file in plain text format
cmb,Chromeleon Backup Archive
cmb,XTree for Windows button bar
cmbl,Logger PRO Data
cmd,1st Reader
cmdf,CrystalMaker Data File
cmdo,SARez Setting File
cmdt,Claris Dictionary
cmf,Corel Metafile
cmg,Chessmaster saved game
cmgr,MS Configuration Mgr
cmi,The Dig bundle files
cmk,Card Shop Plus file
cml,Cheat Machine Library File
cml,CML document
cml,PADGen Company Info File
cmm,CEnvi Batch file
cmp,JPEG Bitmap
cmp,Address document
cmp,CorelDRAW 4.0 Postscript Printer Header
cmp,Route 66 Address Document
cmp,Microsoft Word for DOS User dictionary
cmpi,Contextual Menus Plug
cmr,MediaPlayer Movie
cmrt,CraftMan data
cms,Content Management System
cmt,Chinon ES
cmt,Corel Draw
cmt,Chess Master Tournament File
cmu,Audio mono
cmu,Bitmap image
cmv,Corel Move animation
cmx,Corel Presentation Exchange image
cmy,Corel40 Custom file
cmyk,Raw cyan
cmz,Compressed Poser Camera Set File
cna,Catena Project File
cnc,CNC General Program data
cnc3campaign,Campaign Saved Game File
cnd,ControlDraw File
cnf,Microsoft Windows Speed Dial
cnf,TELNET Configuration File
cnf,Conference Link
cnf,Canberrra CNF Spectrum File
cnm,Windows application menu options and setup file
cnq,Compuworks Design Shop file
cns,Chgname settings
cnt,Windows Help Contents File
cntk,Outlook Express Contacts
cnv,Word Data conversion support file
cnv,WordPerfect Temp file
cnv,Conversion files
cn_,Regeditx file
co$,MS compressed COM; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
coa,Caligari trueSpace 3D object
cob,trueSpace 2 object
cob,COBOL Source code
cod,Microsoft C compiler output
cod,FORTRAN Compiled code
cod,dBase Application Generator Template source file
cod,Video Text file
cod,BlackBerry Executable File
codecs,Video compressors/decompressors
coff,Windows NT object file format
col,Autodesk Color Palette
col,Multiplan Spreadsheet
col,Internet Colour Wizard Colour Scheme
col,Lotus Notes Import Column Description File
color,Amaya config file
colr,Kaleidoscope Scheme
com,Compiled DOS
com,Common Object Module
com,Command File
comd,Networking Extension
comicdoc,Comic Life Document
comms,Adobe Serial and Parallel Communications Protocols
comp,CodeWarrior Compiler
component,Mac OS X System Component
compress,MS Compress 5.0 File Format
con,Simdir Configuration file
conf,IRC Related Configuration File
conf,Configuration File
config,.NET Application Configuration Information
config,CRiSP Harvest File
console,Windows NT Console File
contact,Windows Contact Information File
contmp,Conjure Template chemical modeller output file
contour,Contour Mortgage loan file format
coo,COOkie file
cook,Netscape Cookie File
cop,Tree Professional Conifer Creator Image File
copy,Sony Ericsson Protected Content File
cor,CorelDRAW File
cor1,Corel Multimedia Manager
core,Bitmap image
cotx,Corel Texture
count,Gen counters file
counter,Netobjects fusion Components Bbscomp message file
cov,Fax Cover Page
cox,Click & Create Extension
cp,CryptoPad.NET Encrypted Document
cp,XCode C++ Source
cp3,Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File
cp64,XDA File
cp8,CP8 256 Gray Scale image
cp9,ChoicePoint Encrypted File
cpao,3dize Cool Page Objects Counter file
cpc,Compressed image
cpct,Archive File
cpct,Compact Pro
cpd,Corel PrintOffice file
cpd,Fax Cover document
cpd,Complaints Desk Script
cpe,Fax Cover document
cpf,The Complete Fax
cpg,3dize Cool Page Tutorials file
cpgz,Compressed CPIO Archive
cph,Corel Print House Image
cpi,Microsoft MS
cpi,ColorLab Processed Image bitmap
cpi,Compressed image
cpi,AVCHD Camcorder Video Clip Information File
cpio,Unix CPIO Archive
cpj,CeQuadrant CD Project
cpl,Windows Control Panel Extension
cpl,Corel Color Palette
cpl,Compel Presentation
cpm,Turbo Pascal DOS file
cpmz,ConPro Project File
cpn,Age of Empires 1 & 2
cpnl,MS Configuration Panel
cpo,Image file
cpp,C++ Source Code
cpp,CA Cricket Presents Presentation
cpr,Corel Presents presentation
cpr,Cubase Project File
cps,Central Point PC Tools Backup
cps,Coloured postscript
cpt,Corel Photo
cpt,Macintosh Compressed Archive
cpt,dBase Encrypted Memo
cpu,Sysoft Sandra file
cpup,CPU Plug
cpx,Corel Presentation Exchange compressed drawing
cpy,Data file
cpz,COMPOZ Music Text
cp_,Compr. Scanner us driver file
cr,Bitmap image
cr$,Basic Vb Kartei file
cr2,Canon Raw Digital Image File
cra,Advanced CRAck file
crash,Apple Mac OS X Crash Log
crb,BigOven Recipe Box File
crc,Circular reference file
crc,Check file
crd,Microsoft Windows 3.x Cardfile
crd,Guitar Tablature File
crdownload,Google Chrome Partial Download File
cre,Cresus Accounting File
crf,Zortech C++ cross
crg,Calamus picture image format
crh,Image file
crk,CRacK file
crl,Certificate Revocation List
crmlog,WIN Registration file
cro,Webalizer.01 Lang file
crp,Corel Presents run
crp,Visual dBASE custom report
crp,dBase IV Encrypted database
crs,WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion resour
crs3,OmniPage Lite
crt,Security Certificate File
crt,Oracle Terminal Settings Info
crt,UNIX Crontab File
crtc,Project file by Toast 3
crtx,Office 2007 Chart Template
cru,CRUSH Compressed archive
crv,Corel Graphics10 Custom gradients file
crw,Canon PowerShot image format
crwl,Crawl File
crx,Links Games Course File
crx,Google Chrome Plugin/Extension Installer File
cry,Crypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook
crz,Links Games Course
cs,Visual C# .NET class file
cs1,Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
cs16,Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
cs4,Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
csa,Comma Deliminated Text
csa,PNA Code Calset File
csb,Pci Ncr3030 Ncrflash file
csb,Street Fighter 4 Sound File
csc,Corel script
csd,Bitstream Fontware File
csd,Chemsoft MSDS Database File
csf,Content Secure Format
csf,Adobe Photoshop Color Settings
csg,Statistica/w Graph file
csh,C shell Script File
csi,Cyberautograph Signed Item
csi,Adobe Contribute Configuration File
csi,ContentServ Include File
csk,Claris Works
csl,AOL 5.0 CSL file
cslm,Bitmap image
csm,Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled header
csm,Script file
csml,Chemical Style Markup Language
cso,Customer service data and outcome file
cso,PSP Compressed ISO CD Disk Image
csp,PC Emcee On
csproj,Visual Studio C# Project File
csq,Foxpro Queries
csr,Certificate Signing Request
css,Cascading Style Sheet
css1,Cascadind Style Sheet see CSS
cssr,CSD CSSR chemical modeller input file
cssr,CSD CSSR chemical modeller output file
cst,Macromedia Director “Cast”
csv,Comma Separated Value Data File
csw,Windows Corel file
csy,EPOC Polymorphic DLL
cs_,Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file
ct,Scitex CT bitmap
ct,A graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro
ctb,AutoCAD Color
ctbl,CTBL and SHAM dynamic colour tables
ctc,PC Installer Control
ctf,Symphony Character code translation
ctf,AVG Update Control File
ctf,WhereIsIt Catalog
ctg,Canon Digital Camera Catalog File
ctl,Control information file
ctl,dBase IV Control
ctl,Visual Basic UserControl File
ctm,Media File
ctm,CrazyTalk Character File
ctp,CakePHP Template
ctr,Corel40 Trace file
cts,Permanent location ConTentS
cts,Audio Script File
ctt,Windows Live Messenger/MSN Saved Contact List
ctt,LabView File
ctx,Visual Basic UserControl Binary File
ctx,Pretty Good Privacy
ctx,Microsoft Online Course Text
ctx,Nokia PC Suite
cty,SimCity City File
cu1,Photoline4 Curves Curve file
cu3,Photoline4 Curves Clut file
cu?,Photoline Clut
cube,Bitmap image
cubi,Bitmap image
cudt,Claris User Dictionary
cue,MS Cue Cards Data
cue,BPM Studio Cue Points
cuf,C Utilities Form definition
cui,AutoCAD Customer User Interface File
cul,Cursor library file
cur,Windows Cursor
curl,URL links Curl
cursor,Sun Microsystems Cursor
cursorfx,CursorFX Theme File
curxptheme,CursorXP Theme File
cust,Quark XPress Xtension
cut,Dr.Halo Bitmap
cu_,Winhelp file
cv,Corel Versions archive
cv,Microsoft CodeView information screen
cv4,CodeView color file
cv4,Microsoft CodeView color configuration
cv5,Canvas 5 Drawing
cva,HP Systems Software Manager Information File
cvb,Charset CVB. Borland Database Engine international
cvd,Calamus Vector Picture
cvf,SuperStor compressed volume
cvg,Convertible Vector Graphics Image File
cvi,Canvas Image Format
cvi,CassiniVision Map Image File
cvip,Cviplab file
cvl,Coastal Vector Listing
cvn,CineVision Encoding Session
cvp,Portrait image format
cvp,WinFax cover page
cvr,Bitware Fax file
cvs,Canvas drawing file
cvsignore,Snort file
cvt,dBASE IV backup file
cvw,CodeView color file
cvx,Canvas 9 Image File
cwc,Claris Works
cwdb,Database File
cwe,Crossword Express
cwf,CorelDraw Workspace File
cwgr,Drawing File
cwk,Claris Works Data File
cwk,GCPrevue Work File
cwks,ClarisWorks File
cwl,Library File
cwp,Cakewalk SONAR Project
cwpt,Painting File
cws,Claris Works Template
cwss,Spreadsheet File
cwt,Texture File
cwwp,Document File
cwz,Circuit Wizard File
cw_,Corel Graphics10 Workspace Photo
cx,CodeMapper script
cxe,Common XML Envelope
cxn,CONEXANT driver file
cxt,Macromedia Director Protected Cast File
cxx,Zortech C++ Program
cyi,Clustify Input File
cyn,Cynex Root55 Program Extension
cyo,Clustify Output File
cyp,Cypherus Encrypted Archive
cys,Clustify Summary File
c_,Winhelp file
c_m,Eru/erd file
c__,C++ Source; C__ is C++ in Win32
d,ChemDraw Conn. Table chemical modeller output file
d00,Adlib player sound
d00,Blaster Master Pro file
d00,Edlib Tracker mod compressed
d01,Tonline Db file
d02,Tonline Db file
d03,Tonline Db file
d15,Beat Master 62 file
d2d,2D/3D object file
d2v,DVD2AVI File
d32,Lotus visualisation file
d3d,CorelDream 3D File
d3v,Datel Video File
d64,C64 Disk image
d67,C64 Emulator File
d71,C64 Emulator File
d80,C64 Emulator File
d81,C64 Emulator File
d82,C64 Emulator File
d88,Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk File
d8a,AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
da!,Dinfo Data file
da$,DAT File
da0,Windows registry backup
da1,Registry backup
da2,Data File
da5,Green line file
daa,PowerISO Direct
dab,FreeForm Data
dac,Byte reversed ADC file
dac,PCIhandler file
dac,DAC Sound File
dad,Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
dae,COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange XML document
daf,Digital Anchor Data File
daf,Download Manager
dak,Data bakup file
dam,DeltaMaster Analysis Model
dan,Winphone address book
dao,Windows Registry Backup
dao,Disk At Once CD/DVD Image File
dap,MS Access Data Access Page
dar,Disk Archive File
das,PackRat Index
das,DeltaMaster Analysis Session File
data,Data file
data,Font2d resources file
dav,DVR365 Video
dax,PSP Compressed ISO Disc Image
day,Journal file
da_,GKSetup support file
db,Database file
db$,Temporary debug info
db0,dBASE init file
db1,Adressmn file
db2,dBASE II Database
db2,dBfast File
db3,Dr Brain 3
db3,Nokia Ovi Suite Database Fle
db4,Dbase 4 data
dba,PalmTM Desktop 3.0 organisator for Windows
dba,Turbo Prolog
dbat,Quicken Document
dbb,ANSYS Database Backup
dbb,User Data File
dbc,Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database Container File
dbd,Business Insight business data
dbd,Clarion Modula
dbd,DemoShield Player
dbd,Psion file
dbe,Database Engine file
dbf,dBase Table File file format
dbg,CodeView or Intel VTune COFF
dbi,FIFA World Cup Game Data File
dbk,dBase Database Backup
dbk,Schematic backup file
dbk,Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
dbl,LineWriter file
dbl,WindowsXP Product Activation File
dbm,Cold Fusion Template
dbm,DataBoss Menu template
dbm,DataEase datafile
dbmc,Netscape Cache Log
dbmg,Netscape History
dbnw,Netscape News File
dbnx,Netscape Hosts Fil
dbo,DarkBasic Compiled Program
dbook,Text File
dbp,Msdev Common Ide Templates Database Projects file
dbp,Lytec Medical Software Database File
dbq,Paradox Memo
dbr,Golf Courses file
dbs,Managing Your Money data file
dbs,Microsoft Word printer description file
dbs,PRODAS data file
dbs,SQL Windows database
dbs,Win EWP Subsidiary Consolidation File
dbt,dBase Text Memo
dbv,Memo field file
dbw,Microsoft Windows 9.x Database file
dbx,Database Index
dbx,DataBeam Image
dbx,Formula Graphics Project
dbx,Outlook Express E
dbx,Visual Foxpro Table
dbx,AutoCAD Database Extension Component
db_,Cad file
dc,CAD file
dc$,Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
dc1,Bloomba E
dc2,CAD file
dc5,DataCAD Drawing
dca,Document Content Architecture Text file
dca,Visual Basic Active designer cache
dcb,Concordance Database Control Block
dcc,WordExpress 2.0 dictionary file
dcd,Document Content Description
dcd,FORTRAN Data File
dcd,INMOS Transputer Dev System Occam Object
dcd,Project File
dcdc,Astound Presentation
dce,DriveCam Video Event File
dcf,Disk Image file
dcf,Document Computation Format Data File
dcf,DRM Content Format File
dcf,DisCryptor Encrypted Archive
dcg,Digocat Data File read by Digocat.exe
dcim,Medical Image
dck,ZX SPECTRUM emulation file
dcl,Borland Delphi
dcl,DumpSec Report
dcm,DCM Audio Module
dcm,DICOM Image
dcm,DiskCatalogMaker File
dcmd,DiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail Catalog
dco,Discryptor Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive
dcol,Claris Color File
dcp,Data CodePage
dcpy,Disk Copy
dcr,Shockwave File
dcr,RIF Picture
dcr,Delphi Component Resource
dcr,A RAW Image File
dcr,Kodak Digital Camera Image File
dcs,Desktop Color Separation file
dcs,Bitmap graphic file
dct,Visual Foxpro Database Container
dct,Dictation Audio File
dctmp,DC++ Partially Downloaded File
dcu,Delphi compiled unit
dcx,Microsofts Visual FoxPro Database Container File
dcx,FaxServe Fax image
dcx,Macro file
dcx,Bitmap graphic file
dc~,Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
dd,DiskDoubler Archive File
dda,TNTmips Import File
ddap,Disk Doubler
ddat,DivX Temporary Video
ddb,Bitmap graphic file
ddc,DivX Descriptor File
ddcx,DivX Descriptor 2 File
ddd,Adobe Acrobat Distiller
ddd,Fuji Xerox
dde,Dynamic Data Exchange
dde,TIMTEL file
ddf,Btrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition File
ddfl,Disk Doubler data file
ddi,Image File
ddif,Digital Equipment or Compaq file
ddl,Data Definition Language
ddo,Tank3d game file
ddoc,MacDraw Pro
ddp,Device Driver Profile
ddrw,ClarisDraw Drawing File
dds,DirectDraw Surface File
dds,INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler
ddt,Jill Of The Jungle Game file
ddv,Xbase Dbfast example Ivadbsp file
de,Win Ace 204 file
de$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
deb,Debug Script
deb,Debian Software Package File
dec,DEC DX
dec,Decoded file
deck,MS Query Cue Card File
def,Definitions File
def,Defaults File
def,SGML Tag Definition
def,SmartWare II Data File
def,C++ definition
def,Geoworks Assembly Header File
default,Gen. Defaults
default,System Volume Information SNAPSHOT file
defi,Oracle 7 de
defn,Microsoft Dictionary
dei,Design Engineered Interface
dek,Eavesdropper Batch File
del,PC tracker undelete tracking file
dem,Video Game Demo File
dem,Digital Elevation Model File
dem,Graphics file
dep,Visual Basic Setup Wizard Dependency file
der,Certificate File
des,Delphi description file
des,Description File
des,File Investigator description file
des,QuickBooks Forms Template
design,Microsoft Expression Design Drawing
desklink,Desklink Powertoy File
desklink,Windows Explorer Desktop Controls
deskthemepack,Windows 8 Theme Pack File
desktop,Desktop Entry File
det,Dart file
deu,Acronym for Deutsch
dev,Windows Device Driver
devel,Developer file
dewf,SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument file
dex,Excel Spreadsheet File
dex,Android Program File
dex,DEXIS Digital X
dex,Google Android Compiled Executable File
dexe,Virtual PC Executable
dez,Encrypted zip file
df,Data file
df,Lightscape Parameters
df$,Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
df1,Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
df2,Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
df3,Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
df4,Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
dfc,Defractor Instrument
dfd,Data Flow Diagram Graphic
dfi,Outline Font description
dfil,Desk Accessory
dfil,Desk Accessory Suitcase
dfl,Default Program Settings
dfm,Data Flow Diagram model
dfm,Midas ViewPoint Display Form
dfont,Mac OS X Data Fork Font
dfp,Fusion Plugin File
dfproj,DVD Flick Project
dfs,Sound File
dft,WaveMaker file
dft,Solid Edge Draft Document
dfv,Printing Form value
dfx,AutoCAD 3d/CAD graphics
dfx,Micrografx Designer Effects
dgb,FlashCAD Drawing Database
dgc,TurboTax File
dgc,DGCA Compressed Archive File
dgm,Arcland Flow Chart Diagram
dgm,Digital Geospatial Metadata file
dgm,LOTUS Freelance diagram
dgn,Bentley Systems drawing file
dgn,Microstation95 CAD drawing
dgo,Dimitrius Settings File
dgpd,DeltaGraph Documen
dgr,DeltaGraph Documen
dgr,Design CAD
dgr,Format Pivot Graphic
dgs,Diagnostics Report
dgs,Dagesh Pro Document File
dh,Dependency Information file
dhe,Dialog Box Hep Editor Files
dhe,Visual Basic Dialog Box help editor document
dhf,Help Maker file
dhp,Graphic file
dhtml,Dynamic HTML file
di,Digital Illusion format
dia,Diagraph Graphics file
diag,DIAGNOTICS chemical modeller output file
dib,Device Independent Bitmap Graphic
dicm,Digital imaging/communications in medicine file
dicom,DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine
dicproof,Microsoft Dictionary Proofing File
dict,Spellswell Dictionary
dict,Dicts file
did,Adobe Acrobat Distiller
did,BullsEye file
dif,Data Interchange Format Spreadsheet
dif,Wright Design’s Design Image Format
dif,VisiCalc spreadsheet
dif,Raytheon Raster Bitmap
diff,Patch Script of  Difference Data File
dig,Digilink file
dig,Sound Designer I audio
digi,DIGIBooster module format
dii,Summation Batch Load File
dil,Delphi file
dil,Dialog LOTUS or HighEdit import
dil,WordExpress 2.0 File
dim,Direct Internet Message Encapsulation
dime,Direct Internet Message Encapsulation
dimg,Disk Image Drawing
dimg,Disk Images
din,ADC Labs eWave File
dinfo,DivX Temporary Video Information
dip,Graphics file
dir,Macromedia Director File
dir,ProComm Plus Dialing Directory
dir,Worms Armageddon Archive
direct,Thoroughbred basic direct / sort file
directory,KDE Folder View Properties
dis,Ray Tracer file
dis,Distribution file
dis,Thesaurus file
disabled,SpyBot S&D Disabled File
disco,.NET Web Service Discovery File
discomap,DISCO Discovery Output File
disk,Linux Virtual Hard Disk
diskdefines,Linux LiveCD Information File
dist,Mac OS X Distribution Script
dit,Microsoft Windows 2000
divx,DivX Encoded Movie File
diz,Description In Zipfile
dj,DJGPP docs file
djs,Data Junction Integration map
djs,NASCAR Thunder game music file
djv,DjVu Image File
djvu,DjVu Image File
dk@p,DocMaker Standalone Doc
dkb,Graphics file
dkb,dBase Database Backup
dkc,Virtue Deskshow Compiler
dkd,Karaoke DVD File
dkp,Dreamkeys plug
dkp,Virtue Deskshow SlidePresenter
dl,Animations File
dl,MAC Image Format
dl,Masked .DLL File
dl$,System Dllbackup file
dl0,Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
dlc,3DS Max Animation Controller File
dlc,jDownloader File
dlct,AppleScript Dialect
dlg,C++ Dialogue Script
dlg,Digital Line Graph
dlk,INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler
dll,Dynamic Link Library
dlm,Dirty Little Helper Cheat File
dlm,FileMaker Pro
dln,Scanner Recognita file
dlo,DOS7 SYSTEM file
dls,Downloadable sound
dls,Interactive music architecture
dls,Setup file
dlu,Dirty Little Helper Update File
dlv4,Catia file format
dlz,Data file
dl_,Animation / image
dl_,DLL backup
dm,Borland dbase
dm2,Quake II recorded game format
dm2,Toad Data Modeler 2 File
dma,Direct Memory Access programming file
dmb,Digital Multimedia Broadcasting File
dmd,Visual dBASE data module
dmf,Packed Amiga disk image
dmg,Apple Mac OS X Disk Image
dmgr,Desktop Manager
dmj,Dustman selection for delete
dml,Darn! Shopping! Mall File
dml,Data Manipulation Language File
dmo,Demo file
dmo,Movienizer Database File
dmov,Font/DA Mover
dmp,Windows Memory Dump
dms,Compressed Archive File
dmsa,Music Disc Creator Project
dmse,Sound Editor Project File
dmsm,VideoWave Movie Project
dmsp,PhotoSuite Project
dmss,VideoWave Slideshow Project
dmt,Delphi Runimage Delphi Bin file
dmv,Acrobat Catalog file
dmw,DrawMe vector image
dmy,Container file
dm_82,Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie
dm_83,Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie
dm_84,Wolfenstein Demo Movie File
dnc,Compressed dictionary file
dnc,Dance Database File
dne,Darn v5+ Windows Events List
dne,Netica Text File
dng,Digital Negative Image File
dnk,Killad file
dnl,Comma Seperated Value File
dns,DynSite Plug
do,DigitalOutrage Hosting Control Panel Info
do,MicroSim PCBoard File + autorouting Control Info
do,Stata Batch Analysis File
do,Member Clicks File
do,Java Struts Application File
do$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
do0,Sysinfo Sa51swe file
do1,Sysinfo Sa51swe file
do2,Sysinfo Sa51swe file
do7,DOS 7 file
dob,Visual Basic User document
doc,Microsoft Word Document
doc,Microsoft WordPad Document
docc,DragThing Colors File
dochtml,Word View HTML Document
dock,Dock Database chemical modeller input file
dockzip,ObjectDock File
docm,Microsoft Office Word
docmhtml,Word View MHTML Document
docx,Microsoft Office Word
docxml,Word View XML Document
dof,WinTidy file
dog,Screen Saver file
doh,Dependency Information file
dok,German or Dutch text
dol,Gamecube Executable File
dolphinview,Dolphin Folder View Settings
don,Textur Editor file
done,Cygwin postinstall file
doo,Image Doodle
dore,Dore raster file format
dos,Text File/DOS Specification Info
dos,Network Driver File
dosa,PC Exchange
dot,Microsoft Word Document Template
dot,Corel Draw Line Description
dothtml,Word View HTML Template
dotm,Microsoft Office Word
dotx,Microsoft Office Word
dov,Temp file
download,Partially Downloaded File
downloadhost,MSN Download Settings File
dox,User document binary form
dox,Text file
doz,Description out of Zip
do_,Compressed doc file
dp,Calendar file
dp$,Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
dp1,DataPower Database File
dpa,Serif DrawPlus Animation
dpb,Fax master file
dpc,”Uefa Champions League” Data gfx common object
dpd,ABC programming language File
dpdb,Dock PDB chemical modeller input file
dpe.dus,HP Scanner/Print File
dpedus,HP Scanner/Print File
dpg,Deleted Program group
dpg,Video File
dpi,Pointline bitmap
dpj,Borland Delphi Project
dpj,DeskProto CAM
dpk,Deleted package
dpk,Delphi Package File
dpkg,Proprietary file used to program AAC devices
dpl,Borland Delphi 3 packed library
dplt,AppleScript Droplet
dpm,Pro Tools Plugin
dpmi,DOS Protected
dpn,Depiction Data File
dpp,Serif DrawPlus Drawing
dpq,PCX format
dpr,C++ Project Header
dpro,MacDraw Pro
dps,DivX Player 2 Skin
dpt,Publication file
dpx,Digital Picture eXchange file format
dpx,Image Kodak Cineon
dp~,Bc31 Bin file
dql,Database File
dqy,Excel ODBC Query File
dr,DRM Rights Object
dr$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
dr3d,CorelDream 3D
dr9,Directory file
dra,Dragon NaturallySpeaking file
drag,Drag and Drop
draw,Acorns object
drc,Design rules check report file
drc,DrCover Project
dre,DReport exported report file
dream,DreamMaker Animated Wallpaper
dres,Diagnosis Results
drf,Photoline Drawing Filter
drg,AllyCAD Drawing
drl,Gerber Drill Rack File
drl,Music Source File
drm,Cubase Drumsets Kawai file
drn,Darn for DOS
drp,DReport report file
drs,Display Resource file
drst,Drive Setup
dru,Wfm384s demo file
drv,Device Driver
drv,Program Overlay
drvf,FaxSTF Driver
drw,Micrografx Vector Graphic
drw,Drawing File
drw2,Canvas 3.5 Drawing
drw5,Canvas 5 Drawing
drwdot,Solidworks Drawing Template
drwg,MacDraw II files
drwr,Drop Drawers Drawer
drx,DReport binary file
dry,XAIRON organizer diary file
drz,Draz Paint image format
drz,DReport compressed report file
dr_,compressed DRV file of VFW
ds,Chemistry Software
ds,TWAIN Data Source
ds4,Micrografx Designer Image
ds4,Vector Graphics
dsa,PKCS7 signature
dsb,Rayman2 play
dsb,Orchida Embroidery Data File
dsc,Discard file
dsce,Diagnosis Scenario
dsd,Diet Studio Database file
dsd,Drawing Set Description
dses,Diagnosis Session
dsf,Micrografx Designer v7.x file
dsg,Doom saved game
dsj,Director 5 Resources Type “DsJt” Creator
dsk,Project Desktop file
dsk,Driver file
dsk,Simple IDs Database File
dskin,DockX Skin
dskp,Desktop Patterns
dsl,DSSSL Style Sheet
dsl,Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
dsm,DirectShow Media File
dsm,Digital Sound Module
dsmr,TWAIN Source Manage
dsn,ODBC Data Source
dsn,SureThing Office Labeler Document
dsn,Orcad Schematic File
dso,MS Visc 6 Dev studio workspace file
dsp,Microsoft Developer Studio project
dsp,Display parameters
dsp,Graphics Display driver Dr. Halo
dsq,Corel QUERY
dsr,Visual Basic Active designer file
dsr,Driver Resource
dss,Screensaver file
dss,Digital Speech Standard File
dssl,DSSL style sheet SGML
dst,Embroidery machines graphic file
dst,Distribution file
dstl,Acrobat Distiller
dsw,Desktop settings
dsw,Microsoft Developer Studio workspace file
dsx,Visual Basic Active designer binary file
dsy,AJC Directory Synchronizer Project File
dsz,Win Help related file
dsz,Orchida Embroidery Data File
ds_,Compr. Scanner us driver file
ds_store,Apple Mac OS X Folder Display Settings File
dt,DAT backup
dt,Macintosh file data fork
dt2,Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image
dta,World Bank’s STARS data
dta,Chain Engineering Database File
dtaus,Banking Data Exchange File
dtb,After Dark file
dtb,Cybermedia uninstaller
dtb2,Timbuktu Pro DropIn
dtc,Applog journal
dtd,SGML Document Type Definition
dte,Win Applog file
dtea,Diagnosis Template Archive
dted,Digital terrain elevation data
dtf,Database file
dtf,Symantec Q&A relational database
dtfl,Desktop File
dtg,Windows Applog file
dth,Windows Applog file
dti,FIFA 2001 Common Game Data File
dti,Windows Applog file
dtj,Windows Applog file
dtl,Windows Applog File
dtm,Module file
dtp,Desktop layout file
dtp,Text Document
dtp,Template file
dtpc,LaserWriter Configuration
dtq,Database Tools Query
dtr,Swisslog Downtime Analyzer Report
dtr,DATroniC Data Recording File
dts,Structured Storage File
dts,Audio File Format
dtw,Desktop Wallpaper
dtx,LaTeX document
dtx,Q&A file
dua,FIFA 2001 Game Data File
dub,Audio Utility Tuningwrench Tuning compressed file
dum,Ada Ada Tutor file
dup,Duplicate Backup
dus,Readiris font dictionary
dut,Dutch text file
dv,Digital Video File Format
dv,DESQview Script
dv2,DVD2AVI File format
dvd,DOS Device Driver File
dvd,DVDMaestro Project File
dvdmedia,RipIt DVD Package
dvdproj,iDVD Project File
dvf,Graphics file associated with camcorders
dvf,Sony Compressed Audio Format File
dvg,Graphics Works list of symbols
dvi,TeX/LaTeX Device Independent Document
dvi,GlossTeX Installation Instructions
dvi,Action Media II Digital Video Interactive Movie
dvl,Virtual Library File
dvm,DVM Movie File Format
dvm,Acard HA! DVD Image File
dvp,Desqview Program information
dvp,Device parameter file
dvr,Device Driver
dvr,Program Overlay
dvr,Digital Video Recorder File
dvx,DivX Video File
dw2,Drawing file
dw4,Visio/DisplayWrite 4 text
dwb,Coryphaeus Software Designers Workbench Image
dwc,Compressed Archive File
dwd,DiamondWare digitized file
dwf,Autodesk Drawing Web Format File
dwg,AutoCAD Drawing Database
dwg_,AutoCAD file
dwi,Dance With Intensity
dwj,Dynamic Submission 2000 V6 file
dwl,Texture Editor compressed file
dwl,AutoCAD DraWing Lock File
dwl2,AutoCAD 2008+ DraWing Lock File
dwm,Digital Works Circuit File
dwm,Dictionary Database File
dwn,Firmware Update File
dwp,SharePoint Webpart Exchange File
dwp,Dependency Walker Path File
dwr,WordEpress2.0 File
dwr,NetOp Recording File
dws,Workspace file
dws,Eppendorf epBlue epMotion File
dwt,AutoCAD Template/Prototype File
dwt,Dreamweaver Template
dwx,DesignWorks Viewer Tools file
dwz,Designer Projects Template file
dx,DEC WPS Plus Document
dxb,AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Binary File
dxe,Amiga Emulator File
dxf,AutoCAD Drawing eXchange Format
dxn,Fax document
dxr,Macromedia Director Protected Movie File
dxs,Deus Ex Saved Game
dxt1,S2TC Compressed Surface File
dxt2,S2TC Compressed Surface File
dxt3,S2TC Compressed Surface File
dxt4,S2TC Compressed Surface File
dxt5,S2TC Compressed Surface File
dy22,Sound File
dy44,Sound File
dylib,Dynamic Library
dyna,Format for storing info in 3D motions
dzs,Character File
d_,Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
d_t,Eru/erd file
d~l,.DLL copy
d~v,Win32 System file
e00,Exchange file
e00,Arcinfo Coverage Export File
e01,ARJ auto
e32,Inno Setup 1.3 file
e3d,Instant3D Project
e3d,Macromedia Extreme3D object
e99,Steuer99 Daten file
eac,EmEditor Auto Completion File
eadb,Now Contact Print File
eal,Enfocus Action List
eal,Easel programming language source code
eap,easyLEARN Author Courseware
eap,Enterprise Architect Project File
ear,Audio File
eas,OS/2 extended file attributes
easm,eDrawings File
ebj,Error Checking Object file
ebm,EXTRA! Basic Macro
ebn,Philips Firmware Update File
ebo,Microsoft Reader Ebook Format
ebs,Rational Rose 98 script source
ebu,EBU subtitling data exchange file format
ebuild,Portage eBuild Script
ebx,Rational Rose 98 compiled script
ec,Preprocessed GOC source code file
ec0,MetroCount Traffic Data
ec3,Dolby Digital AC3 Sound File
ec3,Epson Print CD Image File
ecc,Ecchi Role
ecc,Essential Taceo Crypto Container
ecc,dvdisaster Error Correction File
ecd,Easy Clean Data File
ece,Oracle Express Dynamic Web Page
ece,Escenic Dynamic Web Page
ecf,Micrografx Media Manager
ecf,Microsoft Office 97 Add
ecg,Preprocessed GOC source code file
eci,Exact id
ecl,Active Media ECLipse
ecm,Cmpro examples file
eco,Orchestria Active Policy Management
eco,ECCO Database
ecpg,Text Extension
ecr,Ecrypt eMail File
ecs,Easy Clean Selection
ecs,Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
ect,System Dll Epic.ect file
ecw,Enhanced Compressed Wavelet image format
ecw,System Dll file
ecw,EasyCAD Drawing File
ecx,ECCO Corrupted Database File
ed,Tmx Editor file
ed5,EDMICS image
ed6,EDMICS image
eda,Ensoniq ASR disk image
edb,ROOTS3 Genealogical Data File
edd,Element Definition document
ede,Ensoniq EPS disk image
edf,Drumbeat Component
edf,Estimator Data File
edfx,Estimator .NET Estimate File
edif,Electronic Design Interchange Format
edk,Ensoniq KT disk image
edl,Module musical Edlib
edl,Edit Decision List File format
edm,Active Media Eclipse Data Module
edn,EDIF Netlist File
edn,Acrobat Document
edoc,eHelp Document
edp,Attachmate Extra! Session Template File
edp,Darkroom Professional Photo Border File
edq,Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image
edrw,SolidWorks eDrawing File
eds,Ensoniq SQ80 disk image
edt,Default settings
edtv,Now Contact Detail Fil
edv,Ensoniq VFX
edw,eDrawings SolidWorks Corp
eeb,Button Bar for Equation editor
eee,3eee Triple Encryption Encrypted File
eenv,Now Contact Envelope
eep,EEPROM Data File
eer,Lahey Fortran execution error messages
efa,Ensoniq ASR file
efa,Ecrypt eMail File
efax,Now Contact Fax Form
efe,Ensoniq EPS file
efk,Ensoniq KT file
efl,Encrypted File
efm,Equation FontMetrics
efq,Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file
efr,Encrypted Private Key File
efs,Ensoniq SQ80 file
eft,High Resolution Screen Font
eftx,Office 2007 Theme Effect File
efu,Encryptafile Public Key File
efv,Ensoniq VFX
efw,Renamed Zip or Executable File
efx,eFax Document
ega,EGA Display font
egm,Bentley Systems drawing file
ei,Electric Image image format
eidi,Bitmap image
ekm,Keyboard macro definitions
el,Lisp Source code
elbl,Now Contact Label Defn
elc,eMac Lisp Source code
elf,Black Belt Systems Extended Layer File
elf,Executable File
eli,Compressed file archive
elm,FrontPage Theme
elst,Now Contact Sorted List
elt,Event List Text file
em$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
email,Microsoft Outlook Express mail message
emb,Embedded Bank File
emb,Embroidery Design File
emd,ABT Extended MoDule
emd,ChessBase Tablebase File
emf,Windows Enhanced Metafile Format
eml,Email Message
emlx,Mail Message
emlxpart,Mail Message Attachment
emm,Extended memory manager file
emm,eminec MYmap File
emme,Email Merge
emp,eMusic Playlist File
ems,Enhanced Menu System Configuration file
emst,EHelp Media File
emu,Terminal Emulation Data file
emx,eMusic Download Manager Download file format
emy,Ringtone File
emz,Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
en,Stratum template file
en$,Midiprg Steinberg Cubase compressed file
en4,Enable v3.0 & 4.x
enc,Encore Musical Notation
enc,Encrypted Flash Video file
enc,Encoded file
enc,Electronic Navigation Chart
enff,Neutral Format
eng,Dictionary Engine file
eng,Chart Graphics file
enl,EndNote Library File
enlx,EndNote Compressed Library File
ens,Enable Spreadsheet
ens,EndNote Output Style
ent,SGML Entities
enu,Win Ace204 file
env,Enveloper Macro
env,Environment file
env,Residential Appraisal File
enw,Windows Word processing Format
enw,EndNote Citation File
enyd,Envoy Document
enz,EndNote Connection File
eobj,Geoworks object code
eod,EMPIRE OF DARKNESS european hq
eof,Downloadable font file
eosat,LANDSAT/EOSAT Satellite picture data image format
eot,Embedded OpenType Font
ep2,EclipsePackager Package
epa,Award Bios Logo image format
epc,Jill game file
epc,Doctor Who Game Image File
epd,Express Publisher File
epdf,Encapsulated Portable Document Format
epf,Encapsulated Postscript Image
epf,WebSphere Development Studio Client Profile
ephtml,Enhanced Perl
epi,Document file
epibrw,Web File Location
epl,Tallyman E
epl,Eltron Printer Language File
epp,EditPad Pro Project
epp,TalaPhoto Project File
epp,Efficient PPC Project File
eprt,SolidWorks eDrawing Part File
eps,Encapsulated PostScript File
eps,Ventura Printer Font
eps2,Adobe Level II Encapsulated Postscript
epsf,Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
epsi,Adobe Encapsulated Postscript Interchange
epson,Epson printer graphics file
epsp,EPS created by Xpress
epsp,PC PostScript File
ept,Clarion Embed Points File
ept,Elpoint Presentation File
ept,Encapsulated PostScript Interchange TIFF Preview
ept,WITE32 File
epub,Electronic Publishing eBook File
epw,EnergyPlus Weather Data File
eqf,WinAmp equalizer settings file
eql,MathType Settings
eql,Embedded SQL File
eqn,Equation file
eqp,MathType Preferences
equ,Assembly language equates
eqx,Goldwave 402 file
er,AOL Organizer File
er1,ERWin file
erb,Evil Genius Resource File
erd,Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file
erf,Active Media Eclipse Resource File
erf,SGML “Visual DTD Entity Reference File”
erg,Midiprg Arranger file
eri,ERWin File
erm,Entity Relationship Diagram Model file
err,Error Message Log File
err,FoxPro Compilation Error file
ers,Satellite image header
erx,ERWin file
er_,Winhelp file
es,SageCRM Script
esc,2D Graphic
eset,Extensions Manager Set
esf,Audio file
esg,Enigmo Saved Game
esh,Extended Shell Batch file
esi,Diskeeper disk defragmenter
esk,Longplay Vesa file
esl,Distributable support library file
esm,Enhance Simplex image format
esm,Digital Tachograph Smart Card File
esn,Windows XP System 32 File
esp,Active Media Eclipse Screensaver Project
esp,ACD/Labs Dataset
espf,Encapsulated PostScript Files
espf,Energy Saver Prefs File
esps,ESPS audio file
esr,4th Dimension Database Windows Procedure
esrf,European Synchrotron Radiation Facility File
ess,Style sheet
ess,EasySpreadsheet Spreadsheet
est,Webalizer.01 Lang file
est,Cost Estimate File
est,Streets and Trips Map File
esu,ESRI Single Use License Information file
esy,EmEditor Syntax File
es_,Audio Waveprg Sounder compressed file
es~,EPOC Synchronization file
et,Easiteach Lesson File
eta,eTreppid Audio File
eta,Google Earth Placemark
etb2,Timbuktu Pro Resource
etc,eTreppid Compressed File
etc,Seismograph File
etd,Acrobat eBook Reader EBX Transfer Data File
etf,Enriched Text Format
etf,ENIGMA Transportable File
eth,Document file
etl,Active Media Eclipse Transition Listing
etl,Microsoft Event Trace Log File
etm,eTreppid Audio File
etv,eTreppid Audio File
etx,Structure Enhanced Text
euc,Extended Unix Code File
euhl,Eudora Help
eui,Ensoniq ESP family compacted disk image
eum,Enterprise User Monitor Configuration
ev,Echoview File
ev2,Java File
evo,HD DVD Video File
evp,Sound envelope
evt,Event Log
evy,WordPerfect Document
evy,Envoy File
ewb,Electronics Workbench
ewd,Text Document
ewl,Microsoft Encarta document
ewp3,Now Contact File
ex,Symantec Ghost template file
ex,Cequadrat Backup file
ex!,Modem Bitware Fax disk1 file
ex$,Compressed .EXE File
ex3,Device Driver file
ex4,MetaTrader Program
exa,Lsys file
exb,Encyclopedia Yearbook File
exc,Word Exclusion Dictionary file
exc,Source Code file
exc,Exclude file for Optimize
exd,VBE tmp file
exe,Executable File
exe4j,EXE4J Configuration
exf,ABS ViewPoint File
exif,Fuji EXIF Bitmap graphics
exm,Xsys document file
exm,Application Program
exo,System file
exopc,ExoPC Application File
exp,Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility
exp,Viscal C++ Export File
exp,QuickBooks File
exp,Aurora Expert Trace File
ext,Norton Commander Extension File
ext2,Second extended file system
ext3,Third extended file system
ext32,Second extended filesystem specification
exu,Euphoria Source Code File
exw,Euphoria Source Code File
exx,Linkway MsgPut File
ex_,Compressed EXE File
ex~,DOS file
eyb,Encyclopedia Yearbook File
eye,Renderize Project
eye,Video File
ezc,EZScreen Screen Saver Editor
ezm,Text File
ezp,Compressed Archive File
ezs,Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document
ezt,Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template
e_e,Eru file
f,FORTRAN file
f,Freeze/Melt Compressed Archive File
f#+a,Rag Time Classic
f#+d,Rag Time Classic file
f+db,FoxPro Database
f01,Fax document
f06,Dos screen text font
f07,Dos screen text font
f08,Dos screen text font
f09,Dos screen text font
f09,FutureTax Tax File
f0r,Farandole linear module format sound/music
f1,21st Century Mahjong
f10,Dos screen text font
f11,Dos screen text font
f12,Dos screen text font
f13,Dos screen text font
f14,Dos screen text font
f15,Dos screen text font
f16,Dos screen text font
f2,Biosflash file
f2b,Fade To Black
f2r,Linear music module
f3,Biosflash f3 file
f32,Raw 32
f3la,Corel Texture File
f3r,Blocked music module
f4a,MP4 Audio File
f4b,MP4 Audio Book File
f4p,MP4 Video File
f4v,MP4 Video File
f6,Fonts file
f64,Raw 64
f7,Fonts file
f77,FORTRAN 77
f8,Fonts file
f90,FORTRAN file
f96,Fax document
fa,FASTA Formatted Sequence File
fa1,DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Data File
fa2,DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Custom text File
fac,Face graphic
face,FACE Graphic
fae,MS Office 97 file converter DLL
faet,Shared Folder Alias
faff,Amiga spreadsheet Procalc and Advantage
fal,Bitmap graphics image header information
fam,Paradox TV
faq,Frequently Asked Questions Document
far,Music module
fas,Basic module file
fasl,FrameMaker 5 Document
fasta,FASTA Sequence File
fat,KNOTS2_0 file
fav,Navigation bar
fax,Fax File
fa_,Compr. Scanner us driver file
fb,FastBack Express Backup File
fb2,FictionBook 2.0 File
fbc,Family Tree Maker Backup
fbce,Find File Text Extractor
fbex,Norton Expand
fbf,Free Backup Fix Backup File
fbk,Navision Financials Backup
fbk,Family Tree Maker Backup
fbl,CADfix Command Level Log File
fbl,iGO Map File
fbm,Fuzzy BitMap
fbm,Delftship/Freeship Marine File
fbn,Spatial index file
fbn,Sony Ericsson Firmware File
fbnd,Communication Tool
fbok,FrameMaker Book
fbp,wxFormBuilder Project
fbr,Flashback Screen Recording
fbs,File Burner Skin
fbw,HP Backup File
fbx,Spatial index file
fbx,Autodesk FBX Interchange Document File
fbz,Flashback Screen Recorder Movie
fc,Spell Check dictionary file
fc$,Basic Realizer Disk1 L file
fc2,Poser Face Pose File
fc2map,Far Cry 2 User Map
fc4,Module musical Futur Composer
fcc,Basic Realizer Careal Lib file
fcd,Virtual CD
fcd,First Choice Database
fcd4,Adobe Importer
fchc,Fetch Cache
fchp,Fetch Prefs File
fcim,Emailer Incoming Message
fcl,Cyber Audio Library link file
fcm,Binary file patch
fcod,PageMaker Filter
fcom,Emailer Outgoing
fcp,FirstClass Client Protocol
fcp,Final Cut Project File format
fcproject,Apple Final Cut Pro X Project File
fcr,Fake Download File
fcs,FirstClass Client 2.6 Settings
fcs,First Choice Spreadsheet
fct,FoxPro catalog memo file
fcw,Campaign Cartographer 2 File
fcz,Compressed Poser Face Pose File
fd,Declaration file
fd,Field offsets for compiler
fd2,PictureMate Borders File
fda,System Sysutil file
fdat,CSD FDAT chemical modeller input file
fdb,Dynamics NAV Database
fdb,Portfolio Catalogue
fdf,Acrobat Forms Data Format
fdi,Amiga Disk Image
fdp,Encrypted File
fdr,SideKick 2 Note file
fdr,Final Draft Document
fdrp,Folder Alias
fds,Final Draft Secure Copy File
fdw,Document form
fdx,Force Index
feat,Feature Chemical Modeller output file
feat,Feature chemical modeller input file
feb,Button Bar for Figure Editor
fef,Steuer2001 Formular file
fei,Geoworks Fatal Error Infotable
fem,CADRE Finite Element Mesh
ferp,Extensions Manager Prefs
fes,3D Topicscape Fileless Occurrence Placeholder
fev,Flames Environment Variable
fex,Focus File
fext,Finder Extension
fext,Extensions Manager Prefs
ff,Outline Font description
ff2,Softrans Gmbh Hello Engines! Standard file
ff8,!Miracle Executable
ffa,Microsoft Office Fast Find File
ffd,Softrans Gmbh Hello Engines! 2.1 file
ffd,Flat File Description
ffdata,ABBYY eForm Filler Data
fff,Fax document
fff,GUS PnP bank file
ffi,Atech FastFont
ffil,System Font
ffil,Font Suitcasenager Pdfont
ffil,Font Suitcase
ffil,Display Font
ffivw,ASCII File Format
ffl,Microsoft Office Fast Find File
ffl,PrintMaster Gold Image File
ffl,Alien vs Predator Archive
ffn,Fifa World Cup game data fe art file
ffo,MS fast find file
ffp,Corel Graphics10 Custom file
fft,DisplayWrite document
fft,DCA/FFT Final Form Text
fft,Microsoft Office Fast Find File
ffwp,FormsForWeb Packet
ffx,Microsoft Office Fast Find File Index
ffx,Adobe After Effects File
fga,Folder Guard Attributes
fgdb,Fontographer Document
fgl,Inno Setup Component Definitions file
fgp,Folder Guard Passwords File
fh,Macromedia Freehand Document
fh11,Adobe Freehand 11 Drawing
fh3,Aldus Freehand 3 drawing
fh4,Aldus Freehand 4 drawing
fh5,Macromedia FreeHand
fh50,Freehand 5 file
fh7,Macromedia FreeHand
fh9,Macromedia Freehand 9 graphic file
fhc,FHC Data File
fhd,FreeHand Drawing File
fhd3,FreeHand 3 Graphic
fhd3,Freehand 3 file
fhlp,Fetch Help File
fhtml,Macromedia HTML file
fhx,Fh5 Usenglsh Xtras file
fhz,ACS Firehouse File
fi,File Interface
fic,Sheffield dictionary file
fid,File Expander Engine Descriptions Database
fif,Fractal Image File
fif,Font Information File
fig,Lahey FORTRAN Linker Options
fig,REND386/AVRIL Graphic
fig,Super Nintendo Game
fig,XFIG Graphic File
fig,Geometry II Plus Figure
fih,File Investigator Help File
fii,Autodesk animation
fil,File template
fil,File List Object
file,IBM System i
filmao,Aleph One Video/Film
filmstrip,Filmstrip v1.0 format
fim,Construsyc/Instasyc File
fin,Print formatted text
find,Find File Opt
fio,Image PALS viewer DLL
fio,Aldus PhotoStyler graphics filter
fir,Webalizer.01 file
fir,Canon Firmware Update File
fire,FireStarter Project File
fish,3D Fish Tank Saved Fish
fishes,3D Fish Tank Saved Fishes
fishtank,3D Fish Tank Saved Fishtank
fit,Flexible Image Transport System
fit,File index table
fits,CCD camera image
fits,Flexible Image Transport System file
fix,Patch file
fixed,Dllbackup root file
fl,Floating Sound Format
fl,Adobe Flash Project File
fla,Flash Movie Source File
flac,Free Lossless Audio Codec File
flame,Fractal Flame Configuration File
flashpix,2D Graphic
flb,Format library
flb,Notepad++ FunctionList Plugin
flc,FLIC Animation File format
fld,File folder
fld,Field define module file
fle,Scanner Settings file
fle,Op9630 Settings file
flexresp,Snort file
flf,Apple II File
flf,Corel Paradox Form
flf,Navision Financials License File
flf,OS/2 System Driver
flf,Firehand Lightning
fli,FLIC Animation File format
fli,Font library
flic,FLIC File format
fli_,FLI Animation
fll,FoxPro Runtime Dynamic
flm,Film Roll
flo,FlowChart File
flp,CorelFlow Project Flow Chart
flp,Fruity Loops Project File
flp,ACTIVprimary Flipchart File
flr,Netscape Live 3D
flr,Decompiled Flash ActionScript File
fls,Filelist document
fls,Flash File
flst,Fetch Bookmarks
flt,Graphics filter
flt,Graphics filter support file
flt,Music module
flt,Open Flight File
flt3,Adobe Filter
fltr,XTND Filter
flv,Flash Video File
flx,Image File
flx,Dataflex Ordered Binder
flx,DataFlex Compiled Binary File
fl_,Compr. Scanner us driver file
fm,FileMaker Spreadsheet
fm,FrameMaker Document
fm2,Maestro Mama Demo file
fm3,Device driver
fm5,FileMaker 5 Database
fmb,Binary source code for form
fmb,File Manager button bar
fmc,System Sysutil file
fmcf,Adobe Type Manager Prefs
fmd,Open Access File
fmdb,CompuServe Forum Database
fmf,Font or Icon
fmk$,FileMaker 1 file
fml,Mirror list
fmo,Compiled format
fmp,Document file
fmp,FileMaker Pro Database
fmp3,FileMaker Pro 3 Database
fmp3,FileMaker Pro File
fmpr,FileMaker Pro
fms,Lotus Freelance file
fmsg,CompuServe Filed Messag
fmt,Text format for form file
fmt,Print file
fmt,Style sheet
fmt,Csreen format file
fmtr,FileMaker Transfer File
fmu,fuzzy system modelling environment
fmv,Full Motion Video file
fmv,FrameMaker picture
fmx,Executable Form
fmxt,FileMaker Extension
fnc,Functions file in a neural network application
fnc,Fixed neighbours constraint file
fnd,Microsoft Explorer Saved Search File
fndf,Find File
fndr,Finder File
fnet,FileMaker Network File
fng,Font group
fno,Folio Infobase
fnt,Font File
fnx,Inactive font
fn_,Cad file
fo$,Midiprg Ballade compressed file
fob,Dynamics NAV Object Container File
fog,Fontographer font
fog4,Fontographer 4
fol,Saved message folder
fol,Microsoft Windows Mail File
fold,Open Folder List
folder,MS Explorer Folder
fon,Font File
fon,Telix Telephone Book Database
fon,Procomm Plus Call Log
font,Font data
fop,Freedom of Press bitmap image
fop,InfoZoom Protected Data File
fopx,Microsoft Org Chart
for,FORTRAN Source
for,Font Resource File
for,WindowBase Form
forge,Assassin’s Creed
fot,Installed TrueType font
fou,Spicecad Lowpass_ file
fox,Foxbase/FoxPro+ executable
fox,InfoZoom Data File
fp,FileMaker Pro File
fp,FoxPro Configuration File
fp1,Screensaver datafile
fp2,Hdf Util file
fp3,FileMaker Pro v.3 & 4 document file
fp32,Terrain format
fp4,FileMaker Pro 4 File
fp5,FileMaker Pro 5&6 Database File
fp7,FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
fpa,Front Panel Encrypted Order File
fpbf,Mac OS X Burn Folder
fpc,Catalog file
fpd,TMT Pascal compiled unit
fpf,IKEA Home Planner File
fpfv,File Protected From Virus
fpg,DIV Games Studio
fpi,FPS Creator Intelligence Script
fpk,FormFlow Form Package File
fpm,Database Program
fpp,Fortran Source Code
fpp,Front Panel Project
fpr,Fruitypro Samples Humanize presets Grooves file
fps,FPS Creator Segment
fpt,FileMaker Pro Memo File
fpt,Visual FoxPro Memo Fields File
fpw,FloorPlan Drawing File
fpw,Visual FoxPro Configuration File
fpx,FlashPix Image File
fpx,Graphics File
fqf,FlashFXP Queue File
fr,QEDIT file
fr3,Renamed dBaseIII+ form
fra,Fifa World Cup game data file
fract,Free Form Fractional chemical modeller input file
frame5,Cvip formatted file
framework,Mac OS X Application Framework
fre,Male MRI image format
fre,Fifa 2002 data legal screen file
frg,dBase IV Uncompiled Report
fri,Bookmark Backup File
frl,Electronic Form Loader File
frm,FrameMaker Document
frm,Executable File
frm,Visual Basic Form
frm,Merge form
frm,Symbol Report
frm,MySQL Database Format File
fro,dBASE Compiled Report
frs,Screen Font Resource
frt,Visual FoxPro Report Menu
frx,Form stash file
frx,FoxPro Report
frz,EPOC FReeZe file
fs,Bitmap image
fs,FlexiSIGN Document File
fs2,FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File
fs5,Scenery file
fs6,Scenery file
fsa,Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysis data file
fsb,FMOD Sample Bank Format
fsc,Cygwin tix4.1 preferences file
fsc,Practical Scriptwriter File
fsf,fPrint Audit Tool
fsh,Fifa World Cup game data environment file
fsk,Movie Script
fsl,Paradox 7 form
fsl,Saved form
fsm,Sample file
fsp,fPrint Audit Tool file format
fsproj,FireStarter Project File
fss,Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 register file
fst,Linkable program
fst,Studio State File
fsy,PhotoFantasy Image image format
ft,Full text index
ft30,PageMaker Filter
ft5,Fh5 file
ft7,FreeHand 7 Template
ft8,FreeHand 8 Template
ftb,Index file
ftf,Client Access Data Specification File
ftg,Help system full
fth,FileMaker Pro Theme
ftk,Formtek Raster Bitmap graphics
ftl,FutureTense Texture
ftm,Family Tree Maker File
ftmp,Fontmap 3d font map
ftn,Fortran language source code file
ftp,File transfer protocol
ftploc,FTP Location
fts,Help system full
ftv,Forest & Trees File
ftw,Family Tree Maker File
ftx,TextCraft Document
ful,Microsoft Backup File List
full,Cygwin var log file
fuzzak,Fuzzac Packer format
fvf,Fluke View
fw,FirmWare Update File
fwb,Data file backup for file splitting configuration
fwbs,FWB SCSI Configure
fweb,Fortran WEB
fwf,Xwave Fwf file
fwk,FrameWork Database
fwl,FileWrangler EXE Library
fwp,Microsoft Expression Web Package
fws,Data file for file splitting configuration
fwt,FacetWin Configuration
fxb,VST Audio Plug
fxc,FilePackager Configuration
fxg,Flash XML Graphics
fxm,Deltrina Winfax PRO
fxo,Winfax image format
fxp,Compiled source code
fxs,Fax Transmit graphic
fxt,Finale Plug
fxtc,After Effects
fzb,Bank dump file
fzf,Full dump file
fzip,FoxIt Reader Add
fzp,Dye Sub support file
fzv,Voice dump file
g,Data chart
g10,Map File
g16,GoldED / DOS compiled config
g2a,Help File
g3,Group 3 Fax Document
g32,GFA BASIC 32 Program File
g3d,Geneology File
g3f,Zetafax TIFF File
g3n,Imaging Fax image format
g3x,RealFlight Content
g4,Access image format
g721,Raw CCITT G.721 //$bit ADPCM data
g723,Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM data
g726,G.726 Audio File
g8,Raw Graphics
g94,Gaussian 94 Output chemical modeller input file
gab,Address Book File
gac,Global Audio Control Skin
gad,Golden Arrow
gadget,Windows Sidebar Gadget File
gaf,Total Annihilation image format
gak,Win32 Shellext file
gal,Gallery of Pictures
gam,Fax document
gam,Saved Game File
game,Apple Chess Saved Game
gamin,Gamess Input chemical modeller output file
gamout,GAMESS Output chemical modeller input file
gan,GanttProject Project File
gap,PhotoImpact Pencil Style
garmin,The Garmin Hacking Project
gat,Gator File
gau,Flight Simulator Gauge File
gauout,Gaussian 92 Output chemical modeller input file
gax,Age of Empires 2
gb,Emulator ROM image file
gb$,Basic Vb Beispiel Kartei file
gb1,Game Maker Backup File
gba,GrabIt Batch Files
gba,Gameboy Advance Rom File
gbc,Gameboy Color
gbf,General Bible Format Tagging Specification
gbf,Data File
gbi,gBurner Project File
gbk,Delphi Runimage Iblocal Examples file
gbl,Global definitions
gbl,Global file?
gbly,System Enabler
gbm,Genie Backup Manager file
gbook,The Guest Book Egbook file
gbr,Gimp Brush
gbr,Gerber File
gbt,Photoshop File
gbx,Gerber PCB File
gbx,Nadeo Game File
gc,Project File
gc,GraphClick File
gc1,Lisp source code
gc3,Lisp source code
gca,GCA File Archive
gcart,Gaussian Cartesian chemical modeller output file
gcb,Chord Buster Sequences file
gcc,GNU C++ file
gccv,PageMaker Filter
gcd,Prassi CD/DVD File
gcf,Steam Package File
gci,GTA2 Game File
gcp,Image processing file
gcx,Grapher Graph File
gdb,InterBase Database File
gdb,Garmin MapSource Database
gdf,Dictionary file
gdf,PHP GD Library Font File
gdi,GEM Metafile Image
gdl,ArchiCAD Geometric Description Language data file
gdr,Symbian OS Font File
gdsii,VLSI cad layout format
ge,Gecho config file
ge2,3D model
geb,Dr hardware file
ged,Micrografx Simply 3D Geometry
ged,Arts & Letters Graphics File
ged,Wicat image
ged,GEDCOM Genealogy File
gedcom,GEDCOM Genealogy Data
gef,Graphics Exchange Format
gem,Vector graphics
gen,Generated text
gen,Compiled template
ger,German text/html info file
gerber,Printed circuit board photoplotter files
get,Povwin Pov
gex,GEcho Config File
gf,MetaFont font file
gfa,Basic Gfa Gfados file
gfb,Compressed gif image
gfc,Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart
gfi,Graphics Link presentation
gfm,Computer Graphics Meta
gfm,CGM picture; Ashton Tate Applause
gfo,SGI Radiosity
gfw,Basic Gfa file
gfx,Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
gfx,Cue Club Image File
gfx,Instant Artist image
gg,Koala Paint Compressed image format
gg,Google Desktop Gadget File
ggb,GeoGebra Document
ggs,Audio file
ghi,Configuration File for NCSA Mosaic
gho,Symantec Ghost Image File
ghs,Symantec Ghost Disk Image File
gi,Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
gi,Prassi PrimoDVD File
gi,CD Image
gid,Windows Help Index File
gif,Graphics Interchange Format Image File
gif2,Netobjects fusion Styles Lines file
gif87,GIF 87 File
gif89a,GIF 89a image file
giff,CompuServe bitmap image
giff,PageMill GIF file
gif_,GIF Image Filter Databgif
gig,Gigasampler file
gim,Graphics Link presentation
gin,GEMS Engine Control Unit
gio,Adagio Score File
gis,Erdas gray
gix,Graphics Link presentation
gjd,11th Hour Game Archive
gkh,Ensoniq EPS family disk image
gks,GripKey document
gl,Animation file
gl3,Green line file
glb,Textured 3
glb,Microsoft Exchange Server resynchronization file
glc,3D Graphic
glf,Golf Save file
glf,3D font used by glf
glo,Global module in Basic program
glo,Auxiliary for glossary
global,Global Makefile
glos,Word Glossary
glos,MS Word Glossary
glut,Opengl Glut
glut2,Opengl Glut
glut3,Opengl Glut
glv,2D Graphic
gm,Bitmap image
gm2,Bitmap image
gm4,Bitmap image
gm6,Game Maker 6 Project File
gmc,Game Music Creator format
gmd,Game Maker Program Code
gmf,CGM Graphics
gmk,Game Maker 7 File
gml,Graphlet File Format
gml,Geography Markup Language File
gmo,GNU Machine Object
gmp,Geomorph Tile Map File
gmp,Garmin GlobalMapper Package File
gmr,Graphical monitor record
gmres,Game Maker Resource
gms,Corel Graphics10 Draw file
gms,Gesture and Motion Signal File
gna,Graphics Link presentation
gne,Flickr Web Page
gno,Genealogy document file
gnp,GNPeak Output File
gnt,Generated executable code
gnt,EBNEuro eeg Waveform File
gnu,GNU Licence File
gnu,GZIP Compressed File
gnx,Graphics Link presentation
go,GraphOn bitmap image
go,CompuServe “application/x
go1,Wingames Go file
goa,Spicecad file
gob,Dark Forces Data
gobj,Geoworks object code
goc,Goc sorce code
goca,Graphics Object Content Architectuire
goe,Satellite image data
goes,Satellite image data
goh,Goc header
gook,Power Go
gorm,Gorm Interface Resource File
gotmp,Gaussian Z
gould,Bitmap image
gp,Geode parameter file
gp3,Guitar Pro 3 Tablature
gp4,GTX Group IV format /CALS picture
gp4,CCITT Group 4 Fax File
gp4,Guitar Pro 4 Tablature
gp5,Project / Tablature File
gpd,Windows XP SYSTEM32 Spool Driver File
gpe,GP2X Video Game
gpg,GNU Privacy Guard
gpi,Bitware Fax file
gpk,Program package
gpl,GNU Public Licensee
gpl,Street Atlas logs in GPL format
gplt,Gnuplot plot file
gpn,GlidePlan Map Document
gpp,Graph Paper Printer Application File
gprmc,APRS GPS Mobile RMC sentence
gpu,GP2X Utility Program
gpx,GPS Exchange Format
gpx,Guitar Pro 6 Document file format
gpz,Msdev Common Ide Utility Projects file
gr2,Screen driver
gr2,Granny 3D Model File
gr3,Windows 3.0 screen grabber
gr3,Device Driver
gra,Microsoft Graph Chart
gra,SigmaPlot Data File
gra,Flight Simulator File
grade,GradeStat Document
graf,Digital F/X image format
graffle,OmniGraffle Drawing
graph,Amaya file
gray,Bitmap image
gra_,MS Graph Setting File
grb,Shell Monitor
grd,Image processing grid
grd,Golden Software
grd,Drivers for GRX
grd,Gradebook Power File
grd,3D Garden Composer
grd,Photoshop Gradient File
grdef,Geoworks UI resource file
gre,Webalizer.01 Lang file
grey,Raw image format
grh,Quickbasic image file
grib,Gridded Binary
grk,Gradekeeper Class Gradebook File
grl,Windows Update Status
grm,Minos file
grn,Drivers for GRX
growlregdict,Growl Temp File
growlticket,Growl Notification File
grp,Program Manager Group
grp,PixBase Picture Group Image
grp,Duke Nukem 3D Archive
grr,Gradekeeper Class Roster File
grv,Cakewalk file
grx,GetRight File List
gry,Raw graphic
gr~,DOS7 file
gs,Gofer script
gs,GemStone Document
gs3,GameStarter File
gsd,Vector graphic
gsd,Generic Station Description File
gsf,Golf Seasons file
gsm,Audio stream Raw GSM
gsm,GSM w.o. header/VoiceGuide/RapidComm file
gsm,GSM w. header/QuickLink file
gsm,eFax Messenger Plus Voice Message
gsm_,GSM Audio File
gsp,Sketch pad file
gsp,Zip file
gst,MapInfo Geoset File
gst,Quikcutz Silhouette File
gstat,CSD GSTAT chemical modeller input file
gt2,Music module
gtar,GNU TAR Compressed File Archive
gtf,Pga Golf bin file
gtf,German Type Foundry Font
gth,Lotus Domino document manager file?
gth,IBM Gatherer file
gthr,Gather Log File
gtk,Music module
gtm,GPS trackMaker
gto,Quicken Intuit Online File
gtp,Atari ST File
gtp,Guitar Pro File
gts,GTS Tracker Modules
gts,CaptiveWorks Satellite Receiver Recording
gtx,Raster graphics
gtx,GX Text Word Pad File
gty,Gibson Tray File
gui,Guide Document
gv,GrandView outline
gv,GraphcViz File
gvi,Video File
gvl,RCL Software Gravel
gvp,Google Video Pointer
gwi,Novell GroupWise Shortcut/Link File
gwk,GraphiCode PCB Job File
gwm,Epson creativ studio 30 example file
gwp,Greetings WorkShop
gws,GeoMedia GeoWorkspace File
gws,WindSim Terrain File
gwx,Graphics Link presentation
gwz,Graphics Link presentation
gx0,Image Story Board
gx1,Show Partner Screen Capture File
gx2,Image Story Board
gxl,Graphics library
gxl,Graph eXchange Language File
gxt,GTA Dialogue File
gym,Geoworks generic symbol file
gz,Compressed Archive File
gzf,Webcopier file
gzi,Unix Gzip File
gzip,GZIP Compressed File
gzl,Go!Zilla filelist
gzmat,Gaussian Z
gzp,Gazelle System Page
h,C Program Header
h++,Header file
h1c,Collection File
h1s,Assistance Platform Help File
h32,Bc45 32bit include file
h3m,Heroes 3 Map File
h3r,Image Data File
h4r,Heroes of Might and Magic IV Data File
h5r,Image Data File
h6c,Spp file
ha,Compressed Archive File
hai,Ntgraph Nt09b
hal,Hyper Access Lite OS/2 data file
ham,Driver file
ham,Vector graphics saved file
hap,Compressed Archive File
has,Haskell Script
hat,Formula 1 car race 2001 Log Hat file
hbc,HyperBac Compressed Archive
hbc2,HyperBac Compressed File Archive
hbe,HyperBac Compressed and Encrypted Archive
hbf,Hanzi Bitmap Font
hbi,Handy Backup file
hbk,Accounting data file
hbk,Dynamic Editor File
hbk,HandyCafe Database File
hbm,Hotline BookMark
hbx,Starmoney Macro file
hby,ROM image resources
hbz,Starmoney Macro file
hc,Header file
hcc,HydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data File
hcd,C Poet Examples Advanced Inc file
hce,HydroCAD Hydrograph Data File
hcf,123 Heading Creator Project File
hci,HydroCAD IDF Data File
hcl,3DS image
hcm,Configuration file
hco,Macintosh Sound + Resource Fork
hcom,Sound Tools file
hcp,HydroCAD Project File
hcr,Production configuration file
hct,Symantec Liveupdate file
hcu,Hydrograph Units Definitons File
hcx,Harvard Chart XL chart
hd2,Poser Hand Pose File
hda,HotDocs Document
hda,HyperData File
hdb,ACT! History File
hdd,Parallels Hard Disk Drive File
hdf,National Center for Supercomputing Applications
hdf,Help file
hdf,Hierarchical Data Format File
hdi,HotDocs Auto
hdl,Alternate download listing
hdl,HotDocs Listing
hdml,Handheld Device Markup Language
hdmov,QuickTime HD Movie File
hdmp,Windows Heap Dump
hdp,Magix Musstu file
hdp,High Definition Photo
hdr,Database header
hdr,ProComm Plus Message header text
hdr,1st Reader
hdru,Apollo HRDU image format
hds,Hierarchical Data System
hdt2,Hard Disk Toolkit
hdw,Vector graphics
hdx,AutoCAD Help index
hdx,Zortech Help index
hdz,Compressed Poser Hand Pose File
heatseek,Heatseeker mc1.0 format
hel,Hellbender saved game
help,Microsoft Help File
help,Help File
help,Apple Guide
hep,Novell NetWare Help Librarian data file
her,Grafic Gif file
hex,BinHex 2.0 file
hf,HF image format
hfb,Ralcgm file
hfi,HP font info
hfx,HotFax data
hfx,Hollywood FX Special Effects File
hgl,Drawing file
hgs,Harvard Graphics
hgt,NASA SRTM Terrain Data File
hgt,Battle Zone Data File
hh,Help system map
hh,Header file
hhc,Microsoft HTML Help Contents
hhc,TurboTax Contents File
hhh,Precompiled header
hhk,MS HTML Help Index
hhl,Visual Basic file
hhp,Help information for remote users
hht,Help and Support Center HHT File
hhtml,Realmedia adstream html file
hi,High scores
hid,Sony Ericsson Remote Settings File
hif,Quicken Intuit Online File
hif,AutoCAD Heidi Information File
hig,High scores
himg,Image file
hin,HyperChem molecule
hin,Hyperchem HIN chemical modeller output file
hin,Hyperchem HIN chemical modeller input file
hip,Houdini Project File
hipnc,Houdini Apprentice File
hips,Bitmap image
hir,Hires C64 image format
hirex,HIREx Data Specification
his,HIStory of executing/viewing/editing
hit,Audio file
hix,System Utility File
hk5,ACT! Database File
hkdb,iTunes Music Library
hki,WinHKI Archive
hki1,WinHKI HKI1 Archive
hki2,WinHKI HKI2 Archive
hki3,WinHKI HKI3 Archive
hkm,Havok Movie
hks,Hook Script
hl,HeuristicLab Storage File
hl$,MS compressed HLP
hlb,Help library
hlf,Basic Quickbas Quickb01 file
hlm,Winhelp Vbhilfe file
hlp,Windows Help File
hls,Winhelp file
hlx,MultiEdit help file
hlx2,Apple DocViewer
hlz,MultiEdit packed help file
hl_,Compressed Scanner Driver File
hm,Windows Help context IDs used by MAKEHM.EXE
hm2,Help & Manual Help File Project
hm3,Help & Manual 3 Project
hma,Sony Connect
hme,Theme File
hmgd,Microsoft Grammar File
hmhd,Word Hyphenation File
hmi,Human machine interfaces MIDI music file
hmk,Project File
hml,HostMonitor TestList File
hmm,Alternate mail read option menu
hmp,Human machine interfaces MIDI music file
hms,Hostmonitor Script
hmsd,Microsoft Dictionary
hmt,HighMAT File
hmx,Help & Manual 4 Project
hm~,Help & Manual Backup Help File Project
hnc,Program files
hnf,Humax Receiver Settings
hob,Emulator Snap/File Formats
hog,Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
hog,Mission file
hog,Main data package file
hot,Document file
hp,Thor database primary hash file
hp,Printout file
hp$,Ntgraph Visual C Wizard File
hp8,Ascii text Roman8 character set
hpc,Font language file
hpd,HotDocs PDF Document
hpf,HP LaserJet font
hpf,Partial download file
hpfs,OS/2 High Performance File System
hpg,HPGL Plotter vector graphics
hpgl,Vector image
hpgl2,Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 2
hph,Designer graphics System2 file
hpi,Font information
hpi,Hemera Image Object File
hpj,Help Project file
hpk,Compressed Archive File
hpl,Vector image
hplg,iTunes Device Plugin
hplj,Vector image
hpm,Emm text
hpm,Alternative menu for privileged users
hpp,ProComm Plus Host Mode Help
hpp,HTML Help Project
hppcl,Vector image
hpr,RoboHELP Configuration File
hpr,ATLAS.ti 4 Project File
hpr5,ATLAS.ti 5 Project File
hpux,File for Hp
hpw,CompuServe Home Page Wizard
hp_,Winhelp file
hqr,Little Big Adventure HQR and VOX files
hqx,Macintosh BinHex 4.0 Encoded File
hr,TRS 80 image format
hr2,Poser Hair File
hrc,SoftImage model 3D file
hrf,Rastor graphic
hrh,Common header for resources and C++
hrl,Herolab EasyWin32
hrm,Alternate menu for limited users
hrm,POLAR Medical Data File
hrt,Hornet Packer format
hru,HRU image format
hrx,Herolab EasyWin32
hs,Literate Haskell source code file
hs,Java HelpSet File
hs2,Monochrome image
hs2,HyperRESEARCH 2 Study File
hsc,FM synthesized music file
hsdl,Hierarchical Scan Description Language
hsk,Huskey Truss & Building Supply Import File
hsm,Assembly language header
hsp,HomeSite WWW page project
hsq,Data File Associated with Qaz Trojan
hss,Hue/Saturation data
hss,Photoshop Hue/Saturation Information
hst,Host File
hst,History File
ht3,HTML file Version 3
ht4,HTML file Version 4
hta,HTML Application
htaccess,Apache Access Configuration File
htc,Help File Contents for Microsoft Windows CE
htc,HTML Component
htf,WebBase File
hti,Win Help related file
htlc,Hotline Client
htm,Hypertext Markup Language
htmhjt,Treepad HTML files
htmhtml,3rdparty html file
html,HyperText Markup Language
htmls,HyperText Markup Language document
htn,Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Print Styles file
htt,Microsoft Hypertext Template
htvw,HTML Viewer
htw,HTML File
htw,Hauptwerk Sound
htx,Extended HTML Template
htx,Internet Database Connector File
htz4,HyperMaker Publication
huf,Huffman encoded/compressed file
huh,HydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions File
hun,Dataview file
hus,Husqvarna Embroidery Machines File Format
huv,Graphic files
huy,Eto Dlia Vas
hvpl,Apple iTunes Visual Plugin File
hw3,HyperWriter! Document
hwl,Corel Shared Writing Tools 9.0 file
hwof,Microsoft Office Help
hwp,Hangul Text Document File
hxm,HAM extension
hxm,Alternate protocal selection menu
hxs,Help 2 Compiled Help File
hxx,C++ Header
hx_,C Poet compressed Disk1 file
hy1,Hyphenation algorythm
hy2,Hyphenation algorythm
hyd,Hyphenation dictionary
hym,3D Image binary file
hyp,Compressed Archive File
hyp,Virtual Hypnotist Settings File
h_,Winhelp file
dgt,Digital Gallery
i,Progress Include File
i,Borland C++ Intermediate File
i0,Winter Windows Scheduler file
i00,Winphone phonebook
i01,Winphone phonebook
i01,DVD Shrink Temporary File
i02,Winphone phonebook
i16,Nokia Logo File
i17,Pixel Power Collage image format
i18,Pixel Power Collage image format
i5z,IUCLID 5 Import/Export File
iaf,MS Outlook 97 and 2000 E
iam,AutoDesk Inventor Assembly
ian,Text file
iap,256 color Palette ASM
ib,InterBase Database
ib7,Pixel Power Collage image format
iba,MDE InfoHandler Infobase File
iba,Image format unknown
ibd,PDS Picture
ibg,PDS format
ibk,Sound Blaster Instrument Bank
ibm,Compressed Archive File
ibp,IsoBuster CD/DVD Image File
ibq,IsoBuster CD/DVD Image File
ibt,Texture and Model File
iby,ROM image component include file
ic1,Atari Image
ic2,Atari Image
ic3,Atari Image
ic?,2D Graphic
ica,Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File
ica,Bitmap graphic file
icap,Internet Preference File
icap,Internet Config
icb,Targa bitmap
icc,Kodak Printer Image
icd,Drawing file
ice,Cooltalk audio
ice,Archive .LZH/.Lharc
icf,Cheyenne AntiVirus
icl,Icon Library
icm,Image Colour Matching Profile File
icma,Adobe InDesign InCopy Assignment  File
icml,Adobe InDesign InCopy Markup Language File
icmp,Internet Control Message Protocol
icms,Ragtime extensions file
icms,Cisco IPCC Export File
icn,Icon source code
icns,Icons File
ico,Icon File
icon,Icon image
icon,Icon 8 chemical modeller output file
icon,Folder Custom Icon
iconpackage,IconPackager Theme
ico_,Windows Icon
icp,Parameter file
icq,ICQ files archive files and exported address book
icr,NCSA Telnet Interactive Color Raster graphic file
ics,IronCAD Scene File
ics,iCalendar Calendar Data File
ics,Security File
ict,image related file
icte,Internet Config
icv,In Chair Viewing
icv,film .AVI
icv,InfoCaptor Dashboard File
icw,MS Internet Explorer Internet Connect Wizard
icw,Icon file
icx,More Than Words file
ic_,Compressed Ict file
id,Disk identification file
id2,Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File
id3,ID3 resource
idb,MDPX file
idb,Developer Intermediate File
idc,Internet Database Connector
idc,IDA C language source code file
idc,Core Software tech IDC file
idd,MIDI Instrument Definition
ide,Project file
idf,MIDI Instrument Definition
idif,Identification file
idl,Interface Definition Language
idll,CodeWarrior DLL
idm,Ulead Photo Express messages file
idmef,Snort file
idml,InDesign Markup Language
ido,DICTWB file
idq,Internet Data Query File
idrw,ClarisImpact Drawing
ids,Scene file
ids,3D data file for Minos
idt,Text Archive Files
idw,AutoDesk Inventor Drawing File
idx,Index File
idx,FAX File
idx,Outlook Express Mailbox Index
idx,Navigation POI File
idx0,Runescape Cache Index File
idx255,Runescape Cache File
idy,Index file
id_,C Poet compressed Disk1 file
ie3,Internet Explorer 3 file
ief,Image Exchange Format
iel,Erazer98 file
iem,Informix error message
ies,Photometric File Data
ies,Light Pattern File
if9,Pixel Power Collage image format
ifd,Adobe Output Designer forms definition source file
ifd,JetForm Design Form File
iff,Interchange File Format
ifile,Amaya i386 file
ifn,Amma Lsb v1.0 init file
ifo,DVD Info File
ifo,ImageForge Pro Graphic Object Layer Data
ifo,Information File
ifp,Script file
ifs,Compressed fractal image
ifs,System file
ifs,Create executable library
ifx,IMAGINE effect file
igc,Anime List Builder Input File
iges,Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
igl,inSORS IG Layout File
igm,inSORS IG Meeting File
ign,ICQ ignore list
igp,Igor Reader Sheet Music File
igr,SmartSketch Drawing Design file
igs,Image Systems Grayscale
igs,IGS setup existing account
igs,CAD overlay 4.1
igs,2D or 3D CAD model
igt,ImageGadget Template
igv,inSORS IG Venue File
igx,iGrafx flow chart and process model
ihtml,HTML format
ii,IconWorkshop Extended Information File
ii,Preprocessed C++ source code
iid,Tonline Bsw4 install Iid file
iif,Intuit Interchange File
iii,Intel IPhone Compatible File
iil,CleanSweep Installation Log
iim,Music module
iimg,Interleaf image format
iio,CoreFSIF Database
iip,ThinAnywhere Configuration
iklax,iKlax Multi
iko,Windows Icon Resource see ico
il,HDC Designer Icon
il,Fortran 90
il,.NET Assembler default file extension
ilbm,InterLeaved Bitmap
ilht,Internet Location File
ilib,Claris Works
ilk,Incremental Link Information
ill,ILL Transaction File
ill,Agati illustrated image file
ill,2D Graphic
ilm,Amiga IFF Image
ilma,Mailto UR
ils,Win3 Winword file
ilsr,Iomega reader
im,3D Graphic
im04,Image Sun Raster
im30,Image Sun Raster
im5,Image IM5
im8,Raster graphic
im?,2D Graphic
ima,Photographic Image
ima,Vector graphic
ima,IncrediMail Package/Collection
image,Disk Copy
imagine,Object & Texture Imagine 3.0
imake,Imake file
imapmbox,IMAP Mailbox
imc,IncrediMail Collection
ime,IncrediMail Emoticons
imf,ID Software MIDI Music File
imf,IncrediMail Stats/Letters
img,Garmin Map File
img,Ventura Publisher/GEM Paint Image
img,CD/DVD Image File
img,Bitmap graphic file
imh,IRAF format files image format
imh,IncrediMail contacts exportfile
imi,Turbo Pascal Dos file
imi,Magellan Map Format
imi,IncrediMail Images
imj,Pegasus Image Corp format
iml,ACT! Internet Mail Message File
imn,IncrediMail Notifiers
imovieproj,iMovie Project File
imovieproject,iMovie Project
imq,Image presentation
imq,Image File
ims,Create executable library data
ims,IncrediMail Skin
imt,IMNET Graphics format
imv,Imvironment Background File
imw,IncrediMail MIDI/WAV
imy,Ringtone File
imz,WinImage compressed file
im_,Midiprg Improve compressed file
in,Input file
in$,Installation file
in0,INI backup file
in1,Ini file back
in2,InoculateIT virus scanner
in3,Input device driver
ina,DOS file
inb,Test script
inc,Include File
ind,Shared Database file
indd,Adobe InDesign document
index,Index file
indigo,Indigo Graphics Format
inds,Adobe InDesign Snippet File
indt,InDesign Template
indx,Microsoft Mail Index
indx,EasyView Index
inetloc,Internet Location
inf,Setup Information
inf,Adobe Type Manager Font Information
info,Icon Data
ing,MasterCook Ingredients File
ingr,Intergraph Raster File Format
inh,Visualbasic Basfwin file
ini,Initial Values File
ink,Mimio Ink Data
ink,Pantone Reference Fills File
inl,Inline function file
inm,Fax master file
inn,Micro Focus COBOL/2
ino,Inno setup Script Files file
inp,ABAQUS Input File
inp,Source Code For Form
ins,Ensoniq EPS Family Instrument
ins,InstallShield Script
ins,Internet Naming Service
ins,Microsoft IIS
ins,1st Reader
ins,WordPerfect File
ins,Netware installation file
ins,AdLib Instrument Music File
ins,Inspiration File
inst,Object Oriented Graphics Library
inst,3D Graphic
int,Intermediate executable code
int,Interfaced units
int,Silicon Graphics Image
inta,Silicon Graphics Image
inter,Interspector Project File
intl,Intel Vide
into,Interspector Object File
inv,Windows Update file
inv,Rainbow Six
inventor,SGI Open Inventor
inx,FoxBase Database Index
inx,Kodicom Index Database
in_,Compressed Setup Information File
io,Compressed Archive File
iob,3D graphics database
ioc,Organizational chart
ioca,Image Object Content Architecture
iof,Findit document
ion,File description
ip,NRC Inspection Manual
ip,Internet Protocol
ip,Interactive Physics
ip,IconPackager Icon Set
ipa,iPod/iPhone Application File
ipd,InstallPROG EDBS Install Database
ipd,Blackberry Backup File
ipe,System.ini et Win.ini backup made by Wacom Pen
ipf,Microsoft SMS Installer Script
ipf,OS/2 Help File
ipg,Mindjongg Format image format
ipg,Apple iPOD Game File
ipj,AutoDesk Inventor File
ipk,Itsy Package
ipl,Pantone Spot reference pallette
ipn,AutoDesk Inventor Presentation
ipr,IntelliJ Project XML data
ips,International patching system binary patch file
ipsw,Apple iPod/iPhone Firmware Update File
ipt,AutoDesk Inventor Part
iptc,Newswire profile
iptheme,IconPackager Raw Theme
ipu,Internet Phone User
ipx,Ipix Spherical panorama
ipx,Interactive Pictures Corporation AV File
iq,IBM query file
iqa,Application File
iqb,Backup File
iqd,Webstir file
iqi,IBM query
iqr,IBM query
iqt,IBM query
iqu,Update File
iqy,Internet inquiry
irc,IRCAM format Sound
ircam,IRCAM SoundFile files
ircp,Adobe SpeedGrade Iridas Composite File format
ird,Ird Append file
irf,Phonecat2 Ocp97 file
irf,Autodesk Impression Drawing
irf,iLinc Video File
irf,CCTV Video File
iris,Silicon Irix Graphics Raw Red
irix6,Irix 6 file
irock,intelliRock Sensor Data File
irp,Report Generator Output File
irr,Brewer Lamp File
irs,WordPerfect Resource File
irx,PS2 Modified Elf Object File
irx,IBM Mainframe Rule File
irx,Brewer Lamp Irradiation File
isc,Xilinx Device Configuration File
isd,Spell checker dictionary
ise,Installshield Express Project File
isf,Inspiration Mind Mapping
isff,Intergraph Standard File Format
ish,Compressed Archive File
isl,Inno Setup 1.3 file
ism,Image System
isn,Installer Source Files
iso,InstallShield Uninstall File
iso,CD/DVD Disc Image
isp,Internet Communication Settings
iss,ISS image format
iss,InstallShield Silent Response File
issp,Internet Search Sitelesrc
ist,Instrument file
istr,IsoStar Library of intermolecular interactions
isu,Uninstall script
isz,Compressed Disk Image
it,Settings file
it,Music module
ita,Italian readme file
itc,Uthscsa Imagetool Calibration file
itc,Image File
itc2,iTunes Coverart 2
itd,System Dll file
itdb,iTunes Database File
ite,Apple iTunes Extras
itf,Interface file
itg,Intergraph Format
ith,InTether technology secured file
ithmb,Apple iPod / iPhone Media File
iti,Instrument file
itl,iTunes Music Library File
itlp,Apple iTunes LP File
itm,iThink Model File
itm,Item / Article / Zone
itms,Apple iTunes Store URL File
itn,TomTom Navigator Itinerary File
itpc,Apple iTunes Podcast Subscription File
its,Internet Document Set
its,Impulse Tracker Sample
itt,IconTweaker Theme
itu,Sheffield dictionary file
itw,IT Works Application Data File
itx,Texture IMAGINE
itx,ITX Form Template
iv,Open Inventor File
iv2i,Norton Ghost Incremental Virtual Volume Image
iva,Dementia.4207 Virus File
ivb,Truevision Targa format
ivd,Microdata dimension or variable
ivf,Indeo Video File
ivp,User subset profile
ivq,MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 index full
ivr,Virtual Reality World Live Picture
ivr,Internet Video Recording
ivs,Internet Streaming Video
ivt,Beyond Table Data
ivu,IVUE Live Picture Drawing
ivue,Live Picture multi
ivx,Microdata directory
iw,Presentation Flowchart
iw,Chain Engineering Database
iw4,DjVu image format
iwa,Text file
iwc,Install Watch document
iwd,Call of Duty Game Data File
iwm,Start file
iwp,Text file
iws,InstallWatch Scan File
iws,IntelliJ IDEA Web Page
ix,Paperport Search File
ix,Framemaker Index File
ixa,Ulead Disc Image format
ixb,ULead Disc Image
ixc,Geocoding index for read
ixf,IFX for FAX
ixs,Geocoding index for read
izs,1st Page 2000 JavaScript Example File
izt,Binary token file
izz,Isadora Media Control Project
izzy,Isadora Project
j,JAR archive
j,Image JPEG / JFIF
j1,EDIT Compiler JEDEC Boundary file
j2c,Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 Image File
j2i,Jazz 2 Internet Link File
j2k,JPEG 2000 Image
j2l,Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level File
j62,Ricoh camera format file
j6i,Ricoh Digital Camera image format
ja,IBM tools updater file
jad,BlackBerry Java Application Descriptor file
jam,JamTracker module
jam,Image Microprose
jam,FTN software
jar,Java Archive File
jasc,JAS Compressed
jasper,JasperReports Compiled Source File
jav,Java language source code file
jav,Internet Program
java,Java Source Code
jax,System Dll file
jbc,Jam Byte
jbc,BestCrypt File
jbf,Paint Shop Pro Image Browser File
jbg,Image JBIG 1
jbk,Juno Backup File
jbr,PaintShop Pro Brushes file
jbs,Binary file with data and calcs and graphs.
jbx,Project file
jc,Watcom src file
jc!,FlashGet Incomplete Download File
jcd,FlashGet File
jcf,JAWS config file
jck,Liquid Motion JACK Scene Description
jcl,Job Control Language IBM
jcm,Java Commerce Message
jcn,JobClock.NET Synch File
jcp,Java Community Process file?
jcs,Latest Bruker WinSpecEdit v3.08 JCAMP
jcs,Flashget script html table
jcw,Java Callable Wrapper file?
jcz,Liquid Motion Animation
jda,Winphone Fax Send Journal
jdb,Winphone Fax Receive Journal
jdf,Job Description File
jdx,Latest Bruker WinSpecEdit v3.08 JCAMP
jdx,JCAMP Chemical Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format
jed,JEDEC programming specification
jef,Janome Sewing Machine Embroidery File
jet,Hybrid JetFax
jfd,JAWS synopsis file
jff,JPEG image
jfi,JPEG File Interchange Format
jfif,JPEG/JIFF Image
jfsl,Flash Javascript File
jfx,J2 Fax File
jg4,BigJig Jigsaw Puzzle
jgd,PaintShop Pro Gradients file
jgf,JAWS ini file
jgz,Gzipped Javascript File
jhs,UTIL file
jia,Digital Photo Navigator Album
jic,DLL tbv
jif,JPEG image
jiff,JPEG Image File Format
jig,Puzzle Jigsawit
jigz,Jigsaw Puzzl
jis,Japanese Industry Standard Text
jj,C64 Doodle Compressed File
jj,JAR Compressed File
jjc,Midiprg Canvas compressed file
jjjs,Claris Organizer File
jkm,JAWS ini
jla,BMP image
jls,JAWS file
jman,Illum src irohaserver file
jmf,Java Multimedia File
jmg,Laservision projection graphics file
jmh,JPEG File Interchange Format
jmp,JMP Discovery Chart
jn1,Jill of the Jungle Data
jnb,Workbook file
jnc,Communication log file
jng,JPEG Network Graphic
jnl,WinDev log file
jnl,Ingres Journal File
jnlp,Java Web Start
jnt,Windows Journal Notes
job,Job File
job,Task Scheduler Task Object
job,QuestVision Vector Graphics File
joboptions,Acrobat Job Options File
joc,Context4 dos word processor file
jod,MS Jet OLE Database
jou,VAX EDT Editor Journal Backup
joy,Joystick calibration file
jp2_,JPEG 2 file
jpd,Java Process Definition
jpe,Joint Photographic Expert Group
jpeg,Joint Photographic Expert Group Image File
jpf,JPEG 2000 Image
jpg,Joint Photographic Expert Group Image File
jpg2,JPEG 2000 Image
jpg_t,Jpg images file
jph,JProbe Memory Snapshot
jpn,Photomodeler Lite file
jpr,Javasockets file
jps,Stereo Image image format
jpw,World File for JPEG
jpx,JBuilder Project File
jrprint,JasperReports Print File
jrxml,JasperReports Layout File
js,JavaScript Source Code
jsd,Jet Suite document
jse,Jscript Encoded Script File
jsf,Macromedia Fireworks Batch Script
jsl,PaintShop Pro File
json,JavaScript Object Notation File
jsp,Java Server Page
jspx,XML Java Server Page
jsx,ExtendScript Script File
jt,JT Fax Hayes comp.
jt,UGS Teamcenter Vizualization File
jtd,Ichitaro Document File
jtf,JPEG bitmap
jtf,Fax document
jtf,Bitmap graphic file
jtif,JPEG Tagged Interchange Format
jtk,Java ToolKit file
jtp,JetForm File
jtp,Windows Journal templates
jude,JUDE Project File
jvs,JavaScript Proxy Autoconfig File
jvwr,GIF Image
jw,Text document
jwc,JewelCase Maker Saved File
jwl,Easy CD Creator
jwrp,JoliWrite File
jwrt,JoliWrite File
jws,Java Web Services File
jws,Java Workspace Settings File
jxr,JPEG XR Image
k,Desktop Color Separation Specification Black Layer
k,NRJ Live File
k00,Tonline Db file
k00 to 09,Tonline DB File
k01,Tonline Db file
k02,Tonline Db file
k03,Tonline Db file
k1s,Wave Glib19 file
k2,Storyboard File
k25,Sample file
k25,Kodak Image File
k26,Kurzweil K2600 File
k4e,Player / Editor File
k7,Tape Image File Emulator
kaar,SignPost Map
kahl,Think Project Manager
kahl,Think Pascal KAHL text
kal,Sfkal calender Kal_40 file
kap,BSB Chart Image File
kar,Karaoke MIDI File
kb,Keyboard script
kb,Program source code
kbd,Keyboard mapping script
kbm,Keyboard mapping script
kbn,Key Binding File
kbr,The Drums Pro file
kbs,ACE Studio Model Builder
kcf,Kiss palette file
kcl,Lisp source code
kdb,Encrypted Passwords Database File
kdc,Kodak Image File
kdevdlg,KDevelop Dialog Box File
kdevelop,KDevelop Project Data File
kdevprj,KDevelop Project File
kdk,Kodak Proprietary Decimated TIFF Format
kdmp,Windows Crash Dump
kdo,Kudo picture browser
ke$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
ken,Player Cdcheck compressed file
kex,Keyboard Express Macro
kex,KEDIT Macro File
kext,Kernel Extension
key,Keyboard Macro
key,DataCAD Icon Toolbar File
key,Security Key
key,Keynote Presentation File
keyboard,Amaya config file
keychain,Apple Keychain File
ke_,Ntgraph Ze32v215 file
kfil,Keyboard Filech Skeyboard
kfn,Audio File
kgb,Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Formats
kgb,KGB Archiver File
kgb,KremlinEncrypt File
khd,Dynamics AX Kernel Help Data File
khi,Dynamics AX Kernel Help Index File
kic,Kodak Image Compression File
kid,Kidspiration File
kid,Tonline Bsw4 Install Mdmimp File
kid2,Kid Pix
kids,Kid Pix
kif,Knowledge Interchange Format draft proposition
kil,Interview file
kin,Protein Structure Images
kin,Kinemage chemical test
kismac,KisMAC Webservice File
kit,Power Chord
kix,KiXtart Script File
kiz,Kodak Digital Postcard File
kkw,RoboHELP K
klb,GraphicWorks Album
klb,KidPix Sticker/Stamp Album
klg,Log File
klg,KOFIA Log
kli,KalKulator linear algebra file
km2,ActiveModeler Professional Process Map
kmc,Kinemac Animation
kmcobj,Kinemac 3D Object
kmd,ABSTAT for Windows Batch File
kml,kedit macro library
kml,HP48 Emulator Win48 Script
kml,Keyhole Markup Language File
kmp,Korg Trinity KeyMaP File
kmz,Google Earth Placemark
km_,Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
kndb,Now Contact File
knnk,OmniPage Professional
kno,Personal Knowbase File
knt,KeyNote Note File
knw,Known problems
ko,IBM/tools/updater file
ko,Linux/Andoid Module
koa,Image Koala Paint
kodak,Kodak Photo CD File
koe,Turbo Pascal Dos file
koe,AquesTone Vocal Synthesiser Syllable File
kon,Yahoo! Widget XML File
kor,Correction file
kor,Corean text file
kos,MicroType Pro Document
kosima,Kosima file
koz,Audiokoz Music File
koz,Bell Music File
kpdx,KeePass Password database
kpf,Komodo Project File
kpg,Kai’s Power Goo Graphic
kpl,Kazaa Playlist File
kpl,ALNO Kitchenplanner File
kpp,SmartPad Toolpad
kpp,Kid Pix Presentation
kpr,KPresenter Presentation
kps,Bitmap graphic file
kpx,Kid Pix Picture
kpz,Komodo Template File
kqp,Native Camera file
kris,Kris tracker format aka ChipTracker by NoiseConver
kry,Herolab Krypten
krz,Sample file
ks,MSWorks sheet
ksc,Korg Trinity Script
ksc,Knight Online Screenshot
kse,Keepsake Studio Export File
ksf,Korg Trinity Sample
ksh,Prodigy Internet Registration File
ksm,KSM Embroidery file format for PFAFF machines
kt3,Battery 3 Drum Kit
kth,Keynote Theme
ktp,Kinetic Project Template
ktt,KeyText Data File
kumac,Physics Analysis Workstation Macro File
kvt,Basic Quickbas Quickb03 file
kw$,Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
kwd,Keyword File
kwf,Delphi Pascal Chart
kwreplay,Command & Conquer 3 Replay File
kws,Ringtone File
kyb,Keyboard Layout
kye,Game data
kyr,Lotus Domino Server Keyring
l,Source code
l,Linker directive file
l,Game of Life Data File
l64,64LAN Image File
l6t,Line 6 Tone File
l95,Lib file
la,Netscape packetized audio / LiveAudio
la1,Liquid Audio File
lab,Label file
lab,Mailing labels
label,Text image format
laccdb,Microsoft Access Locked Database File
lam,Streaming audio metafile
lan,Loadable module
land,Userland Frontier
lao,MAC Scanner files
lar,Liquid Audio Passport
lasr,XPress Printer File
lasso,Lasso Database
latex,LaTeX Source Document
lav,Listlabl file
lavs,Liquid Audio Secured Download
lax,AnetHelpTool JavaHelp viewer file
lay,Word Chart layout
lay,Clipart file
la_,Databook ti file
lb,Novanew file
lbd,Grafic Fli file
lbg,Label generator data
lbi,Dreamweaver Library File
lbm,InterLeaved BitMap File
lbm,Linear Bitmap graphics
lbo,Compiled label
lbr,Compressed Archive File
lbr,Display driver
lbs,Omnis Studio Application File
lbt,FoxPro Label
lbv,Tonline Ob4hbci Layout Print file
lbw,dxsdk lib file
lbx,FoxPro Labels
lbz,compressed LBM image
lc,Textbridge Classic Bin file
lcb,Living Cookbook Backup
lcd,ABBYY Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
lcf,Linker control file
lcf,ArchiCAD Library Container File
lcfl,Language Support File
lch,Network response time monitor file
lclw,Claris Works Art Library
lcm,Lipikar Custom Map File
lcn,Lection document
lcs,Data History file
ld,Long distance area codes file
ld1,Overlay file
lda,LaserData Image Format
ldb,Microsoft Access Lock File
ldb,TrueVector Log Database
ldc,Steuer2001 file
ldd,Laser Dispatch Data
ldd,LEGO Digital Designer File
ldf,Library definition file
ldi,LDIF file
ldm,VolumeViz Multi
ldr,Symantec Ghost template file
lds,Corel40 Programs Data file
ldw,Virtual Villagers Saved Game
ld_,Visc15 Adressen Setup file
le,Executable image
le$,Basic Vb file
lead,wavelet compressed format image format
leg,Legacy document
len,Sheffield dictionary file
leo,DICTWB file
les,System game profiles
let,Broderbund CreataCard Letterhead file
let,Genesis 2000 mortgage application file
let,Unknown photo image
lev,Level file
lev,Map File
lex,Spelling Checker Dictionary
lex,Lexmark Printer Install File
le_,Basic Vb compressed Disk1 file
lfa,LifeForm File
lfd,Data resource file
lff,LucasFilm Format image format
lfil,True Type Font
lfm,LifeForm File
lfp,LaserForms Plus file
lft,Loft file
lft,Laser printer font
lg,Logo procedure definition
lga,Windows Applog file
lgc,Application log file
lgc,SimpleK Database File
lgd,Application log file
lge,Windows Application Log
lgf,Windows Application Log
lgg,Win Applog file
lgh,Windows Applog file
lgi,Windows Applog file
lgi,Multimedia Logic File
lgj,Win Applog file
lgk,Windows Applog file
lgl,Windows Applog file
lgl,Large Graph Layout File
lgm,Windows Applog file
lgn,Windows Applog file
lgo,Logo file
lgo,Header and footer logo
lgo,Startup logo
lgp,Win Applog file
lgp,Gnu licency text file
lgp,Archive File
lgq,Win Applog file
lgr,Windows Applog file
lgs,Windows Applog file
lgt,Urban Chaos Game File
lgz,Windows Applog file
lh,Morph file
lha,Compressed Archive File
lhs,Literate Haskell source code
lhw,Compressed Amiga archive
lhz,Compressed file archive
li$,MS compressed LIB; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
libr,Shared Library
lib_,THINK C Library
lic,License File
licenses,Visual Studio Licensed Classes
licx,Visual Studio License
lid,Quicken ace Quicken 2002 Deluxe file
lif,Logical Interchange Data
lif,Compressed Archive File
lif,TurboTax Information Achive File
lightwave,Objet Lightwave 3D
lim,Compressed Archive File
lin,Line type file
lin,Interactive music sequencing data file
link,CodeWarrior Linker
linux,File for Linux
linx,iPod Links Folder
liq,Liquid Tracker Module
lis,Structured Query Report
lisp,Lisp translators file
lispm,Bitmap image
list,Blindwrite CD Copier File
list,Property List
list,Microsoft Recipient Lis
list,Microsoft Mailing List
lit,Microsoft Reader eBook File
liv,LiveMotions file
livereg,Symantec Livereg file
liveupdate,Norton Anti
lix,Logos Library System File
lix,ExtendSim Simulation Software Library File
liz,Comprressed list file
li_,Rukus file
lj,Text file
lk,Database file
lko,Linked object
lku,T9000 linkable unit
ll,Preview file List&Label LLVIEW.exe
ll,Links Language template file
ll3,Document file
llb,National Instruments LabVIEW Library
llc,LapLink Saved Connection File
lld,Links Language Data file
llm,Linden Lab Mesh
llx,Exchange agent
lm8,Picture File
lma,Netscape packetized audio
lman,NT Services for Mac
lmbs,Photoshop Filter
lmd,Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
lms,LenMus Score File
lmu,RPG Maker Map File
lmw,Lmw examples file
lmx,Landmark Exchange File
ln03,Bitmap image
lnd,3D Landscape Data
lng,Language extensions
lng,Language definition file
lng,Adobe Acrobat language plug
lnk,Windows File Shortcut
lnk,Linker File
lnm,Corel WordPerfect SGML alias
lnt,LiveNote Transcript file
lnx,Gen Linux file
lnx,ROM Image File
lo4,Flight Data File
loc,Localisation String Resource Header File
loc,Locations File
local,Xset Setup Program Bin File
lock,.NET Framework Database Lock File
locr,Location Manager Setting
lod,Load file
lof,TeX/LaTeX Auxiliary File for List Of Figures
log,Log File
log,TeX/LaTeX File
log,Windows Registry Hive Log File
log1,Windows Registry Hive Log 1
log2,Windows Registry Hive Log 2
lok,Compressed Archive File
lop,Mastercook Layout File
lot,Auxiliary file for List Of Tables
lp,Document reader for downloading mortgage info
lp2,iLEAP Word Processing Document
lp7,LP7 Digitally Signed File
lpb,LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM
lpc,Printer driver
lpd,Helix Nuts and Bolts file
lpe,Layout Parameter Extrat netlist
lpi,Information file for laser printers
lpk,License Package
lproj,Localized Project Folder
lpt,LogPlot/LogView Compiled Log
lqf,Leech FTP Save Queue File
lqr,SQ Compressed LBR Archive
lqt,Liquid Audio Music File
lr,i.Mage file
lrc,Video phone file
lrc,Lyrics File
lrf,Microsoft C++ Link Response File
lrf,Sony eBook Reader Document
lrg,Picture; Macromedia XRes multi
lrp,IBM Works for OS/2 report
lrs,Language resource file
lrs,Librie Reader Source File
lrt,Yacc log file
lru,Med profiles default file
lrx,Sony eBook
ls,Unix ls
ls1,Winhelp Source file
lsa,LightScape Technologies ASCII data
lsb,LightScape Technologies binary data
lsc,Tune Smithy List of Muscial Scales
lsd,Fifa World Cup game data environment file
lsd,Lingvo Dictionary File
lsf,Logos library system file
lsi,Corel Layout Specification Instance SGML
lsl,Saved library
lsl,Script library
lsl,LightScribe Label File
lsm,Film LOTUS
lsn,MS Works File
lso,Logic Audio Song
lso,Bhv Tonstudio Platin file
lsp,LISP Application Code File
lsp,LANsurveyor Poll List
lsr,LANsurveyor Report
lst,List File
lst,Microsoft PowerPoint File
lst,1st Reader
lst,Ingres Dump List File
lst,Oracle Spool File
lst,Visual FoxPro Documenting Wizard List
lst,LightScribe Label Template
lsu,LANsurveyor Map
lsv,Tonline Ob4hbci Layout Print file
lsw,Golf Swapfiles file
lsx,Streaming Audio/Video Shortcut
lsz,Adressmn Default.dbu file
ls_,Unix ls
lt2,Poser Light Set File
ltb,Amma Lsb v1.0 file
lte,Adressmn file
ltf,Frogans Shortcut File
lth,Roxio Label Creator
ltmc,Remote Access File
ltn,CDROM driver file
ltr,Letter File
ltx,Mathematical text document
ltz,Compressed Poser Light Set File
lu,Library unit file
lua,Lua Source File
lucs,Amaya tools file
lue,Norton LiveUpdate Log File
luf,Lipikar Uniform Format File
lut,Osiris Prefs Colordir file
luxb,Lux Map File
lva,Logitech Video Effects Avatar
lvf,Logitech Video Effects
lvl,Miner Descent/D2 Level extension
lvp,LView Pro image format
lvp,Avaya Voice Player
lvs,Layout Vs Schematic netlist
lw4,Lightwright File
lwa,Lightwave Scene
lwd,Lotus Works Document
lwf,Wavelet graphics file
lwfn,LaserWriter Font
lwfn,Adobe Type 1 Font
lwfu,LaserWriter Utility
lwi,Light Work Image image format
lwlo,Layered Object file
lwo,Lightwave Object
lwob,Object file
lwp,Lotus Wordpro 96/97 File
lws,LightWave Scene
lwsc,Scene file
lwtp,LimeWire Theme Pack
lwv,Microsoft Linguistically Enhanced Sound File
lwz,Linguistically enhanced sound file
lxa,Microsoft SpeechEngines Lexicon file
lxf,LEGO Digital Designer Model File
lxfml,LEGO Digital Designer XML File
lxo,LaserMaster Font
ly,LilyPond File
lyr,Layer file
lyt,TurboTax Install Log File
lyx,Latex/Lyx Document File
lz,lzip archive
lzcn,Remote Access Prefs
lzco,Remote Access Script
lzd,Difference file for binaries
lzf,3DS Max Lens Effect Flare
lzh,Compressed Archive File
lzlg,Remote Access File
lzm,Slax Module
lzo,LZO Compressed File
lzpf,Remote Access Prefs
lzs,Compressed Archive File
lzs,Data file
lzw,Compressed Amiga archive
lzx,Compressed Archive File
m,Limbo Interface Declaration
m,Matlab Function or Script
m!93,Director 4 Document
m!95,Director 5
m$s,Firmware Update File
m00,ComputerEyes Animation
m01,ComputerEyes Animation
m02,ComputerEyes Animation
m03,ComputerEyes Animation
m04,ComputerEyes Animation
m11,Text file
m14,Steuer2001 File
m18,Accolade Golf Course File
m1pg,iFinish Video Clip
m1u,Pocket TV
m1v,MPEG Movie
m2,Modula 2 language source
m2,World of Warcraft Model Object File
m2o,Modula Fitted Modula2 file
m2p,Maxthon Web Browser Plug
m2s,Maxthon Browser Skin File
m2ts,Sony Camcorder Video File
m3,source code file
m3d,3D animation
m3g,Multimedia File
m3u,Media Playlist File
m3u8,MP3 Playlist File
m4,M4 Preprocessor file
m4p,iTunes Audio Format
m4v,Apple iTunes Video File
m68,Turbo Pascal Dos file
m8,Heretic II MipMap image format
m8,Grlib scry pcserv file
ma,hDC products for MicroApp executable files
ma,Maya Scene File
ma1,Monarch Audio File
mab,Mozilla/Netscape Personal Address book File
mac,MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
mac,Microsoft Access Shortcut
mac,TASM Macro
mac,MINITAB Macro
mac,Geometry II Plus Macro File
maca,MacWrite 2.2
maca,Mac Write 4.6/5
maccs,MDL Maccs chemical modeller output file
macdraw,MacDraw Format
macmod,Macromodel chemical modeller input file
macmol,Mac Molecule chemical modeller output file
macmol,Mac Molecule chemical modeller input file
macp,MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
macs,Mac System
macwrite,Macwrite pro text documents
mad,Microsoft Access Module Shortcut
mae,Maestro file
maf,Microsoft Access Form Shortcut
mag,MPS Magro Paint Image
mag,Microsoft Access Diagram Shortcut
mag,Magic Circuit Layout
magic,Configuration file
magik,Magik Source Code File
mah,Mahjongg Solitaire settings
mai,Microsoft Mail File
mai,Sony Video Thumbnail File
mail,Email File
mailhost,MSN Mailhost Settings File
mailview,MSN Mail
main,FileMaker Dictionary
maip,Corel Prefs File
maketail,Sourcecontrol file
mal,Webalizer.01 Lang file
mam,Microsoft Access Macro Shortcut
man,Windows 2000 Mandatory User Profile
manifest,Visual Stylesheet for Windows Form
manu,LOTUS manuscript
manx,Manual file
map,Compiled Map File
mapimail,Outlook Express Mail File
mapimail,Mail SentTo Drop
mapisend,MAPISEND File
maplet,Maplet Design File
maq,Microsoft Access Query Shortcut
mar,Microsoft Access Report Shortcut
mar,MSN Archive
marm,Makefile for MARM platform
mas,Microsoft Access Stored Procedures
mas,Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster File
mas,Focus Master Data Definition
mask,cygwin tix4.1 bitmaps file
mass,Mass 11
masseffectprofile,Mass Effect Player Profile
masseffectsave,Mass Effect Saved Game
master,ASP.NET Master Page
mat,Microsoft Access Table Shortcut
mat,Matlab Variables Binary File
math,Amaya file
mathml,Mathematical Markup Language
mau,Media Attachment Unit
maud,Sample format
mav,Microsoft Access View Shortcut
maw,MS Access Data Access Page
max,3ds Max Scene File
max,Visioneer PaperPort File
max,OrCAD Layout File
maxd,PaperPort Annotation
maxm,Visioneer Paperport
maz,Hover Maze Data
mb,Memo field values for database
mb1,Data file
mbb,minibb Avatar
mbf,Corel Visual DTD Document Type Definition for SGML
mbf,CCTV Security Video File
mbfavs,Stardent AVS X bitmap image
mbfs,Stardent AVS X bitmap image
mbfx,AVS X image file
mbg,Microsoft Mail MailBag File
mbk,Multiple index archive
mbl,Logger Pro Data File
mbm,Psion Series 5 image format
mbm,EPOC multi
mbox,Mailbox file
mbp,Metabot Metatag Project File
mbp,MobiPocket File
mbs,Micrografx Picture Publisher Brush Shape
mbt,Metabot Metatag Options
mbt,JVC HD Camcorder Video File
mbv,JVC Everio MediaBrowser Movie Edit File
mbx,Microsoft Outlook Express MailBox
mc,MetaCard stack
mc,Manual Chapter
mc,M3CG intermediate language file
mc,Localized Message Table Resource
mc$,Magic Xchange package
mc1,MedCalc Data File
mc4d,3D Graphic
mc5,Grafic Jpg Bcc file/microsoft C v5 related file
mc6,Microsoft C file/makefile
mc9,Mastercam 9 Geometry File
mca,ModCA IOCA
mca,MapFactor GPS Navigation File
mcb,Grlib Ravekit file
mcbn,Excel 4 Chart
mcc,Calling card
mcc,Configuration file
mccl,Emailer Connection File
mccv,Adobe Filter
mcd,MathCAD Document
mcf,MathCAD Font File
mcf,Magic control file
mcf,Symantec Security History Log Files
mch,Macromedia Xtra Cache File
mci,Command script
mcl,MultiEdit macro library
mcm,Enable Macro
mco,Live Messenger Winks File
mcp,Project file
mcp,Application script
mcp,Printer driver
mcr,Keyboard macro file
mcr,Maxscript Macroscript File
mcs,MathCAD image
mcw,Mac Word Text Document
mcx,Graphic File
mcz,Compressed Poser Material File
mc_,Midiprg Musicato compressed file
md,Compressed Archive File
md0,Alcohol Disk Image Segment 1
md03,Macromedia Director 8.5
md1,GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
md1,Alcohol Disk Image Segment 2
md2,QuakeII model file
md3,Quake III model
md5,Checksum file for .SHN audio
md5,IsoBuster MD5 Checksum File
md8,Data base Cdrom Data file
md93,Director 4.0 Application
md93,Macromedia Director
mda,Microsoft Access Add
mdb,Microsoft Access Database
mdbackup,Apple iPhone Backup File
mdbhtml,MS Access HTML document
mdc,Image Minolta RD175
mddata,Apple iPhone Data File
mde,MS Access Database File
mdev,Network Extension
mdf,Menu Definition File
mdf,CD or DVD Virtual Image File
mdhtml,Access HTML File
mdi,Borland Multiple Document Interface
mdi,Microsoft Office Document Imaging File
mdinfo,Apple iPhone Backup Information File
mdl,Music module
mdl,Simulink Model File
mdm,Modem definition
mdmp,Windows Minidump
mdn,MS Access Blank Database Template
mdo,Alcohol 120
mdos,DOS file copied by AFE or PC Exchange
mdpf,Modem Preferences File
mdpl,MacDraw II
mdpl,MacDraw II files
mdr,Microdrive file
mdrw,MacDraw files
mds,Directx Mid2stream File
mds,Media Descriptor CD/DVD Image File
mds,SeeYou Raster Map
mdt,MS Access Add
mdw,MS Access Workgroup Information
mdx,Avery Label Pro Re
mdx,dBase Index File
mdz,MS Access Wizard Template
md_,Visc15 Adressen Setup file
me,Readme File
me1,Zortech 21 Sample Winexam file
me2,pixel image file
meal,Exchange format for cooking recipes.
meb,Macro editor bottom overflow library
mec,MECCA source
med,Music module
med,Macro editor delete save file
medi,Medisupport Application File
mel,Maya Embedded Language File
mell,Mellel Word Processing File
mellel,Mellel Word Processing Document
mem,Macro editor macro
mem,Memory Variable Save File
men,Menu File
menc,Windows Mobile Encrypted File
meq,Macro editor print queue file
mer,Spreadsheet/database interchange data
mer,Macro editor resident area
mes,Macro editor workspace file
mes,Message file
mes,DigitalPhono Compressed Audio
mesa,Opengl glut
mesh,3D Graphic
met,Presentation Manager metafile
met,Macro editor top overflow file
met,Document file
meta,RealPlayer MetaFile
metadata_never_index,Apple Spotlight Index Instruction File
metastock,Metastock Data Format
meu,Menu group
mex,Executable command
mex,Macro editor expound file
mez,RealArcade Game Information
mf,Metafont text file
mf2,Mediator5 multimedia authorware file
mfa,Multimedia Fusion Development File
mfd,Monadic functions
mfg,Manufacturing file
mfi,Win98rk file
mfj,MetaFont job
mfk,Memsoft database file from OS/2
mfm,Music format
mfo,Perl ModInfo Descriptor File
mfp,Macromedia Flash File
mfs,MetFS Encrypted File System
mft,Style file
mfx,Multimedia Fusion Extension
mgc,MGCSoft Equation Editor File
mgf,Font File
mgf,Materials/Geometry Formatted File
mgm,MGCSoft Equation Editor Macro File
mgr,MGR bitmap image
mgrs,Military Grid Reference System
mgs,MGCSoft Vector Shapes
mgv,Video File
mgx,Micrografx Designer Drawing Clip Art
mgx,Game Save File
mh,Graphic File
mhg,Multimedia File
mhp,Microsoft Home Publishing file
mhs,Hardware Specification File
mht,Microsoft HTML Message Document
mhtm,MHTML document
mhtml,Microsoft HTML Message Document
mi,Microsoft HTML Message Document
mi4,Audio Player Firmware
mib,SNMP MIB file
mic,Image Composer file
micro,Micro World chemical modeller output file
micro,Micro World chemical modeller input file
mid,Musical Instrument Digital Interface
mid,Eudora Script
midd,audio /midi
midi,Musical Instrument Digital Interface
mif,Interchange format
miff,Machine Independent File
mil,Raster graphics
mil,Micro Illustrator Uncompressed image format
milk,MilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset
mime,See MIM.
mingw32,Mingw compiler file
miniusf,Nintendo 64 Song File
mint,Linux Mint Installer File
mio,Iphoto4 Programs Fio file
mio,MIO Compressed Audio
mip,Multiple Image Print File
mipsel,Mips file
mis,MISsion file
mitsu,Bitmap image
mix,Dance/RaveEjay Sound
mix,Power C Object File
mix,Multilayer Picture File
mix,Command & Conquer Movie/Sound File
mixn,Apple Guide Addition
mj2,Motion JPEG 2000 Video
mjf,Audio file
mjp,MJPEG Video File
mjv,MJuice Voucher File
mk3d,Matroska 3D Video format
mka,Matroska Audio file format
mki,Graphic Image
mkl,library file mechanical CAD program Malz++Kassner
mkr,Tonline Bsw4 Internet file
mkr,my Knowledge Representation file
mkv,Matroska Video Stream
ml,ML language Source Code File
ml,Camomile Configuration/Module File
ml3,Project file
ml5,Milestones 5.x Project
mlb,Macro library
mlf,Autodesk mapguide layer file
mli,3D Studio Material
mlid,Muliple link interface driver file
mlk,Mastercook Look File
mlm,Groupwise email file
mls,Miles Sound Tools Compressed DLS
mlts,Modem Script
mm,Text file
mm,FreeMind Mind Map
mm2in,MM2 Input chemical modeller input file
mm2out,MM2 Output chemical modeller input file
mm3,MM3 chemical modeller output file
mm3,MM3 chemical modeller input file
mm4,Windows word processing format
mm6,Might and Magic 6 Saved Game
mm7,Might and Magic 7 Saved Game
mm8,Might and Magic 8 Saved Game
mma,Grlib Cppima Scilimag file
mma,’Master Album Maker’ album File
mmads,MMADS chemical modeller output file
mmads,MMADS chemical modeller input file
mman,Claris Emailer
mmap,MindManager Map File
mmb,MultiMedia Builder File
mmc,Media Catalog
mmc,MS Office Media Content
mmch,CodeWarrior Compiled Hdr
mmd,Modular Sound File
mme,Multipart file in the Multi
mmf,Microsoft Mail File
mmf,Meal Master Format
mmf,Mobile Music File
mmfm,Multimate Note
mmg,Beyond 20/20 table or aggregate data file
mmh,MS Media Manager Helper DLL
mmib,Emailer Inbox Setting
mml,Bulk mail file
mmm,Adobe Type Manager Multiple
mmm,Microsoft Multimedia Movie
mmo,Memo Writer file
mmob,Emailer Outbox Setting
mmod,MacroModel Molecular Mechanics
mmp,Multimedia Player Movie Clip
mmp,Microsoft Music Producer
mmp,MindManager Player Play List File
mmp,Symbian Project Definition File
mmpf,CodeWarrior Prefs File
mmpr,CodeWarrior Project
mmpr,CodeWarrior 2 Project
mms,Jpeg jpeg
mmw,Multimedia World magazine
mmx,Instructionset of mmx
mmz,MusicMatch Theme File
mn2,Mission file
mn3,Mission file
mn4,Microsoft Money Database
mnc,My Notes Center Notebook
mnd,Menu source
mnd,Mandelbrot for Windows
mnf,Saved MSN Search
mni,Mandelbrot for Windows
mnk,My Notes Keeper Notebook
mnl,Zortech 3 bin file
mnm,3D Object of Midnight Modeler
mno,Macromedia Design Notes
mnt,FoxPro Menu file
mnu,Menu file
mnu,Advanced macro
mnu,Interact menu
mnu,AutoCAD Menu
mnu,Norton Menu
mnv,PlayStation Movie File
mnw,Menu File
mnx,Compiled menu
mny,Account book
mo,MM2 Ouput chemical modeller output file
mo3,MO3 Audio
mob,Device definition
mobi,Mobipocket eBook
moc,MOCHA Java script/internet
mocha,Same as MOC
mod,JVC Everio Camcorder Video File
mod,Kernel module
mod,Amiga/PC tracker module
modb,CompuServe Modem Database
modd,Sony Video Information/Summary File
model,Catia File
modm,Modem File
modm,Modem Definition File
mof,Windows Management Object file
moff,Video Summary File
moho,Anime Studio Animation Project
moi,French textfile
moi,JVC Camcorder Time
mol,Sybyl Mol chemical modeller output file
mol,Sybyl Mol chemical modeller input file
mol,Symyx MDL Molfile
mol2,Sybyl Mol2 chemical modeller output file
mol2,Sybyl Mol2 chemical modeller input file
molen,MOLIN chemical modeller input file
mom,Data base Cdrom Runtime file
mon,Monitor description
mon,Firefox Bookmarks Backup File
mon,Wavelab Audio Montage File
moo,Movie Clip; Apple QuickTime
moo,MoonRock language source code file
moov,QuickTime movie files
mopcrt,Mopac Cartesian chemical modeller input file
mopint,Mopac Internal chemical modeller input file
mopout,Mopac Output chemical modeller input file
mor,Corel Shared Writing Tools v9 file
mor,Poser 3D Morph File
morg,Microsoft Org Cha
mos,System Dos62 file
mosaic,MacOSaiX Mosaic File
moss,Creator code Netscape Navigator 3.0
moss,HTML for Netscape Navigator
motif,Microangelo Motif
mov,QuickTime Movie File format
movie,QuickTime Movie
movr,Desk Accessory
mox,ExtendSim simulation software model file
mp,Microsoft Multiplan Spreadsheet
mp,Ab Initio Graph file
mp0,MPEG2 file
mp1,MPEG Audio Stream
mp2,MPEG Audio Stream
mp2m,Max Payne 2 Mod File
mp2s,Max Payne 2 Saved Game
mp2v,MPEG Audio Stream
mp3,MP3 Audio File
mp3_,MP3 Music FileProjectemp3
mp3_,MP3 Music File
mp4,MPEG 4 Video File
mp4a,MPEG Audio Layer 4 file
mpa,MPEG Audio Stream
mpb,MyPhoneExplorer Backup
mpc,Microsoft Project Calendar
mpc,Musepack Audio File
mpcc,MetroWerks MPCC.text
mpcpl,Media Player Classic Playlist File
mpd,Database file
mpe,MPEG Movie Clip
mpeg,MPEG digital video format
mpega,MPEG Sound
mpf,Microsoft Media Package
mpg,MPEG Video File
mpg3,MP3 Music
mpg4,MPEG 4 Media File
mph,Photoline4 Morphing file
mpi,Links98 golf game file
mpj,Med profile_skeleton file
mpk,Project64 Memory Pack File
mpkg,Meta Package File
mpl,AVCHD Playlist
mplf,CodeWarrior Library
mpm,Mathplan Macro library
mpnt,Mac Paint image format
mpo,Sheffield dictionary file
mpo,Multi Picture Object File
mpp,CAD Drawing File
mpp,Microsoft Project File
mpp,Zortech 3 README File
mpp,Musepack Audio File
mpp2,mpeg 2 video header information
mpp_,Microsoft Project
mpq,Blizzard game data file
mprn,Corel Artisan
mps,Multimedia File
mpsy,CodeWarrior Debug Symb
mps_,MPW Shell
mpt,Bitmap graphic file
mpu,MPEG Layer 3 Audio File
mpv,MPEG movie Clip
mpv,Microsoft Project View
mpv2,MPEG movie Clip
mpw,Oc2.316s cakit file
mpwd,MacWrite Pro 1.5 file
mpwr,MacWrite Pro
mpx,Compiled menu program
mpx,Exchange file
mp_,Mobile Phone Sound File
mq4,MetaTrader Custom Indicator
mqo,Metasequoia 3D Model File
mqv,Sony Movie Format File
mrb,Multiple resolution bitmap graphics
mrc,mIRC Script
mrf,Marks Russel File image format
mrf,Macintosh Font; Font
mrg,often merge
mri,MRI Scan
mrk,Windows 95 user benchmark
mrk,CSI MaRKup file
mrs,Macro resource file
mrsid,Lizardtech format for imageviewing.
mrw,A RAW Image File
ms,Maple worksheet
ms,Formatted manual page with ms macros
ms,MaxScript File
ms10,Multisim Circuit Design
ms3d,MilkShake 3D Model
msc,Microsoft Common Console Document
mscg,MS Clip Art Gallery
mscg,Microsoft Clip Gallery
msd,Diagnostics report file
msd,Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder Macro File
msdl,Scene Description Language
msdvd,Windows DVD Maker Project File
mse,Bwsb120a Demo file
mse,Encrypted Maxscript
msf,Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Summary File
msf,Netscape Mail Summary File
msg,Microsoft Mail Message
msg,FoxDoc Message
msg,Text Document
msg5,Microsoft Graph 5
msgr,Microsoft Graph 5
msgr,Microsoft Grammer File
msh,Mash/Microsoft Agent Script Helper
msh1,Microsoft Help
msh2,Microsoft Help
mshe,Microsoft Help
msi,Windows Installer Package
msif,Microsoft System Info
msil,Microsoft Intermediate Language
msk,PaintShopPro Mask image format
msk,NimbleGen Mask
msk,Autodesk Animator Mask Format
mskn,MediaMonkey Skin File
msm,Audio Utility Midism compressed file
msmt,Equation Editor
msn,Network document
msn,Mission File
msnm,Internet Mail & News
mso,FrontPage File
mso,Math Script Object File
mso,Orgchart File
mso,Word OLE Web Page Storage Stream
mso,MedlySound Sound/Module
msof,Microsoft Office
msp,Microsoft Paint Graphic File
msp,Microsoft Windows Installer Patch
mspj,MS Project
mspx,Microsoft ASP.NET Web Page
msq,Midi file
msrcincident,Remote Assistance Request
mss,Manuscript text file
msstyles,Windows XP Visual Style
mst,Windows Installer Transform
mst,Minispecification file
mst,Setup script
mstf,Microsoft Thesaurus
msth,Microsoft Thesaurus
msu,Windows Update Package
msv,Sony Memory Stick Compressed Voice File
msw,Text file
mswd,MS Word
mswd,Microsoft Word Template
mswd,Word MSWD text
mswd,Word 3/4/5 Macintosh
mswd,Microsoft Word 8
mswd,Microsoft Word 3/4/5
mswd,Microsoft Word 6
mswd,RTF produced by Microsoft Word
mswk,MS Works File
mswmm,Windows Movie Maker Project
msx,Compressed CP/M archive
ms_,Winhelp file
mt,MetaTalk script
mt2,MadTracker 2 Module
mtd,Music Transfer Document
mte,MadTracker 2 Envelope
mtf,Mathe vektor Mtf file
mtf,Theme File
mth,Math file
mti,Midiprg Musitron Musili.zit compressed file
mtk,Matrikon Software License File
mtm,Music module
mtp,MadTracker 2 Pattern
mtr,Master Tracker Module format
mts,Encore Samples file
mts,AVCHD Camcorder Video File
mtv,MTV Raytracing image format
mtv,Video File
mtv2,Apple Video Player Prefs
mtv2,Apple Video Player
mtx,Twain device driver
mtz,Compressed MetaStream Scene File
mt_,Midiprg Encore compressed file
muf,ProtoMuck Multi User Forth Program
mui,Opengl Glut
mul,Online game called Ultima online
mum,Windows Vista Update Package
mup,Music Publisher File
mur,Atari image format
mur,3D Graphic
mus,Interactive music audio data file
mv,Miva Script
mv85,Director 8.5
mv85,Macromedia Director 8.5
mv93,Director 5
mv93,Macromedia Director
mva,Video accelerator file
mvb,Multimedia Viewer file
mvc,Image file
mvc,Miva Merchant Compiled Script File
mvd,Movie Edit Pro Video Project
mve,Interplay video file
mvf,Stop frame file
mvg,Image Magick proprietary vector graphics format
mvi,Movie command file
mvl,3D Ultrasound File
mvl,Descent 2 Game Movie
mvp,MediaView Project
mvp,Movie Edit Pro Video Project format
mvr,MAVROS mavcod input file
mvs,Project Language and Simulation File
mvw,Log file
mw,MacWrite II Text Document
mw2d,MacWrite II Document
mw2s,MacWrite II model
mwd,MarinerWrite Document
mwdp,CodeWarrior Debugger
mwii,MacWrite II text document
mwii,MacWrite II
mwp,Lotus Word Pro SmartMaster File
mwpd,MacWrite Pro Document
mwpp,MacWrite Pro Document
mwpr,MacWrite Pro MWPR.text
mws,Mapleconvert Documentation English file
mwx,Mapguide Author Map Window XML
mwzr,MW ZoneRanger
mw_,Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
mx,Matlab common matrix routines
mx3,Encoded MP3 file format
mx3,Dynamically linked subroutines
mxc,ArcView geocoding index for read
mxd,Map file
mxe,Corel Quatro Pro startup macro
mxf,MX Editor Remote Control File
mxf,SimCity Maxis Font File
mxf,Material Exchange Format File
mxi,Macromedia Extension Information
mxl,PackRat 5.0 support file
mxm,MathConnex Module
mxml,Flex MXML Component
mxp,Macromedia Extension Plugin File
mxp4,Musinaut Audio
mxq,File created by Trojan
mxs,ArcView geocoding index for read
myapp,Visual Studio Application XML File
myd,MYD Image Format
mydocs,MyDocs Drop Target
myi,MySQL MyISAM Index File
myp,Presentation file
mys,Myst Saved Game
myv,Myv Vector Format File
mz,Midiprg Mozart compressed file
mzp,MAXScript Zip Package
mzp,Mozart Percussion File
mzt,MOZART Template File
mzt,Mezzmo Video File
m_u,Hard Drive Boot sector backup
n,Nuke Randomic Life Generator
n3pmesh,Knight Online 3D Mesh File
n64,Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
na2,Netscape Communicator addressbook
naa,MSNBC News alert advertising data
nab,Netscape Communicator addressbook
nac,MSNBC News alert channel data
nad,Noder File
nak,Audio file
nal,NimbleGen Array Layout for ArrayScribe
nam,Microsoft Office Name File
nan,Nanoscope files
nap,Video file
naplps,North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax
napr,NameCleaner Prefs File
nar,.NET Archive
narc,Nintendo DS Archive
nas,Xsys file
nav,MSN Application Extension
nav,Ms Network component
nav,AirNav image format
nav,Valve Softwware Navigation Mesh File
nav2,WinAVI Temporary Navigation File
navionics,GPS chart format
nb,Text file
nb,Mathematica Notebook File
nb7,NovaBACKUP Output File
nba,Nero BackItUp & Burn Archive
nbf,Nokia Backup
nbi,Nero BackItUp and Burn Information
nbk,NovaBACKUP Backup Script
nbu,Nokia Phone Backup File
nc,Numeric Control File
nc1,Numerical Control File
nc?,FLASHGET downloader incomplete download
ncb,Microsoft C++ Program Database
ncc,CamView 3D File
ncch,Microsoft Internet Cache
ncd,CD/DVD Image File
ncf,Command File
ncf,Internal clipboard
nch,Outlook Express folder file
ncm,Nokia Communicator configuration message
ncm,Configuration Message
nco,Nero BackItUp compressed backup file
ncor,Adobe Encore Project File
ncr,NCR Image
ncs,Netscape Conference Call file
ncsa,Bitmap image
ncsa,NCSA Telnet
nct,CoverDesigner Template image format
nd,QuickBooks Network Data
ndb,Network database
ndb,NetOp database
ndc,Personal Communications Settings File
ndf,NimbleGen Design File
ndf,SQL Server Second Database File
ndk,Lotus Notes Design Elements File
ndl,Lotus Notes file
ndo,3D low
ndr,Nikon Capture Image Dust Off File
ndr,RAVE Reports Report File
ndrv,System Driver
nds,Nintendo DS Game ROM
ndsis,Injury Surveillance Data Exchange specification
ndx,dBASE Index file
ndx,Database file
ned,MSN Application Extension
nef,Nikon Electronic Image Format
neo,Raster graphics
nes,Nintendo Emulator ROM File
net,Network configuration file
net,Netlist output file
net,netViz Project File
neta,Netica Binary File
netcdf,Network Common Data Form
neu,Pro/Engineer Neutral File
new,Text Document
new,New Information
news,NeWS bitmap image
news,Newsgroup f
nez,Emulator file used for game consoles
nf,Cvip nf_help file
nfb,Nokia Backup File
nfc,Nokia PC Suite Content Copier File
nff,Neutral File Format
nfg,Newsbin config file
nfo,Information File
nft,NetObjects Fusion Template file
nfx,Netobjects Fusion Components BBScomp File
ng,Online documentation database
ngb,Nonogram puzzle
ngd,NimbleGen Gene Description
ngg,Nokia Group Graphics image format
ngl,Sheffield dictionary file
ngo,NG linker object
ngp,NimbleGen Project
ngs,NG compiler source
nhf,Nero HFS
ni,Netobjects fusion Preview file
nib,Corel Graphics10 Photopoint file
nick,Outlook 2000 Nickname File
nif,Binary hardware network initialisation file
niff,Bitmap image
nil,Icon Library file
nim,Game File
nisi,Nisus NISI text
nitf,National Imagery Transmission Format
nix,REF file
njb,Nikon Photo Index File
njx,NJStar Document
nk2,Outlook 2002 Nickname File
nki,KONTAKT Instrument File
nl,Norton Desktop Icon Library
nld,WINXP SYSTEM32 file
nlm,Loadable Module
nlm,Logo File
nlo,NetG Skill Builder
nlp,Newsletter Profi 2001
nls,Code Page National Language Support
nltrack,NoLimits Roller Coaster Track File
nl_,WIN32S compressed file
nmgf,2D Graphic
nmind,NovaMind Mind Map File
nmk,Oc2.316s cakit file
nml,News Markup Language
nmp,Neopaint Mask image format
nmw,Netmeeting T126 Compatable Whiteboard Document
nn,Nero CD File List
nod,NetObjects Fusion File
noiserun,NoiseRunner format
nol,Nokia Operator Logo
non,NONogram puzzle
not,Musical Notation File
note,WordPerfect help document
notebook,SMART Notebook File
notes,Memento Notes File
noteworthy,Noteworthy 2 File Format
novs,NetWare Control Center
now,ReadMe Text File
np,Project Schedule File
np,Portfolio NetPublish File
npd,Noder File
npdt,Note Pad File
npe,NVIDIA nTUNE Overclock Profile Settings
npf,NTI Backup
npf,Samsung PC Studio Phonebook Backup File
npi,Source for interpreter
npl,Nokia Playlist File
npm,Corel Graphics10 Draw media lines file
npr,Lotus Notes Reporter File
npr,Nuendo Project
nps,Lotus Agenda File
npt,Portfolio NetPublish Template
nqst,SoundEdit 16 v.2
nra,Nero Audio
nrb,Nero CD
nrf,Data file
nrf,Notes Redirect File
nrg,Norton Registration Entries
nrg,Nero CD/DVD Image
nrh,Nero Hybrid CD
nri,iManage infoRite document hyperlinks
nrl,Interwoven Document Hyperlinks File
nrm,Nero Mixed
nrs,NovaBACKUP Restore Script
nrt,Nokia RingTone
nru,Nero UDF/ISO CD
nrv,Nero Video
ns2,Lotus Notes v2 Database
ns3,Lotus Notes v3 Database
ns4,Lotus Notes v4 Database
ns5,Lotus Notes v5 Database
nsa,Nullsoft Streaming Audio File
nsbca,Nintendo DS Model Animation
nsbmd,Nintendo DS Model
nsbtx,Nintendo DS Model Texture
nsc,Netscape Conference Call
nsd,Norton System Doctor Configuration
nsf,Lotus Notes Database
nsg,Lotus Notes file
nsh,Lotus Notes file
nsi,Symantec Shared file
nsis,Compressed Archive File
nsl,Nokia Logo File
nso,NetStudio Document file
nspl,Netscape Plug
nsq,NScheduler Data File
nss,Norton ScreenSaver module
nst,Music module
nsu,NVIDIA nTune Saved Profile Settings.
nsv,Nullsoft streaming video file
nsx,Compound index file of uccessWare SIX 3.00
nsx,Lotto Pro Winnings File
nt,Windows NT Startup File
nt0,Adressmn file
nt1,Adressmn file
nt2,Adressmn file
nt3,Adressmn file
ntc,Nikon Capture Custom Curves
ntf,Lotus Notes Database Template
nth,ImageMagick VisualMagick jbig file
nth,Nokia Theme Studio File
ntn,NOTION Song File
ntp,Mediaface Design Software Image Library v1.2
ntr,Executable ASCII text file
ntrk,Pacific Fighters Online Track
nts,Norton Tutorial
ntx,Index File
ntz,InVircible antivirus blueprint
nt_,VFW compressed file
nu4,Norton Utilities Dll root file
nu6,Norton utility system Dll file
nuf,Message for new users
nug,.nugthat Player Nugget File
null,NULL image
num,Dos7 file
numbers,Numbers Spreadsheet File
nup,Smart Security Update File
nurbs,3D Graphic / Spatial data
nut,Lucas Arts Animation
nvc,NeroVision Express Project File
nvc,Nikon Vignette Correction File
nvd,Aolpress Help file
nvl,UniChem Results File
nvm,Aolpress Help file
nvr,NeverForget Reminder File
nw3,Netware.3x file
nw4,Netware.4x file
nwc,Noteworthy Composer Song File
nwctxt,NoteWorthy Composer 2 Text File
nwm,Sony NWM Display Screen File
nwp,File Type Associated With ‘Noteworthy Player’.
nws,Newsgroup Article Message File
nwut,NetWare Tools
nwv,Dragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive
nw_,Midiprg Noteworthy compressed file
nxg,eSite Builder NXG Web Page
nxt,NeXT Font sound
nx^2,WriteNow 3
nx^d,WriteNow Document
nx^d,Write Now 2 file
nx^n,WriteNow File
nx__,WriteNow 4 Document
ny,Nyquist Plug
nyf,myBase Database File
nym,Sheffield dictionary file
nz,Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
nzb,NewzBin File
nzht,Hotline Client Data
o,Object file
o01,Typhoon Voice File
o2c,AMglossar images file
o3dtgz,O3D TGZ GZipped File
o8o,Mediator5 Repositorytabs Vorlagen.006 file
oab,MS Outlook Address Book
oas,Word processor document
oaz,NetFax Manager Fax File
ob,Object cut/paste file
ob!,Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download
ob$,Microsoft Compressed Object
obd,Binder template
obe,System Dll Oobe file
obi,Outlook RSS Subscription File
obj,Relocatable Object Code
obj,Lightwave 3D Object
obj_,Object File
obk,OrCAD Capture Design/Library
obr,Object browser data file
obt,MS Office Binder Template
obv,Visual interface
obz,Binder Wizard
oca,Visual Basic control typelib cache
oca,OLE Custom Control Library Information
ocdc,Mathematica Document
ocf,Object craft file
ocm,Netscape Communicator Aim file
ocp,Advanced Art Studio image format
ocr,FAXGrapper Fax
oct,Musical file
ocx,Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding Custom Cont
oc_,Doko Compressed Install File
od1,Omnis5 Database File
od2,Omnis5 Database File
od3,Omnis5 Database File
oda,Used with OCX
oda,Raster image
oda,ODA document
odc,Office Data Connection
odc,OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument Chart
ode,Microsoft Office file
odf,Open Document Interchange Format
odg,OpenDocument Drawing
odh,Object Definition Head
odi,OpenDocument Image
odif,Open Document Interchange Format
odl,Type library source
odm,OpenDocument Master Document
odm,OverDrive Media File
odp,OpenDocument Presentation
ods,Outlook Express Mailbox file
odt,Virtual Reality Explorer Kit Object File Format
odt,OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument
odvi,LaTeX Filea Documentactex
odx,BizTalk Server Orchestration File
od_,Oracle driver
oeaccount,Windows Media Account
oeb,Outlook Express Backup Wizard File
oecl,Microsoft Database Cache
oedb,Microsoft Email Databas
oem,Sb_awe keys Sb_nt file
of,Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
ofc,Open Financial Connectivity File
ofd,Form definition
off,Object File
ofl,OtsAV PlayList File
ofm,PostScript Font Description
ofm,Embroidery Design File
ofn,FileNew file
oft,Outlook Template
ofx,Olicom Fax Image Format
oga,Ogg Vorbis Audio
ogc,Organica doc
ogg,Ogg Vorbis Codec Compressed WAV File
ogl,Overlay source code
ogl,Objective Grid Layout
ogle,Picture Viewer
ogm,Ogg Vorbis Compressed Video File
ogm,Origin Matrix File
ognc,Dynamic Web Page
ogs,Origin LabTalk Script File
ogv,Ogg Vorbis Video
ogx,OGG Vorbis Multiplexed Media File
ohp,Dos7 file
ohs,Outbound History
oid,Object Interaction Diagram
oif,QuickBase Web
oil,Open Image Library Format image format
ojp,3WayPack File
ok,QEDIT file
okr,Feldeinteilung module file
okt,Music module
ola,Online Access File
olb,Object Library
olb2,CanOpener Library
old,Backup File
ole,Object Linking and Embedding
oli,Text file
olk,Microsoft Mail Mailbag Lock
oln,MS Visual C++ Outline examples
olt,MS Visual C++ Outline examples
oltb,OLE Types
ol_,green_line file
oma,Sony OpenMG Music File
omcs,Office Manager Access File
omd,Class model
omf,Avid video editor interchange data
omg,OpenMG Audio File
omo,OMake Object File
omp,Office Manager Document Archive
omx,OtsAV Media Library Information File
omx,OtsTurntables Audio Detail File
on,Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
ond,Lotus Notes Memo File
one,OneNote Document
onepkg,Data File
onln,Apple DocViewer File
onpf,Apple DocViewer Prefs
onx,Onyx Graphics Postershop File
oo1,Voice file
oo3,OmniOutliner 3 File
oogl,Object Oriented Graphics Library
oom,Swap file
op,Rescue Disk file
op2,Musplay 1.72 file
opa,Psion OPL object file
opc,Office Upgrade Control File
opd,OmniPage Document
openbsd,OpenBSD Readme File
opengl,OpenGL Web site
opf,FlipViewer FlipBook File
opf,Open eBook File
opj,Project file
opl,Organiser Programming Language source file
opml,Outline Processor Markup Language
opn,Active options
opn,FileOPEN Document Rights Management File
opo,Output executable file
ops,Microsoft Office Profile Settings File
opt,Developer Studio file
opt,Optimize support file
opw,Organization chart
opx,Office Organisation Chart
op_,GKSetup support file
oqy,MS Excel OLAP Query File
or2,IBM Lotus Organizer
or3,IBM Lotus Organizer
or4,IBM Lotus Organizer
or5,IBM Lotus Organizer
or6,IBM Lotus Organizer
or8,Rational Rose Oracle8 database model report
ora,Parameter file
ora,Configuration file
ora,MyPaint Open Raster Drawing File
ord,Bc45 Owl file
ore,3WayPack File
orf,A RAW Image File
org,Lotus Organiser File
org2+,Lotus Organiser File
ori,Original File
orig,Gen original file
original,Netobjects fusion Components Bbscomp message file
oro,3WayPack File
ort,Rich Text Editor Document
orx,RadiantOne VDS Database Schema
os2,Os2 System file
os3,Os2 Warp3 file
osax,Scripting Additionanlosax
osc,Fruitypro Samples Ss_effects file
osd,driver file
osf,Dist Bin file
osp,CWCDATA file
osp,Open Stages Scenery File
oss,Search file
ost,Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Offline File
osz,OSU Beatmap File
ota,OTA Bitmap
otan,Open Transport
otb,Nokia Over The Air Bitmap
otc,OpenDocument Chart Template
otf,OnkoS Text Data File
otf,OpenType Font Format
otf,OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument Formula Template
otg,OpenDocument Graphic Template
otgl,Open Transport Prefs File
oth,MS Power Toys Explorer tool
oti,OpenDocument Image Template
otl,Outline font description
otl,Template file
otln,Opal Outline File
otnc,Open Transport Prefs File
otp,Origin File
ots,OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
ots,OtsAV Album File
otsl,Open Transport Library
ott,OpenDocument Text Document Template
otx,Text file
out,Output file
outlook97,Outlook97 mail format for custom mail
ov,Database file
ov0,Objective Voice E
ov1,Overlay file
ov2,Overlay file
ova,Octava Musical Score
ove,Cakewalk Overture Score
ovf,Object Vision
ovf,Open Virtualization File
ovg,ObjectVision converted graphic file
ovl,Overlay file
ovl,Motorola Radio Programming File
ovm,Bhv Tonstudio Platin file
ovr,Overlay file
ovw,Cubase WAVE File Overview
owl,Bc45 Owl file
ows,Oxford dictionary
oxr,Virus Safe Web Driver
oxt,Audio mod OXX
oxt, Extension
oyx,Approach Alternate Database Index
oyz,Lotus Approach alternate dBASE index
ozm,Sharp Organizer memo bank
ozp,Sharp Organizer Telephone Bank
p,Applause Picture
p,Cliq Accessories Datebook Permissions
p,Pascal Source Code
p,Progress 4GL Program
p00,C64 emulator file
p01,IsoBuster File
p10,Tektronix Plot 10 Drawing
p10,Certificate Request
p12,Personal Information Exchange File
p16,16 Channel Music file
p21,Express Step Data Model
p22,Patch file
p2p,FolderShare Placeholder File
p2z,Compressed Poser Pose File
p3,Project Planner file
p3d,3D Graphic
p3p,Platform for Privacy Preferences
p3t,PlayStation 2 Theme File
p64,Picasso 64 image format
p65,PageMaker Document File
p7b,PKCS #7 Certificate
p7c,PKCS #7 Certificate
p7m,Internet Digital ID
p7m,PKCS #7 MIME Message
p7r,Certificate Request Response
p7s,PKCS #7 Digitally Signed Message
p96,Win96 Database File
p97,Win97 Database File
pa,Print Artist Project file
pa3,Turbo Pascal Dos file
pa4,Turbo Pascal Dos file
pa5,Turbo Pascal Dos file
pab,Personal Address Book
pac,Package file
package,Linux Autopackage File
package,The Sims 2 Package File
pact,Compact Pro Archive
pact,Compactor data file
pact,Archive created by Compactor Pro
pad,Keypad definition
pae,Projet Personal AVI Editor
pae,PowerArchiver Encrypted Archive File
paf,Personal Ancestry File
paf.exe, Program File
pag,Visual Basic property PAGe file
pages,Pages Document
pak,Compressed Archive File
pak,WAD file
pal,A compressed file
pal,Color palette
pam,Tonline Ob4hbci Smartupdate file
pan,Printer specific file
pando,Pando File
pane,Preferences Pane
panl,CodeWarrior Prefs Panel
pap,Tree Professional Palm Creator Image File
pap,Corel Painter Texture File
paq,Password encrypted zip file
paq6,PAQ6 Data Archive
paq7,PAQ7 Data Archive
paq8,PAQ8 Data Archive
par,Windows 3.x Swap File
par2,Parchive 2 Index File
param,Kosima scripts file
part,Partial Download File
part1,Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
part2,Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
partimg,Partimage File
pas,Pascal Source Code
pat,Hatch pattern file
pat,Pattern file
pat,Patch file
pat,Warcraft2 exe Patch utility
patch,Gen patch file
pattern,Photoline5 Defaults file
pb,Phone book
pb,Setup file
pba,Source code file
pba,Allen Bradley Panel Builder File
pba,PersonalBrain XML
pbb,MS Mail Address Information File
pbd,Phone book
pbd,Dynamic Library
pbf,Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
pbh,PowerBasic Help file
pbi,Include file
pbi,Profiler binary input file
pbk,Microsoft Phonebook
pbl,Library file used in a development environment
pbl,PowerBasic library
pbm,Portable Bitmap Graphic File
pbm,Planar bitmap graphic
pbmv,Portable Bitmap file
pbn,Portable Bridge Notation file
pbo,Profiler binary output
pbp,Perl Builder file
pbp,Sony Playstation Portable
pbproj,Project Builder Project
pbr,Resource file
pbs,Paint Shop Pro Presets file
pbt,Profiler binary table
pbu,Powerbasic units
pbv,Paint Shop Pro Presets file
pc,Text file
pc1,Atari Degas Image / Bitmap graphics
pc2,Atari Degas Image / Bitmap graphics
pc3,AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File
pc5,Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
pc6,PowerCADD 6 Drawing File
pc7,PowerCADD 7 Drawing File
pc8,Ascii text IBM8 character set
pc?,2D Graphic
pca,PCAnywhere Registry Backup file
pcap,Packet Capture
pcap,WireShark Network Analysis File
pcast,iTunes Podcast file format
pcb,Application data file
pcc,Cutout picture vector graphics
pcd,ImagePac Photo CD
pcd,Visual Test
pcd,Images CD Creator Corel Adaptec
pcd,Kodak Image File
pcd2,Pfaff Creative Designer 2 for Windows
pce,Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames
pcf,Pixel Coordination Format
pcf,Cisco VPN Client Configuration
pcfa,DOS Executable
pcfl,SoftWindows Binary
pcg,Graphics file
pch,Patch File
pci,PCI Miniport file
pcj,Multimedia authoring tool graphics
pcl,Printer Control Language file
pcm,Audio file
pcm,PCM file
pcmod,PC Model chemical modeller input file
pcn,Paint Shop Pro Presets file
pcp,Live Update Pro file
pcp,Plotter Configuration File
pcq,Pfaff Creative Designer for Windows
pcr,PCR Graphic Image
pcr,image format
pcs,Picture storage file
pct,Macintosh PICT Drawing
pctl,PageMaker Reg File
pcv,MozBackup Mozilla Profile Backup
pcw,Text file
pcx,PC Paintbrush Bitmap Image
pcx_,PCX Graphic
pd,Paradox table
pd,Male Normal CT image format
pd3,3DS Max
pd4,Windows Live! Photo Gallery Information
pd5,Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
pda,Bitmap graphic file
pdas,PDAStore Data Store File
pdb,Pegasus DataBase
pdb,3Com Palmpilot Database File
pdb,Tact File
pdb,QuickPOS Database File
pdb,Program Database
pdc,Encrypted PDC File
pdd,Adobe Photoshop Image Document
pde,Principalm Student Information Extract
pdf,Portable Document Format
pdf_,Portable Documente Filpdf
pdf_,Acrobat files
pdf_,Acrobat files
pdg,Print Shop Deluxe
pdg,SSReader eBook
pdi,MS Powerpoint IMPORT/EXPORT File
pdi,IBM VideoTex
pdl,Project description language file
pdm,Physical model file
pdn,Paint.NET Image
pdo,Access Package Deployment Script
pdp,Print Shop Deluxe file
pdq,Flowcharting PDQ Lite file
pdr,Windows Port Driver
pdr,Symbian OS Printer Resource File
pds,NASA Planetary Data System
pds,PDS Graphic
pds,Telsis HiCall Program File
pds,PowerDirector Project File
pdt,Database file
pdv,Printer driver
pdvr,QuickDraw GX Drive
pdx,Paradox Configuration File
pdx,ProCite Database Keys
pdx,Acrobat Acrobat Catalog Index
pdx,Adobe PageMaker Printer Description
pd_,Visc15 Images Setup file
pe3,Image archive file
pe4,Image archive file
pea,PEAch text file
pea,PeaZip Compressed Archive File
peb,Program Editor bottom overflow file
ped,Program Editor delete save file
pef,A RAW Image File
peg,Peggle Deluxe Replay File
pegn,Peggle Nights Replay File
pegw,Peggle World Of Warcraft Replay File
pegx,Peggle Extreme Replay File
pem,Program Editor macro
pen,Paint Shop Pro Presets file
pep,TurboProject Project File
peq,Program Editor print queue file
per,Program Editor resident area file
perl,Perl source file
pes,Program Editor work space file
pet,Program Editor top overflow file
pex,Proboard Executable Program File
pf,Encrypted file
pf,Windows XP prefetch file
pfa,PostScript Printer Font ASCII File
pfb,PostScript Printer Font Binary File
pfc,PF Component file
pfc,Text file
pfc,AOL Personal File Cabinet File
pfd,SoftPro Real Estate Proform Document Format
pfe,Programmers File Editor
pff,Paraform file for 3D modeling
pfk,XTree Programmable function keys
pfl,Family Lawyer Document
pfl,PhotoFiltre Plugin
pfm,Printer Font Metrics
pfp,Panorama Factory project file
pfr,PaintShop Pro File
pfs,Database text file
pft,Printer font
pfw,Symantec Shared Liveadvisor file
pfx,Personal Information Exchange File
pfx,First Choice Word Processing Document
pf_,Midiprg Encore compressed file
pg,Page cut/paste file
pga,Solitaire Aztec Peg backup
pga,IBM Professional Graphics Adapter image
pgb,Rayman2 file
pgc,Portfolio Graphics Compressed image format
pgc,Egypt Solitaire back
pgd,Pretty Good Privacy
pge,Solitaire Peg back
pgf,Progressive Graphics File
pgi,Printer graphics file device driver
pgi,Video Recording Information File
pgl,Plotter drawing
pgm,Portable Graymap File Format
pgm,Program file
pgn,Portable game notation file
pgp,Pretty Good Privacy Key/Signature File
pgp,TBAV File
pgp,Program Parameter
pgp,AutoCAD Program Parameter
pgr,Pretty Good Privacy
pgs,Manual page
pgt,Menu File
pgx,Visual Basic binary property page file
pg_,Midiprg Improve compressed file
ph,Temporary file generated by Microsoft Help Compile
ph,Optimized .goh file
ph,Perl header file
phb,ArcSoft PhotoBase picture file
phd,PolyHedra Database
phd,PC Help Desk File
phe,WinChess game record
phm,Pro Home Data File
phn,Phone list
pho,Phone database
php,MS Picture It! Publishing Project File
php,PhotoParade Slideshow
php,Hypertext Preprocessor
pht,Partial Hypertext File or see below phtml
phtm,HTML page that includes a PHP script
phtml,HTML with embedded PHP script
phy,Spicemod Asic file
ph_,C Poet compressed Disk1 file
pi,Image Japan PI
pi,Blazing Paddles image format
pi$,Compressed PIF File
pi1,Low resolution picture file
pi2,Portrait Innovations Picture File
pi3,High resolution picture file
pi4,Atari Degas
pi5,Atari Degas
pi6,Atari Degas
pi?,2D Graphic
pic,Lotus Picture
pic,PC Paint Bitmap
pic,Macintosh PICT Drawing
pic,QuickTime Picture
picio,PIXAR picture file
picnc,Houdini 3D Compositing Image
pics,PICT Animation
pict,Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
pict1,Image Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT
pictclipping,OS X Picture Clipping File
pictor,PC Paint image file
pie,Pie.Application open with
pif,Program Information File
pif,IBM PIF Drawing
pig,WAD file
pim,PIM Compressed Archive File
pim,Ultimate Draw
pim,PixMaker Project File
pim,personal information manager file
pin,Data file
pins,Password file of the program PINs
pip,Bitmap Picture
piqt,Quicktime still
pis,PS2DIS Project File
pit,PackIt Compressed Macintosh Archive
piv,Pivot Stickfigure Animation
pix,Alias image file
pixar,PIXAR picture file
piz,Zipped File
pi_,Compressed Pic file
pj,Source Integrity file
pj4,electric quilt
pj4,DAVKA PJ4 Hebrew Document File
pj5,electric quilt
pj5,DAVKA PJ5 Hebrew Document File
pjl,ProCite Term Lists and Journal Title Lists
pjl,Printer Job Language File
pjp,Image JPEG /MIME
pjpeg,Image JPEG /MIME
pjt,Visual FoxPro Memo File
pjx,Visual FoxPro Project File
pjxl,HP PaintJet XL PCL graphics file
pk,Packed bitmap font file
pk2,Silkroad Online Game Data File
pk3,American McGee Alice Archive
pk3,Quake III Engine PAK File
pk3,Return to Castle Wolfenstein PAK File
pk3,Medal of Honor
pk4,Compressed Pack
pka,Compressed Archive File
pka,Cisco Packet Tracer Activity File
pkd,Turbo Pascal Dos compressed Batch file
pkf,Encryption Key File
pkg,Developer Studio application extension
pkg,Installer script
pkg,Mac OS X Installer Package
pkg,Sony PlayStation Package File
pkg_,Newton Package
pkh,Oracle Package File
pko,PublicKey Security Object
pkp,Msdev Common Ide Pakage Project file
pkr,Public Keyring
pks,Oracle Package Spec File
pkt,Packet Tracer Network Simulation File
pkz,Winoncd Images Mask file
pl,Perl Script
pl,Prolog Source Code
pl,Harvard Palette
pl,TeX Font Metrics
pl0,3D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan
pl1,Room plan
pl2,3D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan
pl3,Chart palette
pl4,Micrografx Designer Palette
pla,ArchiCAD Archive
pla,Playlist File
place,Placeholder file
plasma,Plasma fractal image
platform,Topsy file
player,The player 4.0
player,player 6.1 formats music/sound
playlist,PowerDVD Playlist
playset,Souptoys Playset File
plb,Library file
pld,PLD2 Source File
pld,PhotoDeluxe PhotoLine image document
ple,Messenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File
plex,Visual Perl file
plg,Microsoft HTML Form
plh,Paint Shop Pro Presets file
pli,Data description file
plist,Mac OS X Property List File
plk,Op9630 Am32 file
pln,ArchiCAD Project File
plot,Unix Plot
plr,Pilot file
pls,Shoutcast File
pls,PlayList File
pls,Perl Script
plsc,Messenger Plus! Live Script File
plsk,Messenger Plus! Live Skin Pack
plt,Plot drawing
pltn,Appearance Theme
plugin,Mac OS X Application Plug
plw,PicoLog Data File
plx,PERL programming language script
ply,Data file
ply,Presentation screen
plz,Presentation LOTUS Freelance
pm,Bitmap graphic file
pm5,PageMaker Document
pm6,PageMaker 6 Document
pm?,PageMaker Document
pma,Windows NT Performance Monitor Alert
pmb,Picture; Bitmap/tbv
pmb,Polar Monitor Bitmap Image File
pmc,Windows NT Performance Monitor Chart
pmc,A4Tech Scanner Image
pmd,Adobe PageMaker 7.x file
pmdh,Pegasus Mai
pme,Plazmic Media Engine File
pmf,Movie File
pmg,Paint Magic image format
pmg,Pagemaker Group File
pmi,Pegasus Mail Message Folder Index File
pmj,3D Digital Scanner File
pmjx,3D Digital Scanner File
pml,Windows NT Performance Monitor Log File
pml,PADGen Program Information
pml,Pegasus Mail Distribution List
pmm,Program file
pmp,VideoCraft GIF Animator Project
pmr,Windows NT Performance Monitor Report
pmt,Photomodeler Lite Tutorials file
pmw,Windows NT Performance Monitor Workspace
pmx,PageMaker document
pm_,Midiprg Musicato Musicat.zit compressed file
pn3,Printer device driver
pna,PhatNoise Audio File
pnc1,Norton Utilities
pnch,RealPlayer Channel
pnd,DATAIR Pension System Pending File
pndd,Norton Disk Doctor
pnde,Norton Disk Edi
pnf,Windows Precompiled Setup Information
pnfc,FileSaver Data File
pnfd,Norton FileSaver Data
pnff,Norton Fast Find
pnfl,Norton Floppier
pnfv,Norton FileSaver Volume
pnfx,Norton FileSaver Index
png,Portable Network Graphics
pngf,PNG Imagereionente Fippng
png_,PNG Imagereionente Fippng
pnl,PaNeL file
pnm,Portable aNY Map graphics
pnnb,Norton Backup
pnne,Norton Encrypt
pnnu,Norton Utilities
pnproj,Programmer’s Notepad Project File
pnpt,Programmer’s Notepad Project Template
pnra,RealPlayer Filente Fippra
pnrm,RealPlayer Filente Fipprm
pns,Popnoggin Subject File
pns,Pelco PNS CCTV Video File
pnsd,Norton Speed Disk
pnsi,Norton System Info
pnst,RealAudio Preference File
pnt,MacPaint Graphic File
pntg,MacPaint Graphic File
pnue,Norton Open Unerase
pnvr,Norton Open Volume Recov
pnwi,Norton Wipe Info
pnz,Panorama Database Set
po,CONFIG 915E file
poa,Fifa World Cup game data fe art Legalscr file
pob,Punch! 3D CAD Graphic File
poc,PocoScript File
poco,Apple Guide
pof,Descent Robot Definition File
pog,PIG file extension
poh,Optimized .goh file
pok,ZX SPECTRUM emulator
pol,Windows NT Policy file
pol,3D polygonal modeling file
policy,Javasoft Jre 1.3 lib security file
pool,TeX messages file
pop,Popup file
pop,Message index
por,Painter4 file
pos,QuickPOS IIF File
pos,ProCite Output Styles
postal,TomTom Postal Code File
pot,MS PowerPoint Template
potm,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
potx,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
pov,Persistence of Vision file
pow,Chord chart
power,Goo Picture Library
pp,Compressed Amiga archive
pp$,Modem Bitware Fax disk6 file
pp2,Poser Prop File
pp2,PingPlotter Data File
pp5,Micrografx Picture Publisher file
ppa,PowerPoint Add
ppam,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
ppb,Button bar for print preview
ppd,PostScript Printer Definition File Specification
ppf,Pinnacle Program File
ppi,MS PowerPoint Graphics File
ppl,PolaroidPalettePlus ColorKey device driver
ppl,Free Pascal
ppm,Portable Pixelmap bitmap
ppm,Flipnote Studio Animation File
ppm_b,Nokia PPM Flash File
ppot,PowerPoint Template
ppp,Serif Page Plus Project File
ppp9,PowerPoint Wizard
pps,Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show
pps,Paint Shop Pro Image
ppsm,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
ppss,PowerPoint Slide ShowFppt
ppsx,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
ppt,Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
ppt3,PowerPoint v3 Presentation File
pptm,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
pptv,PowerPoint Viewer
pptx,Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation
ppu,Free Pascal Compiled Unit File
ppw,Micrografx Picture Publisher wizard
ppx,Serif PagePlus Publication
ppx,SASIxp Print Preview File
ppz,PowerPoint Packaged Presentation
ppz9,PowerPoint Wizard
pq,Adobe Pagemaker Default Printer Style
pqb,Master boot backup file
pqf,Corel Presentations Runtime
pqg,Rescue Me Os2dos file
pqhero,Puzzle Quest Saved Game
pqi,PowerQuest Drive Image File
pqw,Corel Presentations Runtime
pqx,Power Quest Drive Image Index
pr1,Packrat 4.0
pr2,Printer driver
pr3,Postscript printer driver
prb,xyAlgebra Probabilities File
prc,3Com Palmpilot Resource File
prc,Corel Presentations Palette
prd,Printer driver
prdg,Elastic Reality Project
pref,Preference File
prefpane,Mac OS X System Preference Pane
prel,Premiere Elements Project
prep,AMBER PREP chemical modeller input file
prer,Printer Driver
pres,Chooser Extension
prf,Macromedia Director Settings File
prf,Outlook Profile
prfl,Netscape User Profile
prg,Program source files
prg,Program file
prh,HomeSite 3.0 Project
prh,Cold Fusion Studio 3.1 Project
pri,Printer definitions
prj,AIMMS Project File
prk,CampgroundMaster/ResortMaster Database
prl,seldom used for .pl
prl,Paint Shop Pro Presets file
prm,MYOB Premier file
prm,Parameter file
prn,Print Table
prn,Windows Printer file
prn,Printer driver
prn,Text file
prnd,PageMaker 7.0 file
pro,Source code file
pro,Configuration file
pro,Graphics profile file
pro,Project file
pro,Punch! Home Design File
product,Norton Ghost file
prof,MW Profiler
prof,Metrowerks Profile
prof,ColorSync Profile
profiles,Amaya config file
profimail,ProfiMail Settings File
prog,CD Remote Program File
prog,Cakewalk Sonar Beatscape Preset Program File
proj,THINK Project
proj,Localized Project
promizer,Promizer v0.1/v1.0c/v1.8a/v2.0/v4.0 formats
propdesc,Microsoft Property Description File
properties,Netscape Communicator java classes file
proto,Windows Amaya File
proto,Protocol Buffer Document Type Definition File
prp,Data conversion saved project file
prproj,Premiere Pro Project
prr,Perfect Resume
prs,Harvard Presentation File
prs,Printer resource font file
prs,Procedure file
prs1,Persuasion 2 Presentation
prs2,Persuasion 2 Presentation
prst,Photoshop Settings File
prt,Printer Output File
prt,Printer driver
prt,Part file
prt,Unigraphics CAD file
prt1,Persuasion 1 Slide
prt2,Persuasion 2
prv,Internet provider template file
prv,VUE Collection Database File
prvkr,Pretty Good Privacy
prw,Artlantis Shader Preview File
prx,Compiled program
prz,Graphics file
ps,Postscript Formatted File
ps,PostScript File
ps0,PS/2 file
ps1,Windows PowerShell Cmdlet
ps16,Protracker Studio 16 Format
psa,Photoshop Album
psar,PSP Update File
psb,Sound Bank file
psb,Adobe Photoshop Large Image Document
psc,Paint Shop Pro Presets file
psd,Adobe Photoshop Image Document
pse,Bitmap graphic file
pseg,IBM printer Page SEgment
psf,Chiwriter PostScript Printer Font
psf,PhotoStudio Graphic
psg,Page Segment File
psh,Photodex Slide Show
psi2,Works 2
psi2,MS Works 2.0 PSI2_text
psid,Sidtune file formats
psid,Picture / text
psid,ascii file
psion,Psion a
psip,MS Works 1.1 PSIP_text
psk,Unreal Engine Skeletal Mesh
psl,Accellera Property Specification Language Source Code File
psm,Studio module
psm,Sound data file
psm,Symbol table of IDE
psm,Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design File
psn,Sound Script
psp,Paint Shop Pro Image
psp,CodeWright Project Space File
psp,Prodea Synergy
psp,Project Scheduler Planning File
pspimage,Paint Shop Pro Image
pspt,Apple File Exchange
psq,Postscript Grafic
psr,Report file
pss,Adobe Type Manager PostScript stub
pst,Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File
pst,Ulead Pattern
psv,Playstation 2 Save File
psw,MS WinXP Password Backup File
psw,Paint Shop Pro Straw Wall Preset
psw,Print Shop Deluxe File
psw,Pocket Word Document
psx,Dirty Little Helper Chat File
psy,PLD2 System File
psz,Creaf Awedip Doc file
pt,Pop!site; HTML
pt,Player Tools game crack
pt,Pitch Track sound
pt,Kodak Precition Color Management System
pt3,Device driver
pt5,PageMaker 5 Template
pt6,PageMaker 6 Doc Template
ptb,Peachtree backup file
ptb,Script file
ptb,Table file
ptc,Abbyy Finereader 5.0 pro file
ptd,LiveNote Portable Transcript document
ptd,Table file
pte,Picture to Exe Project file
ptf,LiveNote Portable Transcript file
ptf,ProTracker Tennis Match file
ptf,Sony PSP Theme File
pth,PlayStation PSP Theme File
ptif,Pyramid encoded TIFF
ptk,Quicken Intuit Online Data File
ptl,Petal file
ptl,Corrupt File
ptm,Music module
ptn,PaperPort Thumbnail
ptp,C Poet Examples Advanced file
ptr,QWK reader pointer file
pts,Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
ptt,Context4 DOS Print File
ptu,Performer Terrain Utilities
ptx,RealLegal Portable E
pty,Rational Rose 98
pt__,Kodak Precision File
pub,Microsoft Publisher Document
pub,PGP Public Key Ring
pub,Ventura Publisher Document
pub,Aldus PageMaker Document
pub,First Publisher Document
pub,The Sims Family Data
pubf,PageMaker 2 Document
pubkr,Pretty Good Privacy
pud,Map file
puf,Puffer Encrypted File
pul,Dinfo file
pup,PlayStation 3 Update File
pup,Puppy Linux DotPup Installer Package
put,Compressed Archive File
puz,AcrossLite Crossword Puzzle FileAcrossLite
puz,BrainsBreaker Puzzle
puz,Across puzzle
puzz,X11 Puzzle
puzzle,X11 Puzzle
pv,Phase Vocorder
pvc,Panasonic VM1 Voice File
pvd,Script file
pve,GoBeProductive Document
pvg,Ms Encarta World Atlas Pushpins
pvj,ProofVision Job Ticket File
pvk,Msdev Common Ide resources file
pvl,Instalit Library File
pvl,Motorola Phone Photo
pvm,Parallel Virtual Machine
pvm,HP Photo Album
pvm,Photo Video Index File
pvr,Starview PVR Video File
pvr,POWERVR Texture File
pvs,Parallels Desktop Configuration File
pvt,Local pointlist
pvtu,Visualization Toolkit Parallel Unstructured Points
pw,Text file
pwa,Password Agent File
pwc,PictureTaker File
pwd,Word document
pwd,Print Workshop Design File
pwf,ProCite Workforms
pwi,Word Mobile Document
pwl,Password list file
pwn,Pawn Source Code
pwp,Image file
pwp,Text document
pwrep,Password Repository File
pwrk,Image Apple IIGS
pws,Print Workshop Image
pwz,PowerPoint wizard
px,Primary database index
px,Pixel image format
px1,Image Pixel Paint
pxa,Pixia Color Painter File
pxa,Image Pegs
pxb,Image Pixibox
pxd,eJay Mixer File
pxe,Partial XML Envelope
pxi,PlexTools CD/DVD File
pxj,Pixtran file
pxl,Microsoft Pocket Excel Spreadsheet
pxm,Pixel Magician native format
pxn,Twain32 file
pxn,Pixtran file
pxp,3D Studio Process file
pxr,Pixar Image File
pxs,Image Pegs
pxt,Nte2000 file
pxt,Microsoft Pocket Excel Template File
pxv,Pixbend Media File
pxw,Pixtran file
py,Saved emessages
py,Python Script file
pyc,Python Compiled script file
pyd,Python Dynamic Module
pym,Python Macro File
pyo,Python Compiled File open with
pyw,Python NoCon File open with
pz,Png file /compressed
pz2,Poser Pose File
pz3,Poser Scene File
pzd,Default settings
pzi,Pizazz Plus Graphics File
pzip,ZIP Archive
pzl,Unix Puzzle
pzl,Lode Runner Puzzle Set
pzm,GraphPad Prism
pzo,Overlay file
pzt,Transfer file
pzx,Swap file
pzz,Curious Labs Compressed Poser File
q,Win95 fax queue
q&amp;a,Questions and answers
q0,Japanese Q0 bitmap image
q08,QuickTax 2008 Tax Return
q09,QuickTax 2009 Tax Return
q1,Winamp file
q1q,LunarCell Photoshop Plug
q2q,Flexify Photoshop Plug
q3d,Quickdraw 3D file
q4q,Solar Cell Photoshop Plug
q5r,Melancholytron Photoshop Plug
q7q,India Ink Photoshop Plug
q8r,Flood Photoshop Plug
q9q,BladePro Graphic Plugin File
q9r,Glitterato Photoshop Plug
q9s,Mr. Contrast Photoshop Plug
qag,Quick Access Group data file
qam,Omnis Quartz Audio Mix
qap,Application file
qbb,QuickBooks Backup File
qbd,Win3 Quicken file
qbe,Saved query
qbk,QuickTax Backup File
qbl,Business Lawyer Document
qbm,Quickbooks Portable Company
qbo,Compiled query
qbo,QuickBooks Web Connect File
qbs,Program file
qbw,QuickBooks Company File
qbx,Win3 Quicken Qbtxsys file
qbx,Intuit de online file
qcb,Combat Flight Simulator Quick Combat Editor File
qcm,3164 Emulator Quick Command File
qcp,Voice File
qcs,CADQC Standard File
qd0,Data file
qd1,Data file segment 1
qd2,Data file segment 2
qd3,Data file segment 3
qd3d,QuickDraw 3D Metafile
qd4,Data file segment 4
qd5,Data file segment 5
qd6,Data file segment 6
qd7,Data file segmnet 7
qd8,Data file segment 8
qd9,Data file segment 9
qda,Quadruple D Archive
qdat,QuickTime Installer Cache File
qdb,Quicken backup file
qdf,Quicken Data file
qdfm,Quicken Data File
qdi,Win3 Quicken file
qdk,Backup of startup files
qdl,QDL Program Code
qdlx,Quicken Deluxe
qdt,Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoices
qdv,Graphics file
qef,Query file
qel,Quicken Electronic Library File
qep,IRMA Wordstation for Windows
qf,Nokia Maps Version File
qfc,Compressed Archive File
qfi,QuickTime Image
qfl,Quicken Family Lawyer Document
qic,Backup File
qif,Quicken Interchange Format
qit,QIT Trojan Horse
qkex,QuicKeys Extension
qkt,Microsoft Works file
ql,QEDIT file
ql$,Compressed QLB File
qlb,Library file
qlp,Printer driver
qm,Motion file
qm4,Option or services file
qma,Qedit file
qmd,Quicken backup file
qmdf,QuickMail Data File
qme,Win3 Quicken Windows file
qmf,Lotus Approach Database Query
qml,Quick Markup Language
qmt,Win3 Quicken Windows file
qnt,Chromeleon Quantification Method
qnx,Win3 Quicken Windows file
qot,Sierra Print Artist quotes
qpb,Quicken Payroll File
qpct,KaleidaGraph Plot
qpd,Win3 Quicken Windows file
qpf,Quartus II Project File
qph,Quicken Price History File
qpi,Win3 Quicken file
qpm,Quick Pallet Maker Input Data
qpr,Generated query program
qpr,Print queue device driver
qpw,Quattro Pro Spreadsheet File
qpx,Foxpro Ordered Query
qpx,QuickTime Player Plug
qqt,Qardware definition file
qrm,Qworum Message File
qrp,QuickReport Report
qrp,Liberty Report File
qrp,COW2000 Report File
qrs,Equation Editor support file
qrt,QRT graphics file
qsc,Pxyl Visuals Chart
qsfl,Check file of the Symantec AV
qsn,QuickScan data
qst,Tab file
qsty,KaleidaGraph Styl
qt,QuickTime Video
qta,Archive; qtar same as tar
qtc,Apple QuickTime Support file
qtch,QuickTime Cache File
qte,Questionnaire Specification Language File
qti,QuickTime Image
qtif,QuickTime Image
qtk,QuickTake digital camera bitmap image
qtl,QuickTime Movie
qtm,Movie file
qtp,QuickTime Preferences
qtr,QuickTime Extension Resource
qts,QuickTime System File
qts,Macintosh PICT Image
qtvr,QuickTime VR
qtx,Quicken Tax Planning Data
qtx,QuickTime Image
qtz,Animation / Graphics File
qu2,QuoVadis 2.0
quad,3D Graphic
que,CuteFTP Queue File
qup,QuickTime Update Package
qw,Write program file
qwb,MS Money Quotes WriteBack Import File
qwk,Message file
qx,Quexal Source Code
qxd,QuarkXpress Data File
qxl,Element library
qxp,QuarkXpress Project File
qxt,Template file
r,Ratfor file
r,Resource file
r#+a,RagTime Classic text file
r#+d,Rag Time 3
r0,WinRAR Compressed Archive
r00,WinRAR Multi
r00 to r99,RAR Compressed File
r01,WinRAR Multi
r02,Split Compressed Archive Part 2
r03,Split Compressed Archive  Part 3
r0c,Fax cover
r0f,Fax document
r0h,Fax header
r1m,RealOne Streaming Media File
r2d,Reflex 2 Data
r30,Split Compressed Archive Part 30
r3d,REDCODE Video File format
r43,Split Compressed Archive  Part 43
r8,Raw graphics
r8?,Microsoft Word for DOS/WordPerfect Font
r8l,LaserJet Landscape Font
r8p,Pcl 4 bitmap font
ra,RealMedia Streaming Audio File
rac,Subtitling file format
rad,Radar ViewPoint  Data File
raf,Fuji RAW image
ral,WinRail Track Design File
ram,RealMedia Metafile
rap,Magix Musstu Rap file
rapp,Adesso Replication Application
rar,WINRAR Archive File
rast,Sun Raster bitmap image
rat,Rating System File
ratdvd,ratDVD DVD Image File
rav,Rave file
rav,Norton Antivirus file
raw,Raw Audio File Format
rax,Image File
rax,Real Music Store Audio File
rb,Fuzzy Rule definition
rbc,Retrospect Backup Catalogue File
rbd,Fuzzy Rule definition
rbd,Retrospect Express Backup File
rbf,Data file
rbh,Help information file
rbi,Adressmn file
rbk,Windows 95 Registry Backup File
rbm,Propellerhead ReBirth Modulation v2.0
rbp,REALbasic Project
rbs,RealiMation 3D Object
rbt,Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Program
rbxl,Roblox Location
rbxm,ROBLOX Model
rc,Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler
rc,Resource Script File
rc2,Ms Developer Studio not editable resources
rc3,Vc98 resources file
rcd,Formula 1 Drivers file
rce,Ntgraph Gui Ctl3d file
rcf,Audiogalaxy Rhapsody Storage file
rcg,Newsgroup file
rcl,Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project
rcproject,iMovie 08 Project
rct,Ms Developer Studio resource template
rcv,Resource Compiler; Resource script
rc_,Winhelp file
rd1,Registered level file
rd2,DATAIR Retirement Document System Custom Text File
rd3,Ray Dream Designer 3 graphics
rd3a,Ray Dream Designer
rd3f,Ray Dream 3 Mode
rd3f,CorelDraw 3D File
rd4,Ray Dream Designer Graphics
rd4a,Ray Dream Studio
rd4f,Ray Dream 4 Model
rd5,Ray Dream Designer Graphics
rdb,Netscape Communicator Aim file
rdev,Chooser Device
rdf,Resource Description Framework file
rdf,Compiled UIC source code
rdf,Research document information format
rdl,Registered Level file
rdo,Xerox Rawster Document Object File
rdp,Remote Desktop Protocol
rds,Ray dream 3d amination
rdv,Ntgraph Borland C 32 file
rdx,Reflex Data File
rdz,RemoteDocs compressed and encrypted file
rea,readme text file
rea,Doc Free Geocom file
readme,Readme Text File
rec,Recorded macro
rec,Voice file
rec,Record file
red,Path information file
ref,Reference file
reg,Registration Data
regi,Kagi Register Program
regs,Netscape Registry
rel,ACT! Alarm Data File
rels,Microsoft Office 2007 Relationships File
rem,Remarks file
ren,Gen. renamed file
renderman,Pixar RenderMan 3.1 specification
reno,Apple Guide
rep,Reply file
rep,Report file
report,Report chemical modeller output file
res,Resource File
resx,Visual Studio resource file
ret,Basic Realizer Careal Caret Samples file
rev,WinRAR Recovery Volume File
rev,FrameMaker Document
rex,Source code file
rex,Report definition
rex,Audio Sample File
rexx,Rexx language source code
rez,Resource file
rf,Raster graphics file
rf1,Retirement Forecast File
rfa,Revit Family File
rfc,Contact Information  Files
rfd,RecogniFORM Form Definition
rfd,FRAMECAD Detailer File
rfg,RFG Integrator System Database
rfh,RFG Integrator Householding Database
rfl,Reason ReFill Sound Bank
rfm,Rich music format
rfo,License And Options Files
rfp,RoboForm Password Database File
rfq,SearchCard Files
rft,Revisable Form Text
rft,Identity Files
rfw,RockChip Firmware
rfx,Modula M2sds file
rfx,Blocking Passcards Files
rgb,VideoCraft GIF
rgb,Silicon Graphics Image
rgb,SGI RGB files
rgb,Bitmap picture
rgba,Silicon Graphics Image
rgdb,Adobe Registration DB
rge,Inno Setup Registry Entries file
rgf,Advanced Registry Tracer
rgh,ZZ RouGH image/tbv
rgn,DDTitle Project
rgo,RepliGo File
rgp,RealArcade Game Package
rgs,Script for Windows Registry
rgx,Symbol tables
rh,Resource header file
rh,Right Hemisphere 3D CAD Drawing File
rhp,Rhino Plug
rhtml,Ruby HTML Web Page
ri,Data file
ria,Alpharel Group IV bitmap
rib,Graphics in Renderman format
ric,Fax document
ric,Lego Mindstorms NXT Image File
richmedia,Norton Guides file
rif,RIFF bitmap graphics
rif,Audio File in WAV format
riff,Recource Interchange File Format bitmap image
riff,Painter Image
rir,Spaceward Satori family native
ris,Hdf Zlib file
rise,Rise Editor Model
rix,Bitmap graphic file
rjs,RealSystem Skin
rk,WinRK File Archive
rkv,RKIVE compressed file archive
rl$,Basic Realizer Disk1 file
rl1,Regestered level file
rl2,Registered level file
rl4,Bitmap graphic file
rl8,Bitmap graphic file
rla,Wavefront raster image
rlb,Data file
rlc,Scanner Graphics File
rlc2,Image Systems RLC2 Graphic image format
rld,Norton Commander 5.0 temporary file
rlf,RichLink compiled format
rlg,Regcleaner Languages file
rll,Basic Realizer Careal file
rll,SQL Server
rlo,Basic Realizer Careal Lib file
rlv,Basic Realizer Careal Clipart file
rlz,Realizer source code file
rm,RealMedia File
rmap,Real Pool Image
rmd, Drawing File
rmf,Rich Map Format
rmf,Acrobat Rights Management Document
rmi,MIDI Music File
rmj,Real Media Jukebox Audio File
rmm,RealMedia audio
rmp,RealAudio audio file
rmp,Map File
rmr,ResumeMaker File
rms,Secure Real Media File
rmt,Router Firmware
rmvb,RealVideo Variable Bit Rate
rmx,RealJukeBox MP3 File
rn,Xpl Program file
rnc,RELAX NG Compact Syntax File
rnc,RNC ProPack Archive
rnd,Rendering slide
rng,Nokia Communicator ringing tone
rng,RELAX NG File
rnk,RMake Make File
rnl,GTX runlength encoded bitmap graphics
rno,Runoff file
rnq,Renque Model File
rns,Reason Song File
rnx,RealPlayer audio
rob,Dllbackup microsoft artgalary file
rod,Actuate Report Object Design File
roff,Unformatted manual page
rog,Roger 2 Input Data File
roi,Report Object Instance
roi,Shark Sales System Data File
rol,FM music Adlib Music file
rom,Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
rona,Graphing Calculato
roq,ID Software Game Video
rot,Rotater 3D image
rou,Gerber Route File
rov,Data file
rox,Actuate Report Object Executable File
rp,RealPix image
rp,Rainbow Painter image format
rp1,Database Text; R&R report file
rp2,RetroPlatform Player Program Archive
rpb,CP Backup report
rpbm,Portable Bitmap image format
rpc,Rich Photorealistic Content
rpf,AutoCAD pattern
rpf,Rich Pixel Format
rpg,The RPG programming language
rpgm,Portable Image
rpi,”Solid free form fabrication” flexible file form
rpj,RealSlideshow Project
rpk,RadLight Media Player Skin
rpl,Text document
rpl,ARMovie Video
rpl,NOKIA RePLy Message File
rpm,Package Manager
rpn,ACT! 2.0 Report
rpnm,Portable Image image format
rppm,Portable Image
rpt,Report File
rpv,Listlabl file
rqy,MS Excel OLE DB Query File
rrf,Musicmatch Jukebox file
rrr,Registry Mechanic Backup File
rrr,Rhapzodé Resource Repository
rrs,Saved game file
rrt,Rhapzodé Resource Template
rs6000,Rs 6000
rsa,PKCS7 signature
rsb,Red Storm bitmap
rsc,Resource file
rsd,Scanner Recognita file
rsd,Roland Sound File
rsd,RealSQL Database File
rset,Extensions Manager Set
rsf,Mediafour MacDrive Macintosh Resource Fork
rsg,Compiled resource header
rsh,3DReshaper Project
rsk,RiskMan Risk Project File
rsl,Paradox 7 reports
rsm,Resume File
rsml,RealSystem ML File
rsn,Propellerhead Reason Audio File
rso,NXT Brick Audio File
rsp,MS ODBC Driver Configuration File
rsp,Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
rsr,4th Dimension Database Resource Fork
rsrc,Resource File
rss,Resource source file
rss,Rich Site Summary
rssc,Claris Resolve Script
rst,reStructuredText File
rsw,R&R SQL Report Writer Report File
rs_,Resource fork file
rt,Behemot 3d Scene Files
rt,Rich Text
rt,RealText Streaming Text File
rt$,Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
rtb,Behemot binary 3d Scene Files
rtc,Rich Text Compressed file
rtcp,Realtime Transport Control Protocol
rtd,RagTime Examples Render File
rte,RTE Encoded File
rte,Navigation Route
rtf,Rich Text Format
rtfd,Rich Text Format Directory File
rtf_,Rich Text Format Filetrtf
rtf_,RTF produced by Microsoft Word
rtf_,RTF File
rth,ANSYS Results
rti,Real Tracker Instrument
rtk,Search Sim File
rtl,Run Time library
rtl,Text file
rtm,Music module
rtp,Software update package data file
rtpi,3rdTech Scanner File
rts,RTSL document
rts,Runtime library file
rts,RoboHELP to speed complex operations
rtsl,Real document
rtt,Ragtime file
rtx,Rich Text Document
rtx,Mobile Ring Tone File
rt_,Winhelp file
ru,Javasoft Jre 1.3 lib file
ruf,Samsung DVD and Blu
rul,InstallShield File
rule,Microsoft Rules File
rum,Bink Video Subtitle File
run,Compiled output p
run,Runscanner Scan File
rus,Russian text
rv,RealVideo video
rv4,1040 Review Taxpayer Data File
rvp,Scan Configuration file
rvt,Revit Project File
rvw,Review file
rw2,Panasonic RAW Image File
rwp,RapidWeaver Package
rwplugin,RapidWeaver Plugin File
rws,Resource Workshop data file
rwsnippet,RapidWeaver Snippet File
rwsw,RapidWeaver Site
rwtheme,RapidWeaver Theme File
rwx,Script file
rwz,Microsoft Outlook Rules File
rx,Dos7 file
rx,Borland Reflex Database
rx2,REX2 Loop File
rxd,Reflex datafile
rxdata,RMXP Data File
rxe,LEGO Mindstorms NXT Executable
rxh,Reflex Database Help File
rxml,Roxen Macro Language File
rxn,MDL Reaction format
rxr,Reflex Report
rxs,Reflex Database Screen Driver
rxx,RAR compressed files from a multi
rz,Rzip Compressed File
rzb,Red Zion Book File
rzk,File Crypt Password File
rzk,Red Zion Key File
rzn,Red Zion Notes File
rzs,Red Zion Security File
rzx,File Crypt Encrypted File
s,Source code
s,Scheme language source
s,MultiEdit macro source
s,Assembler source code Unix
s$$,Temporary sort file
s00,ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive
s01,WordPerfect S01 Distribution File
s02,WordPerfect S02 Distribution File
s03,WordPerfect S03 Distribution File
s19,Motorola EEPROM programming
s1k,S1000 Simnet format
s2,Motorola S
s2p,Sonnet File
s3,Motorola S
s31,Audio Module
s330,Sound file
s3d,Micrografx Simply 3D Project
s3i,Instrument file
s3m,16 Channel Music file
s50,Sound file
s550,Sound file
s6bn,Word 6 Template
s85,Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
s8bn,Word 98 Template
sa,System Sa51swe file
sa1,Audio Encryption File
sa2,Suprise! adlib tracker music module.
sa2b,A2B Player Stream
sa9,Hue and Cry Photoshop Plug
sab,ACIS Solid Binary File
sacm,Microsoft Spelling File
sad,Lucas Arts sound file
saf,Spatial Archive Interchange Format
saf,SafeText File
safariextz,Apple Safari Extension Package File
safetext,SafeText File
sah,SETI@Home Data File
sai,Encrypted video file
saif,Spatial Archive Interchange Format
sam,Ami Pro Document
sam,Signed 8
sam,Office 97 File Converter
sam,Map File
sam,Sound Sample
sample,WADigital ReportMagic file
san,The Curse of Monkey Island Movie File
sar,Compressed Archive File
sas,SAS program file
sas7bcat,SAS system catalog
sas7bdat,SAS system data set
sas7bndx,SAS system index
sat,ACIS 2D/3D
sav,Saved Game File
sav,Backup File
sav,Configuration file
save,Nano Temporary Save File
saveddeck,Nokia Saved Web Page
savedsearch,Spotlight Saved Search
saver,Mac OS X Screen Saver
say,Sound data 1 bit
sb,Raw Signed Byte
sb!,Locking file
sbc,Smart Book compiled distribution file
sbd,Storyboard data file
sbd,Data definition file
sbd,SignBlazer Elements File
sbf,File data
sbf,Sony Ericsson Backup File
sbi,SoundBlaster Instrument
sbj,Clipart Index; Micrografx Clipart or Palette
sbk,Bank file
sbkt,Scrapbook File
sbl,Flash object
sbm,Image .LBM
sbn,Cisco Firmware File
sbp,Dml program file
sbp,Program file
sbp,Digital Scrapbook Artist File
sbq,Query definition file
sbr,Source Browser for BSCMAKE
sbr,Spectral Band Replication Audio Sound File
sbs,IBM SPSS Script File
sbt,Notes related to record data
sbu,Samsung Kies Phone Backup File
sbv,Form definition file
sbw,Smart Book file
sbx,Adobe Illustrator Tsume
sbz,ShowBiz DVD Project File
sbz,Shedko Badges Theme
sb_,Creative Compressed SB16 sbide file
sc,Pal script
sc,Display driver
sc,SignCut Drawing File
sc$,Modem Bitware Fax disk1 file
sc2,Schedule+ 7.0 file
sc2,SAS 6.12 catalog
sc2000,Simcity 2000 dos tileset file
sc2archive,StarCraft 2 Archive File
sc2assets,StarCraft 2 Assets File
sc2bank,StarCraft 2 Tutorial Bank File
sc2campaign,StarCraft 2 Campaign Folder
sc2data,StarCraft 2 Data File
sc2locale,StarCraft 2 User Location File
sc2maps,StarCraft 2 Map File
sc2mod,StarCraft 2 Modification File
sc2replay,StarCraft 2 Game Replay File
sc2save,StarCraft 2 Saved Game File
sc3,Saved game file
sc3,Renamed dBase III screen mask file
sc3,Screen device driver
sc4,RollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario
sc4,Creative NOMAD MP3 Manager
sc4,SimCity 4 Saved City
sc7,SAS 8.2 catalog
sc?,Image ColoRix
sca,Norton Anti
scan,Thunderscan image file
scar,SCAR Script
scav,Disk First Aid
scb,Scala Published Script
scc,Source Safe file
scc,Scenarist Closed Caption File
scd,Slide image
scd,Object description language graphics
sce,SoftCuisine Data Exchange File
scene,Sculpt 3D/4D 3D object
scf,Windows Explorer Command File
scf,Score Maker Presentation
scg,Bitmap image
sch,Schematics file
schakal,Schakal chemical modeller input file
schd,Microsoft Email Scheduler
schemas,Amaya config file
sci,Inspire native format
sci,System configuration information file
sci,Fax document
scl,SCALA Scale
scm,Scheme source code file
scm,Video game console ROM emulater file
scm,Schema File
scn,Scene data file
scn,Screen file
scn,Videowave Scene file
sco,High score file
scodl,Bitmap image
scp,ColorRIX Image
scpt,AppleScript Script File
scptd,AppleScript Script Bundle File
scr,Windows Screensaver
scr,Faxview Fax
scr,Procomm Plus Screen Snapshot File
scr,LocoScript Screen Font File
script,Win Help related file
scrn,Startup Screen
scs,Lotus ScreenCam Script
scsi,Apple HD Setup
sct,FoxPro Forms Memo
sct,Windows Script Component
sct,Lotus Screen Capture Text
sct,Honeywell Smartline Configuration Toolkit Data File
sct01,SAS catalog
scu,ColoRIX bitmap image
scv,CASmate Native format
scw,Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
scw,Score Writer Document
scx,FoxPro forms
scy,Security file
scz,Wingz data
sd0,Dali Raw image/tbv
sd1,Dali Raw image/tbv
sd2,Sound Designer 2 Flattened File / Data Fork
sd2,SAS Database
sd7,SAS 8.2 data set
sda,File archive description
sdb,SideKick 2 Database
sdb,Win 2000 Security Configuration and Analysis Data
sdb,Windows Compatibility Solution Database
sdb, Base Database
sdbn,Word 4/5 Template
sdc,OpenOffice Spreadsheet
sdd,Presentation file
sdev,Control Strip Module
sdf,System Data File Format
sdg,Star Office Gallery image format
sdi,Software distribution network information file
sdk,Floppy disk image
sdk,AutoSketch Drawing File
sdl,Library file
sdm,Spatial Data Modeling Language
sdm,StarOffice Mail Message
sdn,Software distribution network compressed archive
sdp,Session Description Protocol File
sdq,SAS Data File
sdr,SmartDraw Drawing
sds,Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard file
sds,Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysis Data File
sdv,Semicolon Divided Values file
sdv,Samsung Digital Video
sdw,Graphic file
sdw,Raw Signed DWord
sdw,StarOffice Writer Text Document File
sdx,Midi Sample Dump Standard files compacted by SDX
sdy,Starmoney file
sd_,Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
se,Dll Directx Migrate file
se,ScopeEdit Project File
se1,Synthedit file
sea,StuffIt  Self
sec,Secret key ring file
sec,Secured animation file
sec,Samsung TV Content LIbrary File
secstore,Acrobat Secstore File
security,Java Security Policy File
sed,Self Extracting Directive File
seed,Linux Preseed File
sef,Steganos Encrypted File
seg,Compressed File Segment
seg1,StuffIt Segment
seg2,StuffIt Segment
seg3,StuffIt Segment
segn,StuffIt Segment
sel,Data file
sel,System Event Log File
semi,Spartan SemiEmpirical chemical modeller input file
sen,Scifer Internal Header Archive
seo,ScopeEdit Object File
sep,Tagged Image File Format
sep,Printer seperator page
seq,Animation file
seq,Sequential instruction file
sequ,Acrobat Sequence File
ser,Webalizer Lang file
server,Analog file
ses,Session file
ses,Session information file
session,Internet Security Scanner file
set,Configuration file
set,Install driver sets
set,Setup option file
set,Voice set files
seu,Serials 2000 Encrypted S2K Update
sew,Sewing program file
sex,Urban Chaos Game File
sext,Text Template
se_,Midiprg Cakepro compressed file
sf,SoundFile format
sf,Wps attribute storage file
sf0,Windows Sytem file check file
sf2,SoundFont file
sf2,Bank file
sf?,Bitstream Printer Font
sfark,sfArk Compressed SoundFont
sfax,STF Sent Fax
sfb,HP soft font
sfc,Windows System file check file
sfcache,ReadyBoost Cache File
sfd,Sofdec Game Movie
sfe,Split Files Shell Extension
sff,Structured File Format
sff,Structured Fax Format image format
sff,Scene File Format
sff,Fritz!Fax document
sfi,Sound File Info
sfi,Graphics file
sfi,Printer font file
sfil,Sound File
sfk,Sound file
sfl,Pcl 4 bitmap font
sfm,Dart file
sfn,Font File
sfo,Bitstream font file
sfo,Sony PSP Game Parameters File
sfo,CuteFTP Search File
sfp,Pcl bitmap font
sfr,Sample Resource
sfs,Pcl 5 scalable font file
sft,Screen font
sft,ProModel Process Animation Work Shift Data
sft,Photo Animation file
sfv,Backup/Archive Checksum File
sfvidcap,Sonic Foundry Video Capture File
sfw,Seattle FilmWorks Image
sg,Image file
sg1,Graphics file
sga,Archive Format
sgd,Lahey Blackbeard help file
sgf,Document w/graphics
sgf,Graphics file
sgi,Silicon Graphics Image
sgl,StarOffice Master Document
sgm,Visual Boy Advance Saved State File
sgm,SGML File
sgml,Standard Generalized Markup Language
sgo,3D Graphic generic
sgp,Statistics File
sgt,Save/Get keyboard macro
sgt,Sage Graphical Template File
sgt,Microsoft DirectMusic Producer Segments File
sgw,Snap Quiktour file
sgx,Lahey Fortran help file index
sh,Shell script
sh,ASCii archive
sh3,Presentaion file
sha,UNIX SHAR Archive
sha,CorelDRAW Shader
shade,Rayshade ray tracer
shar,SHell ARchive script
shb,Corel Background File
shb,Shell Scrap object
shcf,Shared OLE DLL
shd,Printer Job Settings File
she,Windows 95 “ShellExt”
she,2D Medusa CAD
shelx,ShelX chemical modeller input file
shex,Motolora hex
shf,PGP Share
shh,Automated Setup template
shk,Compressed Apple archive
shk,Compressed Archive File
shl,Inno Setup String Tables file
shlb,Shared Library
shm,Shell macro
shn,Audio compression file
shp,DOS shapes file
shp,Multipart interactive triangle models
shp,Shapes File
shr,File archive
shrp,Apple IIG image
shs,Shell Scrap Object File
sht,Pocket Spreadsheets file
shtm,HTML File Containing Server Side Directives
shtml,HTML File Containing Server Side Directives
shtml3,Shtml file
shv,Husqvarna Viking Designer Embroidery Design File
shw,Corel Show Presentation
shx,Shape entities
shx,Shapefile Spatial Index File
shy,ShyFile Encrypted File
shz,Ximage file
si,SoftImage image
si,Script Interpretor file
sib,Sibelius Sheet Music File
sic,Quicken 2002 order file
sid,PlaySID C64 Sound Effects File
sif,Setup installation files
sig,Signature File
sig,Broderbund Print Shop Sign File
sign,Archive File
sigs,Microsoft Signature File
sik,Backup File
silk,Same as SLK
sim,SIMPLE script source
sim,Intel VTune performance monitor
sim,Aurora image format
sim,DICOM CT Scan Image
simg,Synclavier Disk Image File
simple,cygnus share file
sims2pack,Downloaded Sims 2 Package File
sims3pack,The Sims 3 Package File
sip,Scoptrax file
sir,BYU SIR image format
sir,Bitmap image
sirds,2D Graphic
sis,Software Installation Script
sisx,Symbian OS Installation File
sit,Stuffit Compressed Archive File
sit,Sinclair Snapshot
sit!,Archive created by Stuffit
sit5,Stuffit 5 Archive
sitd,Archive created by Stuffit
sitl,Stuffit Library
sito,Stuffit Translator
sitv,StuffIt Viewer
sitx,StuffIt Compressed Archive File
six,Bitmap image
sixel,Bitmap image
siz,Configuration file
sized,Gallery resized photo image
sj1,Image SEGA SJ
sjf,Split Files Shell Extension
sjf,SCAPS JobFile
sjp,3WayPack File
sj_,Midiprg Superjam compressed file
sk2,Chemsketch Drawing
ska,Secret Keyring file
skc,SKCARD SideKick for Windows
skcard,Starfish SideKick datafile
skcard,SideKick for Windows Card File
skd,Autosketch file
skf,Drawing file
skf,Autodesk AutoSKETCH Thumbnail file
ski,Motorola Phone Skin/Theme File
skin,.NET Skin file
skindex,Mail Index File
skl,Maya File
skn,Kinupix skin image format
skn,Windows Media Player Skin File
skp,Google SketchUp Model
skv,Semicolon Separated Values File
skv,XLANG Schedule Drawing File
skwrite,Same as SKW
skx,XLANG Schedule File
sky,Multiplan SYLK spreadsheet file
skyt,SKYT packer format
sk_,Audio Utility Koan compressed file
sl,Save Layout extension
sl,Source code file
sl,Source Code File
slb,Slide Library File
slb,Dosch Design Sound Library
slc,Compiled SALT script
slc,Satellite TV Recorded Video File
sld,AutoCAD Slide File
sld3,Power Point 3
sld8,PowerPoint 98 Slide
sldasm,SolidWorks 3D Assembly File
slddrt,Solidworks Sheet
slddrw,Solidworks File
slddwg,SolidWorks drawing 2D
sldm,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
sldprt,SolidWorks 3D Object Part File
slds,PowerPoint 2 Slide
sldx,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
sle,Sisulizer Package File
slf,Ntgraph Setup30 file
slg,Chromeleon Audit Trail
sli,Slide file
slickedit,Bugslayer Tracesrv file
slk,SYmbolic LinK
sll,Sound data file
slm,Microsoft Visual FoxPro
sln,MS Visual Studio .Net Solution file
slnk,System Comms
slo,Webalizer.01 Lang file
slp,Timeslips Data File
slp,Pro/E rendering file
sls,Image Slideshow Playlist
sls3,Excel 3 Template
sls4,Excel 4
sls5,Excel 5
sls8,Excel 98 Template
slt,Script application language
sm,Source code file
sm,Script file
sm,Text file
sm$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
sm2,Terrasoft summery table
sm3,Symbol file
sma,AMX Mod Plugin Source File
smc,Super Nintendo Game
smc,SmartMaster LOTUS Freelance Graphics 9x scene file
smd,Video game console ROM emulator file
smdb,SteamMaker project file. Windows
smf,Fax document
smi,Lotus Smart Suite Smart
smil,Real Player Sound File
smil,Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
smiles,SMILES chemical modeller input file
smk,Smacker Compressed Movie File
smk,Kodak Preps Imposition File
smn,Samma Word
smp,Samplevision format
smp,Sample file
sms,Sega Master System Emulator ROM File
sms,SMS Exported Text Message
sms,Systems Management Server Package Definition File
smt,Text file
smt,Samsung Phone Theme File
smu,Simple Musical Score
smv,Saved Mail Video
smz,Audio/Video file
smzip,StepMania File
sm_,Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
sn,Sound Club editor
sn,serial number file
sn1,Drive Snapshot First Differential Backup
sn2,Drive Snapshot Second Differential Backup
sna,Drive Snapshot compressed Disk Image file
snc,ACT! E
snd,NeXT Sound
snd,Macintosh Sound Resource
snd,Raw Unsigned PCM Data
snd,Sound Clip
sndj,Audio Module
sndr,Sound file
snds,Microsoft Sound Set
sndt,Sound file
sng,Midi song file
sniffer,Sniffer trace files
snippet,Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
snm,Netscape Folder Cache
sno,Source code file
snoop,SNOOP capture file format
snp,MS Access 97 Report Snapshot
sns,Burnout Paradise Sound File
snt,Tonline Email sent file
snt,Microsoft Sticky Notes File
snw,Wired For Sound
snx,Slide Show Image
snx,QuickBooks Data
snx,Second Nature Screensaver
sn_,Midiprg Guitarws Compressed Audio File
so,Shared library file
so3,MP3 compressed .sou file
soa,Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software File
soap,KPT Soap
sob,Visual Basic
sol,Macromedia Flash MX SharedObject
som,Network serial numbers
som,Sort information files
son,Song file
sopt,Synclavier Optical Disk Image File
sort,thoroughbred basic direct / sort file
sos,Adventure SOS Compiled Adventure Game Walkthrough
sot,Adventure SOS Adventure Game Walkthrough Source File
sou,Sound file
soundpack,SoundPackager Sound Package
soup,Message / E
sow,ARJ archiv
sox,Schema for object oriented XML
sox,native Unix Sox raw sound
so_,Midiprg Score Midiprglite compressed file
sp2,Quake2 pcx 8
sp3,Quake2 pcx 32
sp4,Saved game
spa,FutureSplash Flash file
spade,Snort file
spar,Spartan chemical modeller output file
spar,Spartan chemical modeller input file
sparc,Sunos4 file
sparsebundle,Mac OS X Sparse Bundle File
sparseimage,Mac OS X Sparse Image
spb,Samsung Kies Phonebook File
spc,WordPerfect Temp File
spc,Multiplan Program
spc,SNES Audio file
spd,Data file
spd,Scalable font
spdf,Sealed PDF
spe,Princeton Instruments CCD camera
spec,Gen. specs file
spere,NIST SPHERE sound files
spf,Slide presentation file
spg,Glossary file
spi,Graphics file
spi,Nokia Keyboard Support File
spiff,Bitmap image
spj,Site Publisher Project File
spj,PhotoStage Slideshow
spk,Acorn Compressed file archive
spk,SpyProof! Encrypted Symmetric Key File
spk,Script Package File
spl,Adobe Shockwave Flash Object
spl,Splint Archive
spl,Digitracker Sample
spl,Printer Spool File
spl,Sprint Printer Driver
spl,Spell Checker
spm,Data file
spmm,Spartan Mol Mechanics chemical modeller input file
spn,WordPerfect SPN Distribution File
spn,Spanish readme
spo,SPSS Statistical Data Output File
spot,SPOT satellite image file
spp,Sprint Printer File
spp,Serif PhotoPlus Native Format File
sppack,Sound sample
spr,Document letter
spr,Generated screen program
spr,Sprite File
sprg,Synclavier Program File
sprite,Bitmap file
sps,Spssx source code file
sps,Screen driver
spt,Source code file
spt,Support file
spu,Picture file
spub,Disc Cover File
spv,SPSS Output File
spx,Compiled screen program
spy,Wintech Software Design file
sq,Sysquake Program
sqb,SyQuest Backup
sqc,Structured Query Language
sqd,3D Graphic
sqfs,Squash FS Bootable File
sql,Structured Query Language Data File
sqlite,SQLite Database File
sqm,Operation Flashpoint Mission File
sqm,Microsoft Service Quality Monitor File
sqp,Query result of audio search
sqr,Structured Query Language
sqw,Archive squeeze
sqx,SQX Archive
sqz,Compressed Archive File
sqz,Sorenson Squeeze Project File format
sr,Sun Rasterfile
sr,Netscape file
sr0,SecuROM Analysis File
sr2,A RAW Image File
src,generally Source code file
sre,Undefined file
srec,Motorola S
srf,Raster graphics file
srf,A RAW Image File
srfmap,TerraGen SuRFace MAP
srg,Microsoft PowerPoint
srm,Game console ROM emulator file
sro,3WayPack File
srp,SCript file
srp,SoftRescue Archive File
srq,MS Server request file; unprocessed
srs,MS Server request file; partially processed
srt,Video/Movie Subtitle File
srt,Omron CX
srt,SDR99 Speech Recognition Task
srv,Help Maker file
srvr,Server Connection Fil
sr_,Compressed Tvideo Card Neu File
ss,Snappy configuration file
ss,Screen saver
ss2,Terrasoft SAS program file
ssa,SubStation Alpha Video Subtitle File
ssage,inbound internet email message
ssd,SAS database
ssd01,UNIX SAS Data Set
sseq,Synclavier Sequence File
ssf,Spreadsheet file
ssh,Style Sheet for MS Internet Explorer
ssh2,SSH Secure Shell Client
ssi,Installer/GD Software Setup Information
ssi,Image SriSun
ssi,HTML with server side includes
ssiw,Wordperfect 1
ssl,Sessions List
ssl,Corel Flow Smart Library
ssl,Borland Paradox5 file
ssm,RealAudio Standard Streaming Metafile
ssnd,Synclavier Sound File
ssq,ODBC script
sss,Studio Session Song
sst,Certificate Store Crypto Shell Extension
sst,Satellite Geology Image
sst,Serialized Certificate Store File
ssw,Sony Ericsson Firmware File
st,Source code file
st,Instrument library
st,Disk Image file
st,Stamp file
st4,Image SBIG CCD Camera ST
st4,Image Raw grayscale file
st4,Bitmap Santa Barbara Instrument Astronomical Image
st5,SBIG CCD camera ST
st5,Bitmap Santa Barbara Instrument Astronomical Image
st6,SBIG CCD camera ST
st6,Bitmap Santa Barbara Instrument Astronomical Image
st7,SBIG CCD camera ST
st7,Bitmap Santa Barbara Instrument Astronomical Image
st8,SBIG CCD camera ST
st8,Bitmap Santa Barbara Instrument Astronomical Image
st9,SBIG Astronomical Image
sta,Saved state
sta,Stack file
stak,HyperCard Stack
starpack,StarTrekker pack format
stat,Status file
status,Gen. Status file
stb,Stub library
stc,Terrasoft SAS data file
std,State transition diagram graphic file
std,Standard script file
std,StarOffice/OpenOffice Drawing Template File
ste,DataPerfect File
stegano,Steganographic image
step,STEP 3D CAD Model Data Exchange Format
stf,Lotus Agenda
stf,Structured File
stf,Setup Information
stg,PageKeeper Storage File
sth,Lotus Domino Stash File
stk,Sticker Store Sticker
stk,Personal Stock Monitor File
stl,Macromedia Fireworks Style Library
stl,CAD Software Solid Modeling/Prototyping File
stm,HTML Form
stm,Scream Tracker Music Module
stm,PhotoStudio Stamp
stm,Sound File
stmb,Synclavier Timbre File
stmi,HTML files created by PageMill
stmi,GIF files created by PageMill
stml,See STM HTML
stn,Microsoft Flight! Simulator File
sto,Pascal stub OBJ file
stot,Mac OS Help Index
stp,STEP 3D CAD Model Exchange Format
stq,Text file
str,Screensaver file
str,Structure List Object File
strings,Text Strings File
strk,MOD Music File
strn,HyperCard Stack Converter
sts,Project status information file
sts,Song file
stt,Taci Pixia palette file
stt,Kaspersky Anti
stu,Pinnacle Studio Project
stub,Mac OS Stub Library
stw,Data file
stw,StarOffice Document Template
stx,Electronic book file
stx,Tax form
sty,Style sheet
sty,Yamaha Keyboard Style
sty,LaTeX Style Definition File
styk,Stykz Stick Figure
stykz,Stykz Animation
style,HTML Style File
sub,CloneCd Related File
sub,Movie/Film Subtitle File
suc,Softrans Hello Engines! 2.1 file
sud,Symantec Undodata file
suf,cCrypt Encrypted File
sui,Suit library
suit,MacBench Test Suite
sul,Gfa Raytrace image/tbv
sum,Summary file
summ,Clapack Blas Testing file
sun,Rasterfile graphics
sun3,Possibly modified Sunos4 file
sun4,Sun Os 4 file
sun5,Sun Os 5 file
suniff,Bitmap image
suo,Visual Studio .NET user settings
sup,Supplementary dictionary files
sur,Leben_jesu Bibel file
surf,3D Scanner File
sux,Audio Module
sv2,Terrasoft SAS file / retrieval information
sv4,RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
sv5,BigJig Saved Puzzle
sv6,Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game
svc,IIS Special Content File
svd,Autosave file for document
sve,WINXP SYSTEM32 file
svf,Simple Vector Format 2D image
svg,Word Backup File
svg,Scalable Vector Graphics File
svgz,Scalable Vector Graphics Zip
svh,Picture; Black Diamond Consulting
svi,Video Format
svp,Graphics file
svp,SubViewer Preset File
svq,Music file
svr,SuperScape ActiveX Superscape Viscape Control
svr,Compressed virtual world for WWW
svs,Autosave file for style sheet
svu,Adressmanager Default.dbu file
svx,Sound file
svx,Interchange file format
svy,Database file
sw,Raw signed Word
sw2,Softwrap License File
swa,ShockWave Audio
swb,Photoshop file
swc,Flex Components Archive
swc,Super Nintendo Wild Card ROM File
swd,Schoolwide Database file
swdb,Claris Works 3/4 Database
swe,Nhl Ice Hockey 2002 required file
swecoin,Swecoin Font Format and PKT
swf,Shockwave Flash Movie File
swf,Microsoft Sidewinder Profile Activator
swf2,Flash files
swfl,Shockwave Flash files
swg,Swag Packet file
swgr,Claris Works 3/4 Drawing
swi,Swish File
switch,Switch Package
swk,StudyWorks Save File
swl,Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
swp,Swap file
swp,Document backup file
swpl,Software Update File
swss,Claris Works 3/4 Spreadsht
swt,Visual Basic Setup Wizard Template file
swv,Windows Sound File Format
swwp,Claris Works 3/4 Document
swz,Adobe Flash Player Flex
sxc, Spreadsheet
sxd, 1.0 drawing format
sxi,StarOffice Impress Presentation
sxm,StarOffice Math File
sxp,3D Studio process file
sxw,Staroffice Word Document
sy#,Darn! Backup Files
sy0,WordExpress file
sy1,Smartpix symbol library
sy3,Symbol file
syd,Backup of startup files
syh,Synchomatic Instrument
syk,SYLK spreadsheet format
sylk,Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
sym,Symbol Table
sym,Borland C++ Precompiled Headers
syn,SDSC Synu image file
syn,Synonym file
synu,Synthetic Universe image format
synu,Bitmap image
sys,System File
sysk,cygwin terminfo file
syw,Wave file
syw,Graphics symbols
syx,Modula M2sds file
sy_,Compressed SYS File
sy~,Win Coreldraw file
sz,Winamp Classic Skin Download
s_s,Eru/erd file
t,Source file
t,Tape archive
t,Tester symbol file
t#?,Time Line File
t$,Modem Bitware Fax disk5 file
t$2a,Timbuktu Pro
t$ab,Timbuktu Pro Address Book
t$m,AVG Internet Security Temporary File
t01,Tonline Netscape file
t02,Tonline Netscape file
t03,TaxCut 2003 File
t04,TaxCut 2004 File
t05,TaxCut 2005 Tax Return
t06,TaxCut 2006 Tax Return
t07,TaxCut Tax Return File
t08,TaxCut 2008 Tax Return
t09,At Home 2009 Tax Return
t2,TrueType Font
t2k,Teach2000 Document
t2t,Modeling software file
t2w,Ntgraph Turbo Pascal file
t3,Tarshare file
t3001,TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project File
t32,Drive Image5 file
t3d,Unreal Engine 3D Object
t3x,TYPO3 Compressed Extension
t44,Temporary file for sorting index
t4g,Tommy Software CAD Draw File
t4l,Tscad4 biblio file
t64,Emulator tape image file
t65,Adobe PageMaker Template
t??,Ingres Table/Index File
taac,Sun TAAC bitmap image
tab,Tab Delimited Data File
tab,Guitar Tablature File
taf,Tonline Db file
taf,Toshiba Compressed File
tag,Query tag name file
tah,Turbo assembler help file
tajima,Tajima DST file format
tal,Text illustration file
talk,Text to speech
tam,Tame Program Settings
tao,Duplicator CD Image File
tap,Wave Sound or Action Wave
tap,TAPe file
tar,Unix Archive
tar.gz,gzip Compressed TAR Archive
targa,Truevision TarGA bitmap image
targets,MSBuild Targets File
tas,ADRIFT Text Adventure Save
tat,Grafic twain Toolkit file
tax,TurboTax File
tax2008,TurboTax 2008 Tax Return
tax2009,Turbotax 2009 Tax Return
taxx,Dr. Tax Open XML format
taz,Unix Gzip/Tape Archive
tb,Tabbery Tab File
tb1,Font File
tb2,Font File
tbb,MS Windows Office Toolbar Button
tbd,Microsoft Mse file
tbf,Fax document
tbk,Interactive multimedia files
tbk,Memo backup file
tbk,Toolbook file
tbl,Table of values
tbm,Toribash Weapons File
tbnd,Communication Tool
tbr,Norton Desktop custom ToolBaR
tbs,Text elements
tbv,3D Ultra Cool Data File
tbz,BZip Compressed TAR Archive
tbz2,BZIP2 Compressed TAR
tb_,Visc15 Adressen Setup file
tc,Configuration file
tcc,Turbo C / Gcc include std file
tcd,TurboCAD Drawing
tch,Turbo C Help file
tcl,Script in the TCL/TK Language
tcl~,Tcl/tk file
tcm,INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Comment
tco,T9000 object modules
tcp2,TCP/Connect II
tcpa,AOL Web Browser
tcpa,America On Line TCPa_text
tcpstream,Snort file
tcsh,Unix shell script
tct,Bc31 Bin file
tcw,TurboCAD Drawing File
tcx,TurboCAD 3D Model Text File
td,Configuration file
td0,Disk Image file
td1,TeleDisk Archive
td2,Configuration file
td3,TeleDisk Archive
td4,Saved track design
td?,TeleDisk Archive
tda,Palm To
tda3mt,DivX Author Template File
tdat,CodeWarrior Data File
tdb,Database File
tdb,eDocOne Book File
tdb,eBay Turbo Lister File
tddd,Imagine & Turbo Silver ray
tdf,XServe Test Definition File
tdf,Font File
tdf,Title Definition Format
tdh,Help file
tdi,TDI Explore image
tdi,Alias Wavefront image
tdi,Toshiba Disc Image file
tdim,Digital F/X image format
tdk,Keystroke recording file
tdl,Stratum library file
tdo,Thumbs32 file
tdp,Midiprg Thedrums compressed file
tdr,Contents of Arvid tape
tds,Symbol table
tdw,Configuration file
tdx,Visual FoxPro Offline View
tdy,Tandy file
te,Textease CT Database File
te2,Conquest of the New World
te3,WinTrack Object File
tea,Tea Template Source File
teb,HDL test bench file
tec,”Tanner Ledit” Layout technology data
ted,Tribes 2 Game Data File
tef,Fax document
tef,TablEdit Tablature
tel,Sim Card Data File
tem,Turbo Editor Macro Language script
tem,Input template
ter,TerraGen TERrain Terrain
ter,CorelFlow line terminator
terms,cygwin tk8.0 demos file
terrain,TerraGen Terrain
tet,Tetris results
tex,LaTeX Source
tex,Concordance Full Text Database File
tex,Text File
tex,Texture File
tex,Paint Shop Pro Texture
texinfo,Same as TEXI
text,ASCII Text
textclipping,OS X Text Clipping File
tf,Configuration file
tfa,Area file
tfc,Catalogue file
tfd,Tape Format Requirements Document
tfh,Help file
tfm,Form file
tfm,TeX font metrics file
tfm,Tagged font metric file
tfmx,Amiga Audio file
tfr,4th Dimension Database Windows Formula Document
tfrd,Tape Image Format Requirements Document
tfs,Statistics file
tfw,ArcView World file for TIF image
tfx,Traffix Traffic Analysis Software
tg,Technical Guidance File
tg1,Project file
tg4,TG4 image format
tga,Truevision TARGA Image File
tga,Winpoint Loan file
tgh,TrueGas Host File
tgi,Pbm file
tgq,Movie file
tgt,Corel40 Custom file
tgv,Video file
tgw,TerraGen World
tgworld,TerraGen World
tgz,Unix Gzip/Tape Archive
th,Javasoft Jre 1.3
tha,WINXP SYSTEM32 file
thai,Husquvania sewing machine file
thb,Clipart; Hijack Thumbnail
the,Microsoft Plus Pack Desktop Theme
thelp,Compiler/decompiler for Borland Help Files
them,MS Windows Desktop Theme
theme,Desktop Theme File
themepack,Windows 7 Theme Pack
thm,Micrographx Picture Publisher Thumbnail
thm,MS Clipart Gallery Database
thm,Serif DrawPlus Theme
thm,Thumbnail Image
thm, Configuration File
thm,Video Thumbnail
thm,Sony Ericsson Theme File
thme,Microsoft Theme File
thml,Theological HTML
thmx,Microsoft Office PowerPoint
thor,Database description
thp,TurboTax File
ths,WordPerfect Thesaurus
thumb,Thumbnail File
thx,Amiga THX Tracker music
ti,Temporary Instruction
tib,Acronis True Image Disk Image
tic,FTN special file with associated file description
tic,GoodSync Job List
tif,Tagged Image File Format
tiff,Tagged Image File Format
tig,Map file
til,Fuzzy Logic knowledge base file
tim,Texture/Image file
tim,The Incredible Machine level file
tinf,Microsoft Theme Info File
tip,Tip of the day for Microsoft and MFC applications.
tis,Tile set
tivo,TiVo Video File
tix,DivX Video Download Activation
tjf,Backup File
tjl,Backup File
tjp,TaskJuggler Project File
tjp,Tiled JPEG File
tk,Tk Script
tk2,Easy CD Creator Take Two Backup File
tk3,TK3 Multimedia eBook
tkfl,TKLinks Saver Favorite Links File
tlb,OLE Type Library
tlb,VAX Text Library Document
tlb,Remote Automation Truelib Files
tlb,Visual C++ Type Library
tlc,Compiled tool command language source code file
tld,Teledisk disk image
tlf,Opengl Stonehenge file
tlg,QuickBooks Transaction Log
tlh,Adder100 source file
tli,Adder100 source file
tlist,3D Graphic
tlp,Project timeline file
tls,Zortech 21
tls,TuneUp Utilities Logon Screen
tlt,Trellix Web Design File
tlx,Data file
tlz,Tar LZMA Compressed File
tlzma,LZMA Compressed TAR Archive
tm,TeXmacs Document
tmap,Real Pool Image
tmb,Tmx editor user file
tmc,DCI TradeManager Catalog Archive
tmd,TextMaker document from SoftMaker
tme,Swisslog TimeStudy Event History
tmf,Tagged font metric file
tmk,Turbopas Tp_tour file
tml,Padgen file
tmo,Ztg global optimizer default optimizer file
tmp,Temporary File
tms,Script file
tmt,Temporary File
tmw,Translation Memory Data File
tmx,Tmx editor file
tmx,Translation Memory eXchange File
tmx,Translation Source File
tn,Tracor Northern Image File
tn1,Tiny image format
tn2,Tiny image format
tn3,Tiny image format
tnb,Windows Bitmap
tnef,Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
tnfo,SpyBot Search & Destroy File
tng,Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
tnl,Thumbnail image format
tnpoly,Triangulated polygon files
tnv,Data file
tny,TiNY bitmap image used on Atari
toast,Toast Disk Image
toc,Eudora Table Of Contents
toc,FrameMaker file
toc,Table of Contents
toc,TeX/LaTeX File
toc,World Of Warcraft
tocf,Eudora TOC
tod,JVC Camcorder Video File
tok,Borland C++ 4.x external tokens
tol,Image file
tombraider 3,Tomb raider 3 save game
ton,Wave Siggen
too,Asm Objasm file
tools,Dos djgpp tools file
top,IBM netfinity Rack Configurator extension
topc,TopicCrunch Project File
tor,Guitar Musik Trainer Register.ds file
torrent,BitTorrent File
tos,Atari Operating System File
toys,Script Editor
toys,Script Editor ToyS text
tp,Configuration file
tp0,Mascom PVR Video
tp3,Template file
tp4,Saved picture file
tp?,Tracker Packer v1
tpa,Corel Graphics10 Custom file
tpb,Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup
tpc,Topicscape Connection Placeholder File
tpf,Downloadable PCL Soft font file
tpf,Game Texture
tph,Help file
tpi,Tonline file
tpic,Truevision TARGA Image File
tpl,Residents units library
tpl,Template file
tpl,MetaTrader Template File
tpm,TextPad Macro
tpm,Trespasser Models File
tpm,TeX Package Management
tpo,3D Graphic
tpoly,3D Graphic
tpp,Teleport Pro Project File
tpp,Protected mode units
tpr,TMPGEnc Project
tps,Clarion TopSpeed Data File
tps,Multi Channel Measurement File
tpt,Thumbs32 file
tpu,Turbo Pascal Unit
tpu,Command file
tpv,Packed graphics file
tpw,Packed wave files
tpw,Turbo Pascal Unit
tpx,Turbo Pascal 7 Unit
tpx,Nova Photo Explosion Image File
tpz,Compressed Archive File
tpz,Topaz eBook File
tqf,Chemical Test File
tqm,Session File
tr2,TomeRaider eBook
tr3,TomeRaider eBook File
tra,Saved game file
tran,Document Convert
trans,Amaya file
trc,Debug support file
trd,TrID Definitions Package
tre,Directory Tree File
tri,Alias TRIangle file
trif,Bitmap image
trk,Script file
trm,Terminal file
trm,For The Record Voice Recording File
trn,Translation support file
trn,Project usage log
troff,Typesetting devices converted text format
trp,Watcom binw file
trp,Sonicview Video File
trs,Executable File
trt,Team Sports Scheduling System Report Template
tru,TRUe Basic source
trx,Microsoft MSTests Results File
trx,Firmware Image
trz,Accusoft Alldemo file
tsb,TriSpectives 3D Drawing
tsc,Win Help related file
tsh,Broderbund Card Transfer Project File
tsk,Windows Mobile Pocket PC Theme File
tsm,Turbo Assembler for OS/2 manual
tsn,Midi file
tsnd,Theme Sound File
tsp,Windows Telephony Service Provider
tsq,ODBC script
tsr,Swisslog TranStats Report
tss,Team Sports Scheduling System Project File
tst,Printer test file
tst,ExamView Test File
tstream,SwarmPlayer Streaming Torrent
tsv,Tab Separated Values
tsx,Team Sports Scheduling System XML Project File
tsz,Trillian Skin File
tt,True type font file
tta,TTA Lossless Audio Codec TAU Producer File.
ttbs,PowerPoint Toolbars File
ttc,TrueType Font Collection File
ttf,TrueType Font
ttk,Translation Tool Kit File
ttl,Tera Term Macro File
tto,Client access data specification file
ttp,Atari Falcon Application
ttr,TrueType Font
ttro,ReadMe File
ttro,SimpleText Read
ttta,TableText Table
ttvf,PlainTalk Voice
ttx,Trados Tag Editor File
ttxt,SimpleText File
tty,Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 file
tt_,Compressed TTF
tu,Turing Source File
tub,Paintshop Pro picturetube File
tud,The Ultimate Draw document
tun,Fifa World Cup file
tur,Webalizer Lang file
tur,Visual Turing Save file
tuv,Tutorial file
tuw,MS Office File
tv,Table view settings
tv1,Overflow file above insert point in document 1
tv2,Overflow file above insert point in document 2
tv3,Overflow file above insert point in document 3
tv4,Overflow file above insert point in document 4
tv5,Overflow file above insert point in document 5
tv7,Overflow file above insert point in document 7
tv8,Overflow file above insert point in document 8
tv9,Overflow file above insert point in document 9
tvc,LOTUS 1
tvex,MoviePlayer Plug
tvf,dBASE table view settings
tvj,TrueView Job Ticket File
tvl,TurboTax File
tvod,QuickTime movie file
tvod,JPEG 2 File by QT
tvpi,Television Programming Information
tvr,Boot file
tvs,CrossFire TV Show
tvv,Video  File
tvvi,TitanTV Television Video Information
tvx,VoxPhone / TeleVox
twain,TWAIN 1.8 Specification
twd,Tripwire System Files Database
twe,3D Graphic
twf,Data file
twg,ThatWaltGuy Web Server File
twk,Bc31 Bgi2 tweak
twn,Scanner Settings file
twp,Complete Works Document
tws,Textpad file
twt,Carmageddon 2
tww,Template file
tw_,Compressed Scanner us driver file
tx,Photoline5 hlp file
tx$,Poppad file
tx$,Driver Modem Bitware disk4 file
tx0,Virus notation file
tx16w,Yamaha TX
txa,Midas ViewPoint Text Array List
txb,Encoded briefing file
txc,Urban Chaos Game File
txd,Game Texture Dictionary
txf,Compressed Archive File
txf,Tax exchange format
txi,Support file
txk,Kardplay 1.62 file
txm,Steuer2001 Daten file
txn,Mfhdf Doc file
txr,Corel Graphics10 Custom file
txt,Text File
txw,Wave file
txx,DataPerfect Text Storage
tx_,Webcd fread file
tx_,Compressed txt file
tx~,Compressed txt file
tym,Time Stamp files
typ,Thumbs32 file
tz,Compressed Archive
tz,Ingres Time Zone File
tzb,Compressed Archive File
tzd,Netscape Communicator locale file
tzx,ZX Spectrum Tape Image File
u,Bitmap image
u3d,Universal 3D File
u3i,U3 Application Information File
u3p,U3 Smart Application
u4a,UnInstaller Archive
u8,Raw Unsigned 8
u96,EasyZip Temporary File
uap,User Agent Profile File
uax,Unreal Audio File
ub,Raw unsigned byte
ubb,Basic Ubas File
ubd,Basic Ubas file
ubi,Animation UBISOFT
ubm,Iphoto Mtwain Install file
ubs,Tracesrv etc Bugslayer util file
uc,UnrealScript Class
uc0,Archive UC
uc2,Compressed Archive File
uccapilog,Windows Live Messenger UCC API log file
ucd,Prosa/ OM Use Case Diagram
uce,WINXP SYSTEM32 file
ucf,WebEx Media File
uci,UFS Explorer Backup File
ucr,Pixel image file
ud,AOL v4.0 file
udb,Microsoft Works File
udc,Acrobat Spelling File
udeb,Debian Package File
udf,Microsoft Excel User Defined Function
udi,Corel Graphics10 Draw Skripts textures Bitmap file
udl,MS Data Link
udo,3D Graphic
udog,Apple Browser Launcher
udp,User Datagram Protocol
udp,Corel VideoStudio Data File
udw,Raw unsigned doubleword
ue2,Encrypted archive
ufa,UFA compressed file archive
ufo,Ulead File for Objects
ug,Drawing file
uga,Ulead GIF Animator Project File
ugbt,Users & Groups
uh,Age Of Empires
uha,Compressed Multimedia Archive
uhs,Binary file
ui,User Interface
uibak,UltraISO Backup Disk Image
uif,Long prompts for Microsoft Windows
uif,MagicISO Disc Image File
uih,Espire header file
uil,Bitmap image
uin,ICQ user
uis,WindowBlinds Skin
uis,Skin File
uk,TAGCASE0 html folder file
uks,Microsoft Works File
uk_,McGuiness file
ul,Audio file
uld,Uploaded file information
uld,Unified Luminaire Data File
ulf,Universal List File
uls,User Location Service
ult,Music module
ulw,Raw µ
ulz,USBlyzer Data Capture File
umb,Backup File
umod,Unreal Self
umx,Unreal Game Data File
unauth,SiteMinder Unauthorized Message File
und,A86 UNDefined symbols
uni,UniMod music module
unic,Unic Tracker v1/v2 formats
unix,Text File
unixyz,UniChem XYZ chemical modeller input file
unixyz,UniChem chemical modeller output file
unknown,Unknown File Type
unq,ACT! 3.0 Email message attachment
unr,Unreal Game Data File
unused,Photoline4 Defaults file
unv,SDRC I
unx,Unix Text File
un_,Ntgraph Setup30 file
uol,PhotoImpact Object Library File
uop,Ultima Online Patch File
up2,Ulead COOL 3D Plugins Board File
upa,Universal Programmer Analyser File
upc,Ultimate Paint component
upd,Updated Program Data
upd,Universal Print Driver
upd,dBase Update File
upf,Bitmap image
upg,Grafik Anim file
upi,Program file
upi,Snooper Sat Nav GPS File
upj,ULead Project File
upk,Unreal Engine 3 Package
upl,Starmoney Agent Download file
upo,dBase Compiled Update File
upoi,iGO Points of Interest File
upr,Claris user dictionary
ups,Microsoft Works File
upx,Nova Photo Explosion Image Template File
upz,Starmoney Agent Download file
urf,Universal radar format
urf,Skin File
uri,List of Uniform Resource Identifiers
uris,List of Uniform Resource Identifiers
url,Internet Shortcut
urls,Universal Resource Locator
url_,Web Site Address
urt,Utah Raster Toolkit File
us?,MS Word for DOS/WordPerfect Font
usa,Microsoft Office Headers file
usage,Snort file
usb,Syssoft Sandra file
use,Source Integrity file
userprofile,Symantec Shared file
usf,Nintendo 64 Music File
usflib,Nintendo 64 Song Library
usl,LaserJet Landscape Font
usm,Unsigned Sample Module data Farandole
usm,Game Video File
usp,Printer font w/updated USACII extended characters
usr,User database file
usr,Audit trail file
usrp,UTM/Universe Polar Stereographic
ustar,POSIX tar compressed archive
usx,Unreal Static Meshes
ut2,Unreal Tournament Map
utbl,Text Encoding
utc,Bioware Creature File
ute,Rukus 110 file
utf8,Unicode UTF8
uti,SpyBot Search & Destroy File
uti,Encrypted File
utl,QuickBooks data
utp,BinPatch Patch Data File
uts,SpyBot Search & Destroy File
utx,Unreal Texture File
utxt,Unicode Text File
utz,UIQ Theme Package
uu,Compressed Archive File
uvf,Uncertain Value Format
uvr,Ulead Cool 360 Viewer File
uvv,Listlabl file
uw,Raw unsigned 16
uwf,Wave file
uwl,WordPerfect User Word List
ux,Unix file
uxx,Unreal Tournament Cache
uyvy,YUV 16Bits image format
uyvy,ImageMagick 5.3.2 Perlmagick file
v,Consistency check support file
v,Main image input file
v00,3D Ultrasound Image
v06,Xwave file
v2d,CAD Design File
v2i,Norton Ghost Virtual Volume Image
v3d,Visual3D.NET Data File
v3s,Voice Master Key Sound
v56,56k Modem Patch
v5d,Dataset UNIX Chemical
v64,Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
vac,Oc2.316s Cakit File
vaf,Microsoft Visual Studio Common Tools Project
vag,Sony PlayStation ADPCM Sound File
val,Validity checks/referential integrity checks
val,Values list object file
val,Asset management document
vam,Microsoft Visual Studio Common Tools Project
van,Animation file
vap,Annotated speech file
vaporcd,Norum Vapor CD
var,Variable file
var,ASCII text file for data dictionary
vars,Templates file
vax,Pbm plus file
vb,VBScript File
vb,Image ROM File
vba,Visual Basic for Applications
vbb,Backup File
vbc,VodBurner Crude File
vbd,Visual Basic 5 Active Document
vbe,VBScript Encoded Script File
vbg,Visual Basic 5 Project group file
vbk,VisualCADD Backup File [Support Group]
vbk,VitalSource Bookshelf eBook
vbl,Visual Basic user control licensing
vbo,Access Package Deployment References
vboxlm,Vbox Common file
vbp,Project file
vbpf1,Virtual Business
vbproj,Visual Basic Project File
vbr,Remote automated registration file
vbs,MPEG Movie Clip
vbs,VBScript File
vbscript,Visual Basic Script
vbt,Spyware Doctor Temporary Scan File
vbw,Microsoft Visual Basic Workspace
vbx,Visual Basic Custom Control
vbz,Visual Basic Setup Wizard launch file
vc,Include file with color definitions
vc1,MS Visual C 1 File
vc15,MS Visual C 1.5 File
vc2,MS Visual C 2 File
vc4,MS Visual C 4 File
vc4,Virtual CD/DVD Image
vc5,MS Visual C 5 File
vc6,MS Visual C 6 File
vc7,MS Visual C 7 File
vca,Visual Clip Art
vcb,Visual COMMBasic or VCBasic macro definition
vcb,Smartype Macro Database
vcd,VisualCADD Drawing File
vcd,VersaCheck Style
vcd,Virtual CD
vce,Unformatted voice file
vcf,vCard Electronic Business Card
vcf,Vevi Configuration File
vcm,Visual Components Model File
vcm,Interwise Participant Recorded WebCast File
vcp,Workspace Information
vcp,Visual Studio .NET Project settings file
vcp,Visual Components Package
vcpref,Symantec Shared file
vcproj,Visual Studio .NET Project settings file
vcr,Arvid VCR Driver
vcr,ATI Video Recorder File
vcr,Motocross Madness 2 Video
vcs,MS Outlook vCalendar File
vct,Microsoft FoxPro Class Library
vcv,ViewCave Video
vcw,Microsoft Visual C++ Status File
vcwin32,MS Visual C File
vcx,Microsoft FoxPro Class Library
vc_,C Poet compressed Disk1 file
vd2,Vedit file
vda,Targa bitmap
vda,Graphics image
vdb,CCTV System Content File
vdb,Trend Pc
vdf,Webcd virtual driver plugins file
vdf,VirtualDub Video Filter
vdi,Bitmap image
vdk,Steuer99 file
vdm,Vedit Maro File
vdo,VDOLive Script Video image
vdo,Sound in conjunction with AVI files
vdproj,Visual Studio Deployment Project File
vdr,Drawing file
vdt,SwiftView Command File
vdu,Detailer 3D file
vdx,Virtual Device Driver
vect,3D Graphic
veg,Vegas Video Project
veh,Vector data
vel,3D drawing file
vem,Voice Email
ver,Version Description
vers,Version Description
version,Version dist file
vet,VET antivirus system file
vew,View file
vf,Virtual Terrain File
vfa,FontLab database file
vfd,Drive Image5 Vfd file
vff,Apple Macintosh Image
vfl,Clip art file
vfm,Voting form
vfn,Voting form for customers
vfp,Qtreader file
vfs,Virtual File System Index
vfs,HP All
vft,Corel VideoStudio Filter
vfw,Video for windows image format
vfw_,AVI Moviee Messagee Fiavi
vfz,Video Effects File
vga,VGA Screen Driver
vga,IBM OS/2 VGA Bitmap Image
vgc,ViziGen Code Generation Template
vgd,Visual display driver
vgl,Config 911s file
vgr,Graphics file
vgz,DigitalVDO Compressed Video
vh,Winhelp Vh file
vhd,Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
vhd,Quartus II VHDL Design File
vhdl,”Very High
vi,Graphics file
vi,Virtual Instrument file
vib,Chemsoft Export/Import MSDS Data
vic,Graphics file
viewlet,Qarbon Viewlet
vif,Khoros Visualisation image
viff,Khoros Visualisation image
vik,Graphics Image
vim,Vim Script file
vip,Mumath 30 VIP File
vip,Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff Home Embroidery Format
vir,File marked as infected by Anti
vis,Graphics Image File
vis4,MindVision Install File
visa,Apple File Exchange File
vit,Bitmap image
vitec,ViTec Tiled Image File
viv,Streaming video file
vivo,VivoActive movies and audio
viz,dVS/dVISE file
vi_,Audio Waveprg Samplitude compressed file
vjp,Microsoft Visual J++ Project
vkf,easyLEARN Author Question
vkv,easyLEARN Video Catalog Directory
vlab,VisionLab Studio Project File
vlb,Library file
vlm,Drafting program file
vlt,Darn! Passwords! Vault File
vlt,VLC Media Player Skin File
vlx,Compiled AutoLISP File
vm,Virtual memory file
vm,Voice Memo
vmb,Quicken 2002 order file
vmb,CCTV System Video File
vmc,Virtual memory configuration file
vmdk,VMware Virtual Disk File
vme,Encrypted File
vmf,Audio file
vmf,Font characteristics file
vmf,Map File
vmg,Image file
vml,Vector markup language
vmn,VXDSRC file
vmo,Siemens Mobile Phone Voice File
vmox,Virtual MakeOver Content
vms,Text file with vms specific information
vms,Dreamcast Visual Memory System File
vmsd,VMware SnapShot Metadata File
vmsg,CompuServe Message
vmt,Valve Material File
vmtm,VMware Team Data File
vmwarevm,VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine
vmx,Cubase Mixer Settings
vmx,VMWare Configuration File
vmxf,VMware Supplemental configuration
vna,Video Capture Album
vnc,Virtual Network Computing file
vnt,Mobile Phone vNote File
vo,Include file with object definiton
vob,DVD Video Object File format
voc,Audio file
vod,Video On Demand
vof,Object folder
voi,Voyetra Voice File
voi,VOI Group File
vok,Dictionary file
vol,Volume file
vol,Video Game Archive File
vor,StarOffice Template
vort,Bitmap image
vox,Dialogic audio file coded using ADPCM
vp6,TrueMotion VP6 Video File
vp7,TrueMotion VP7 Video File
vpa,VPchat Chat Gestures File
vpb,Quantel VPB image format
vpc,ViziGen Configuration File
vpc7,Virtual Machine Package
vpf,Vector Product Format
vpg,Graphics image file
vph,Virtual Pascal Help
vpi,Virtual Pascal Unit
vpk,Valve Package File
vpm,Garmin  GPS Navigation Voice File
vpr,Visual Prolog Resource
vpr,VideoCraft Project bitmap animation
vpx,Fh5 Usenglsh file
vqa,Video files
vqe,VQ Locator file
vqf,VQ file
vql,VQ Locator file
vrb,Dict file
vrb,VisionApp Remote Desktop Backup File
vrc,REGSRC VXD file
vrd,Visio Report Definition File
vre,VREAMScript extension
vrf,Configuration file
vrf,Ventrilo Audio Recording
vrl,VRML Virtual World
vrm,Quattro Pro
vrml,A VRML file
vro,DVD Video Recording File
vrod,QuickTime VR Player
vrp,Project file
vrs,Video device driver
vrt,ViRTual world
vrt,Virtual Reality World
vrt,Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
vrw,VREAMScript Command Language ActiveX 3D
vs,Include file w/surface definition
vs?,Visio file
vsc,McAffee VirusScan configuration
vscontent,Visual Studio Content File
vsd,Visio Drawing
vsdir,Microsoft Visual Studio Ide Newfileitems file
vsdisco,SOAP Dynamic Discovery File
vsh,Vertex shader definitions for Direct3D programming
vsh,McAfee VirusShield ConfigFile
vsi,Visual Studio Content Installer File
vsk,Msdev Common Ide file
vsl,Download List file
vsm,Simulation model
vsn,ViruSafe version file
vso,Nvidia Compiled Vertex Shader
vsp,Image sprite
vsp,Data print file
vsp,Corel VideoStudio Project File
vspscc,Visual Studio Project Source Control File
vsr,Access Branded Report Format
vss,Stencil file
vss,Smartshapes image file
vssscc,Visual Studio Solution Source Control File
vst,Targa bitmap
vst,Bitmap graphic file
vsu,Visio custom user interface file
vsv,Virtual Machine  State Information File
vsw,Workspace file
vsx,Visio Stencil XML File
vtf,Texture File
vti,ParaView VTK Image Data
vtk,Vtk Sample file
vtk,Visualization Toolkit Legacy File Format
vtp,Visualization Toolkit Polygonal Data
vtpc,Virtual PC
vtpf,Virtual PC Prefs File
vtr,Visualization Toolkit Rectilinear Grid Data
vts,Visualization Toolkit Structured Points Data
vts,Intel VTune program performance monitor file
vtst,Virtual terrain software
vtu,Visualization Toolkit Unstructured Points Data
vtx,Visio Template XML File
vtx,Anim8or 3D Model
vue,Animation file
vue,View file
vvd,Minolta element file
vvf,ViVerify Fingerprint
vvf,Speco Digital Video Recorder
vvr,ViVerify Repair
vw,Volkswriter Text file
vw3,VolksWriter Text File
vwf,CADvance Drawing File
vwp,Audio MetaSound plug
vwp,Audio plug
vwr,File viewer
vwx,VectorWorks 2008 Design Document
vxd,Microsoft Windows Virtual Device Driver
vxml,VoiceXML File
vxo,SYSTEM driver file
vx_,Compressed Tvideo card file
vy1,VY3 ETC
vyf,Samsung Digital Voice Recorder File
vzn,WinVzn Image file
w,Word chart file
w$,Modem Bitware Fax disk3 file
w01,Yamaha SY Series Wave File
w02,TEMP file
w20,Windows 2000 Related File
w30,Printer font
w31,Startup file
w32,Win32 file
w3d,Black Belt Systems Ray Trace Control File
w3g,Recorded Game File
w3l,W3Launch file
w3m,Map File
w3n,Warcraft 3 Expansion Campaign File
w3p,Campaign Progress File
w3v,Campaign Progress File
w3x,Scenario File
w3z,Saved Game File
w40,Win95 Backup File
w44,Temporary file for Sort or Index
w51,WordPerfect 5.1 document
w60,WordPerfect 6.0 document
w61,WordPerfect 6.1 document
w64,Wave64 File
w6bn,Microsoft Word 6
w6bn,Mac Word 6 Docu
w8bn,Microsoft Word 8
w8tn,Word 98 Template
w95,Windows95 related data file
w98,Windows98 related data file
wa0,Magix Musstu file
wa1,Magix Musstu file
wa8,Audio WAV 8 bits
wab,Microsoft Outlook Express Windows Address Book
waf,Mayim’s WAF Compiler File
waff,Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Archive File
waff,Internet Explorer Cache
wagame,Worms Armageddon Game Recording
wal,Texture file
wap,Wireless Bitmap
wap,Wap application project
war,Archived Konqeror
warz,Applet Runne
was,Procomm Plus Script Source Code File
wav,Waveform Audio
wave,WAVE SoundArchive Cachwav
wave,Wave File
wax,Procomm Plus Compiled Script File
wax,Windows Media Audio Redirector
wa~,Microsoft Address Book file
wb0,Quattro Pro version 6 spreadsheet
wb1,Webshots Picture
wb2,QuattroPro for Windows
wb3,Text file
wba,WinAce Zip File
wbc,Webshots Image
wbd,Webshots Picture
wbf,Batch file
wbk,WordPerfect Workbook Document
wbk,Microsoft Word Backup
wbl,Upload file
wbm,Welcome File
wbm,Macromedia Fireworks File
wbm,WinBatch File
wbmp,Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap Format
wbp,Webshots image format
wbr,WordBar File
wbs,WebExpress Website File
wbt,Batch file
wbt,Wordbar template
wbz,Webshots Image
wc,Mikmak 203 file
wc$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
wcd,Macro token list file
wcf,WebEx Saved Chat Session
wch,Corel Office PerfectScript
wcm,Data transmission file
wcp,Product information description file
wcs,Chip Mark II WCS
wct,VisualBasic WCTFile
wd,InfoSelect data file
wd0,Document WordExpress
wd1,Word Express file
wd1,Earth 2150 Movie
wd2,Database file
wdb,Microsoft Works Database
wdbn,Word 3/4/5
wdcd,Word 5 Custom Dictionary
wdec,Word 6 Converter
wdep,Microsoft Text Converter
wdf,WebArt data file
wdg,Warftpd remote daemon file
wdgc,Word Converter
wdgp,Word Add
wdgt,Dashboard Widget File
wdhy,Word Hyphenation File
wdic,Word 5 Plug
wdk,WhizFolder Desktop File
wdl,3D Game Studio Window Definition File
wdll,Word 6 Add
wdm,Web project Items file
wdp,HD Photo File
wdpc,Word 6 Graphics Converter
wdq,Offline Explorer Queue File
wdt,Wintidy file
wdx9,Microsoft Word Wizard
wd_,Databook ti file
wea,Ecotect Weather File
web,Corel Xara Web Document
web,Web Vector Graphic File
webarchive,Safari Web Archive
webloc,Mac OS X Website Location
webm,WebM Video/Audio Multimedia Container File
weboogl,Web Object Oriented Graphics Library
webp,Google Image File
webpnp,Support for Internet Printing
wed,Windows Editor file
wfa,WinFax Pro Archive
wfb,Bank file
wfc,War FTP client file
wfc,Wiiflow File Cache
wfd,Drum set
wfd,Audio waveform
wfk,Delphi Runimage Delphi Demos Doc Formdll Db file
wfl,Flowchart file
wfm,dBASE Form
wfo,Delphi Runimage Delphi Demos Doc Formdll Db file
wfp,Program file
wft,Data file
wfx,Data file
wgdp,MS Graphics Importe
wgp,Data file
wgt,XNBC Synaptic Weights File
wgt,IMPS Data File
wgz,Nokia S60 Web Runtime Widget Package
whip,Bitmap image
whlp,MS Word help file
wht,Microsoft Net Meeting Whiteboard Document
whtt,WinHTTrack Website Copier
wi,Corel Wavelet Compressed Image
wic,J Wavelet Image Codec image format
wid,Width table
widget,Yahoo! Widget
wif,Wavelet image file
wil,WinImage file
wim,Wireless identity module
win,Window file
win,Window preference file
windows9x,Winhttrack src file
windowslivecontact,Windows Live Contacts File
winpoint,Winpoint Mortgage loan file format
wins,Makefile for WINS platform
wipeinfo,Norton Utilities Sendto file
wipeslack,Norton Utilities Sendto file
wis,wIntegrate Script File
wix,wIntegrate Compiled Script File
wiz,Wizard file
wiz,Page wizard
wiz!,Microsoft Wizard
wizhtml,MS Access HTML Template
wjf,Winzip Job
wjr,ReGet Deluxe Data File
wk!,Lotus 1
wk1,Lotus 1
wk2,Lotus 1
wk3,Lotus 1
wk4,Lotus 1
wk5,Lotus 1
wkb,Document file
wki,Lotus 1
wks,Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
wku,Lotus 1
wkz,Wingz spreadsheet
wl6,Wolfenstein 3D
wlb,Wgt file
wld,REND386/AVRIL file
wld,Serious Sam World File
wlf,Upload file
wlg,DrWatson LoG file
wlk,Graphics file
wll,Word Add
wll,The Sims Wall Texture file
wlm,CompW image format
wlmp,Windows Live Movie Maker Project
wlr,Virtual Reality Modeling Language for WWW
wls,602PC SUITE Worksheet File
wlt,WaveL Wavelet Compressed Graphic
wlt,Subsembly Wallet Encrypted data file
wlx,FileMaker Pro Plug
wm,Windows Media A/V File
wm$,Basic Vb file
wm3,Working Model 3D Document
wm5,Dyndlg2 file
wma,Windows Media Audio File
wmb,3D GameStudio Map Entity
wmc,Backup files for startup
wmc,Macro file
wmc,Text file
wmd,Windows Media Download File
wmdb,Windows Media Player
wmf,Windows Metafile
wmf2,Embedded Bitmap Metafile
wmf_,Windows MetaFile
wmk,Oc2.316s cakit file
wml,Wireless Markup Language document
wmmp,Windows Movie Maker Project File
wmo,World of Warcraft World Map Object File
wmp,Windows Media Player File
wms,Windows Media Skin File
wmv,Windows Media Video File format
wmx,Audio Playlist
wmx,Windows Media Player A/V Shortcut
wmz,Windows Media Compressed Skin File
wn,WriteNow Text file
wnd,WinG Hidden Palette task
wnf,Outline font description file
wnk,Wink Screen Capture
wns,PrintShop Newsletter
wnt,Mumath 30 file
woa,Windows 3.1x Swap file
wob,Object file
woc,Organization chart
wock,Route 66
woff,Web Open Font Format File
wor,ProWrite Document
word,2.X FOR WINDOWS Word processor
word,MacWrite formatted file
word,Mac Write 4.6/5
word,Claris Works File
workflow,Automator Workflow
wot,Web Of Trust File
wow,Music module
wp,WordPerfect Document File
wp3,Microsoft Photo Story Project
wp4,WordPerfect Document
wp42,WordPerfect 4
wp5,WordPerfect Document
wp50,WordPerfect 5
wp6,WordPerfect Document
wp7,WordPerfect 7 Document
wpa,ACT! Word Processor Document
wpc,Windows 95 WordPad File Converter
wpc,Pazzles Inspiration Studio
wpc2,WordPerfect WPC2 text
wpd,ACT! 2 Word Processor Document
wpd,WordPerfect Document
wpd,602Text Document File
wpd0,WordPerfect 1 text file
wpd1,WordPerfect 2 text file
wpd2,WordPerfect 2
wpd3,WordPerfect 3
wpf,Fax document
wpf,WordPerfect Form
wpg,WordPerfect/Drawperfect Graphics
wpg2,WordPerfect image
wph,Acer BIOS Upgrade FIle
wpj,Watcom C/C++ project
wpl,Windows Media Player Playlist
wpl,DEC WPS Plus Text Document
wpp,WordPerfect color Palette
wpr,WMS project file
wpr,WinG project file
wprd,MS Word print file
wproj,Wwise Project
wps,Microsoft Works Text Document
wps,Kingsoft Writer Document
wpt,WordPerfect Template
wpw,Novel PerfectWorks Document
wpx,Adobe printer description
wq!,Compressed spreadsheet
wq0,Quattro Pro
wq1,QuattroPro Spreadsheet
wr!,Compressed Lotus Spreadsheet
wr$,Modem Bitware Fax disk6 file
wrap,MediaForge Media Content file
wrd,Text Document
wrf,WebEx Recording Format File
wrg,ReGet document
wri,Windows Write Document
wrk,CakeWalk Project file
wrl,Virtual Reality model
wrp,Compressed Archive File
wrp,3D modeling file
wrs,Resource file
wrt,Write text
wrz,Live32 Geometry for Netscape
ws,WordStar Document
ws,Windows Script
ws1,WordStar v1 Document
ws2,WordStar v2 Document
ws3,WordStar v3 Document
ws4,WordStar v4 Document
ws5,WordStar v5 Document
ws6,WordStar v6 Document
ws7,WordStar v7 Document
wsc,Windows Script Component
wsd,WordStar Document
wsdl,Web Services Description Language File
wse,Wise File
wset,Word Settings
wsf,Windows Script File
wsh,Windows Script Host Settings File
wsp,WorkSpace file
wsp,Win SharePoint Services Solution Framework Fil
wsp,Web Site Publisher Configuration File
wss,Windows Sound System
wst,WordStar Document
wsx,Audio Utility Sysex Wsysex file
wsz,WinAmp Skin Zip File
ws_,Visc15 Adressen Setup file
wt0,Template WordExpress
wta,Wireless telephony applications
wtbn,Word 4/5 Template
wtbn,Word Template
wtd,WinTune Document
wtf,Weird wally screen saver editor file
wtf,World of Warcraft Text File
wtk,URL address of person to talk to
wtmp,Word 5 Temp File
wtr,Winter Windows scheduler file
wts,Ntgraph Qwknetv1 file
wtv,Windows Media Center TV File
wtx,ASCII Text
wtx,WinTopo Project Text file
wtx,Audio Stream File
wtx,WinTune Export Document File
wul,Wincmd file
wus,WUTG Tagged Audio File
wut,WUTG Tag File
wv,WavPack lossless compressed audio file
wvc,Hybrid Compressed Audio File
wvd,Starmoney Filter Zvl32 file
wvl,Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
wvw,Interleaf WorldView format
wvx,Windows Media Redirector
ww4,WinWhatWhere activity log
wwb,Button bar for document window
wwd,Microsoft Works Wizards file
wwk,WordPerfect keyboard layout
wwp,Microsoft Works Wizards file
wws,Microsoft Works Wizards file
wwu,Wwise Work Unit
wx,Flight Simulator Weather File
wxd,Music resource file
wxp,Document file
wxs,QuotesNows! data file
wxs,Windows Installer XML File
wz,MapleStory Game Data File
wzd,Sharp Organizer Program or Data File
wzmul,WinZip Registration File
wzn,WhizFolder Document
wzs,MS Word Wizard
wzz,IGS setup internet account
x,Microsoft Direct
x,AVS Image
x01,Secondary index file
x02,Secondary index file
x03,Secondary index file
x04,Secondary index file
x05,Secondary index file
x06,Secondary index file
x07,Secondary index file
x08,Secondary index file
x09,Secondary index file
x10,Bitmap image
x11,Bitmap image
x16,Macromedia Extra
x32,Macromedia Program Extension
x3d,X3D 3D Model File
x3d,Xara3D Project File
x3f,Foveon X3F RAW format image.
x40,XTree Gold
x4m,TeamLinks Mail File Data
x5,Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
x50,XTree Gold DOS Help File
x60,XTree DOS Help File
x64,Commodore 64 Disk Image
x80,XTree Gold
xa,Sony Playstation audio files
xab,Microsoft Mail address book
xaf,Microsoft Active VRML
xaf,IMVU 3D Animation File
xaml,Extensible Application Markup Language
xann,XANN Packer format
xap,Compressed Silverlight Application
xar,Xara/Xara Xtreme Vector Image File
xbe,XBOX Executable File
xbf,Data base file
xbm,X Bitmap Graphic
xbn,Cygnus ld
xbx,XBox CD Image File
xc,Bitmap image
xc0,XTree Gold
xcel,Excel File
xcf,Gimp Bitmap image format
xci,XML Configuration Information
xck,Extended crack file
xcl,XTree Script
xcm,Exported Concept Map File
xcode,Xcode Project
xcodeproj,Xcode Project
xcof,Mac OS Object Library
xcp,Compressed File
xcu, Configuration
xd0,XTree Golds DOS Help File
xdct,XPress Dictionary
xdf,eXtended Density Format Image
xdl,XML Schema
xdl,Oracle Expert Definition Language File
xdo,Animation Formula Graphics
xdoc,Xpress file
xdoc,XPress 3 Layout
xdoc,Xerox ScanWorX and Textbridge OCR File Format
xdp,XML Data Package
xdr,XML data reduced file
xdw,Fuji Xerox DocuWorks File
xe0,XTree Golds
xea,Encrypted Archive File
xed,XED chemical modeller input file
xed,XED chemical modeller output file
xef,eManager Form Data
xef,WinAce Encrypted File
xem,eManager Metered Units
xem,PowerDesigner Model definition File
xen,Guitar Hero Song File
xen,Xenu Document open with
xep,eManager File Packaging Information
xes,eManager Skins Definition
xet,eManager Process Definition
xev,eManager Auto
xex,Xbox 360 Executable File
xez,eManager Template Package
xfd,XML Form in XFD Format
xfd,Acu4GL Extended File Description
xfd,Atari Disk Image
xfdf,Acrobat Forms Document
xfdl,Embedded PureEdge Form
xfdl,XML Form in XFDL Format
xfi,Latex Figures file
xfl,Flash Movie Archive
xfm,Cooledit 1.50 file
xfm,Coolwave 2000 file
xfn,Xerox Printer font file
xfn,Printer font file
xfr,Ventura Publisher bitmap editor font file
xfs,eRacer Sound File
xft,Printer font file
xft,XML Forms Template
xfx,Fax Document
xg0,Database Index; Paradox secondary index;
xg1,Database Index; Also XG2
xg2,Database Index; Also XG3…
xg3,Database Index; Also XG4…
xgl,MegaBitz graphics language file
xgz,MegaBitz vector drawing
xht,Extensible HyperText Markup Language File
xhtm,Extensible HyperText Markup Language File
xhtml,Extensible HyperText Markup Language File
xi,Instrument sample file
xi,Instrument file
xib,Interface Builder File
xif,Wang imaging file
xif,Image file
xim,X11 Xim Toolkit bitmap
xip,HP95 Execute
xip,Hotbar Image Compression Format
xip,Xbox Dashboard File
xix,IIS NNTP Subject Lists
xl,Microsoft Excel for Apple Mac Spreadsheet
xl$,Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
xla,Microsoft Excel Add
xla5,Excel 5
xla8,Excel 98 Add
xlam,Microsoft Office Excel
xla_,Excel 4 Add
xlb,Microsoft Excel Toolbar
xlb4,Excel 4 Toolbar
xlb5,Microsoft Toolbar
xlb8,Excel 8 Toolbar
xlbn,Excel 1
xlbn,Excel 1 spreadsheet
xlbn,Lotus 1
xlc,Microsoft Excel Chart
xlc3,Excel 3 Chart
xlc4,Excel 4
xlc_,Excel 2.2 Chart
xld,Microsoft Excel Dialogue
xlde,Dialog Edito
xlf,XLIFF Document
xlg,Xnetech Engraving Logo File
xlgc,ExpressK Database File
xlk,Microsoft Excel Backup
xll,Microsoft Excel add
xll_,Excel 4 Add
xlm,Microsoft Excel Macro
xlm3,Excel Macro File
xlm4,Excel Macro File
xlm_,Excel Macro File
xlnk,XML Shortcut File
xlpf,Excel Setting File
xlr,Microsoft Works Spreadsheet File
xls,MS Excel Spreadsheet File
xls3,Excel Spreadsheet File
xls4,Excel Spreadsheet File
xls5,Excel Spreadsheet File
xls8,Excel Spreadsheet File
xlsb,Microsoft Office Excel
xlsm,Microsoft Office Excel
xlsx,Microsoft Office Excel
xls_,Excel Spreadsheet File
xlt,Microsoft Excel Template
xlt,Lotus Translation Table
xltb,DataViz Translator
xltm,Microsoft Office Excel
xltx,Microsoft Office Excel
xlv,Microsoft Excel VBA Module
xlw,Microsoft Excel Workbook
xlw3,Microsoft Excel Workbook
xlw4,Microsoft Excel Workbook
xlw5,Microsoft Excel Workbook
xlw_,Microsoft Excel Workbook
xm,Music module
xmcd,Mathcad Worksheet File
xmcdz,MatchCAD Compressed Worksheet
xmd,GameJack Disc Image
xmf,Milnta APL Transfer Function
xmf,Extensible Music File Format
xmf,GameJack Disk Image
xmi,Compressed midi music
xml,Extensible Markup Language
xmlper,LeCroy Binary Waveform File
xmp,Spice Pspice Lib file
xmpz,Miradi XML Project File
xms,eXtended Memory Specification
xmt,XMT_auto_file open with
xmz,XGL movie
xmz,SofTeach Secure Electronic Exam File
xn,Cygnus ld
xnf,Network file
xnk,Shortcut file
xnt,Spice Pspice Lib file
xol,Swiss Map Overlay
xol,PowerDesigner Object Language File
xos,Xaos Tools bitmap image
xot,Xnetech Job Output File
xp,System Util file
xpc,ActionReplay Saved Code
xpd,XML Pipeline Document
xpd,PlayStation Store PSP License File
xpg,Autoplay Media Studio Exported Page
xpi,FireFox Web
xpix,Nonogram puzzle
xpj,Micro Planner X
xpk,Spice Pspice Library File
xpk,XPK Player Compressed Audio
xpk,Xscript Package
xpl,Xset plugins file
xpm,X PixMap File
xpr,PressIt Disc Label
xpr3,EPS created by Xpress
xpr3,QuarkXpress 3
xps,Backup for xport .sps
xps,XML Paper Specification File
xpt,Mozilla Firefox Component
xpt,SAS Transport File
xpw,Accessible FormNet Fillable Form
xqt,Executable File
xqt,Macro file
xr,Cygnus ld
xr1,Epic MegaGames Xargon game data
xref,Cross reference file
xrp,RationalPlan Project File
xrs,Realplayer Plugin Extresources file
xsc,Schema for an XML file
xsd,XML Schema File
xsi,Softimage XSI 3D Image
xsl,XML Stylesheet
xslt,XSL Transformation
xsn,Form Template File
xspf,Shareable Playlist Format
xss,Ability Office
xst,Tanner Ledit
xsu,Fortran Libf77 file
xsum,Clapack file
xsx,XML Schema Designer
xt,FastTracker music track
xt*,Crosstalk Related File
xtb,External translation table
xtg,Quark Xpress 3.32 tags files
xtm,Xtremsplit Data File
xtmp,Xpress template
xtmp,XPress 3 Template
xtnd,Acrobat Plug
xtp,XTree Data file
xtr,RealArcade Compressed Data File
xtra,Quark Xtra
xtreme,Winstep Xtreme Theme Pack
xtrl,XTND Translator Lis
xu,Cygnus ld
xul,XML User Interface Language
xv,VIFF bitmap image
xvid,XVID  Encoded Video File
xvr,Superscape Viscape file
xvu,BOClean Database File
xwc,Crosstalk for Windows Compiled Script
xwd,X Window Dump format
xwf,General Working file
xwk,Keyboard mapping file
xwp,Crosstalk Session File
xwp,Text file
xwp,XMLwriter Project File
xwp,Xerox Writer Text Document
xws,Crosstalk for Windows Script
xwz,Xset wizards file
xx,Compressed ASCII archive
xxd,Brixx Planner Calendar
xxe,Xxencoded File
xxt,Extension DLL
xy,XYWrite v1 Document File
xy3,XyWrite 3 Document File
xy4,Document file
xy4v,XYWrite IV document
xy?,XYWrite document
xyp,XyWrite Plus Document File
xys,XYplorer Script File
xyw,XyWrite Windows Document
xyz,Moleculeviewer models file
xyz,XYZ chemical modeller input file
xyzi,3rdTech Scanner File
xz,XZ Compressed Archive File
x_b,Parasolid Model Part
x_t,Parasolid Model Part
y,Grammar file
y,Compressed Amiga archive
y01,Secondary index file
y02,Secondary index file
y03,Secondary index file
y04,Secondary index file
y05,Secondary index file
y06,Secondary index file
y07,Secondary index file
y08,Secondary index file
y09,Secondary index file
yab,YABasic Script
yal,Clipart library
yam,Yahoo! Auctions Data
yaodl,3D Graphic
yar,YAK archive
ybk,Microsoft Encarta Yearbook
ybk,YanCEyWare Reader eBook
ybm,Bitmap image
yc,YACC archive
ycc,2D Graphic
ycp,Image ASCII art
ydl,Yet Another Object Description Language
yel,Yellow color separation
yg0,Paradox secondary index
yg1,Paradox secondary index
yg2,Paradox secondary index
yg3,Paradox secondary index
yg4,Paradox secondary index
ym,Atari ST Audio
ymap,Ygnius Computer Aided Thinking File
ymg,Yahoo! Messenger File
yml,YAML Document
ymp,YaST Metapackage File
yn,Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
ync,yEnc Encoded File
ynx,Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
yps,Yahoo! Messenger Data File
yuv,Color Space Pixel Format
yuv3,Bitmap image
yyc,Wave sapphire dist file
yz,Yac Compressed Archive File
z,Unix Gzip Archive
z0,Zonealarm Z0 Mailsafe file
z01,Split Compressed Archive File Part 1
z02,Split Compressed Archive File Part 2
z04,Split Compressed Archive File Part 4
z05,Split Compressed Archive File Part 5
z1,Zonealarm Z1 Mailsafe file
z2f,Zoo Tycoon 2 Object File
z3,Game module
z3d,3D Model
z5,Infocom game module for Z
z64,Nintendo 64 Game ROM
z8,Infocom game module for Z
z80,Files for the X128 Spectrum 128 Emulator
z?,See ZL below
zabw,AbiWord Compressed Document
zad,ZFax digitized voice file
zap,FileWrangler Compressed File
zap,MS Windows Software Installation Settings
zapd,Norton Hard Drive File
zbd,ZoomBrowser Database File
zbd,MechWarrior 3 Snow Fields File
zbd,Zebedee Encrypted File
zbr,Zoner Zebra Metafile
zc,Zipkey Configuration
zcn,Omnipage Data file
zcp,Zortech 21 Sample Work file
zcp,Zune HD Application File
zcv,Zortech 3 readme file
zdb,Quicken Intuit Online File
zdc,CD Catalog Expert Database File
zdg,Compressed ZiffNet text document
zdl,DesignPro Label Design File
zdp,DesignPro Label Design File
zdr,Batch Ziff
zds,Data File
zeiss,Zeiss CSLM bitmap image
zel,MIDI Source File
zer,Data file
zex,System File
zexp,Binary Export File
zfc,Archive File
zfd,Zeroadic functions
zfs,C++ Assembly Source
zfsendtotarget,Compressed Folder
zfx,Data File
zgeproj,ZGameEditor Project File
zgm,Graphics file
zgr,BeatCreator Loop File
zh,Netscape Communicator java classes file
zhp,Compressed SwiftView ICS command file
zhtml,Secure IE Zipped HTML File
zh_tw,Netscape Communicator java classes file
zif,Xsys doc file
zif,Zoomorama Image File
zim,Compressed Mac file
zinc,Zinc Interface Library icon file
zip,Zipped Archive File
zipx,Advanced ZIP File
zip_,ZIP Archive Drive Filezip
zix,Quicken Intuit On
zix,WinZix File
zjr,Archive tbv
zka,Quicken6 file
zl9,ZoneAlarm Quarantined Item File
zl?,ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed File
zm1,ZSNES Movie #1 File
zm1,ZoneAlarm Renamed MDA File
zm2,ZSNES Movie #2 File
zm2,ZoneAlarm Renamed MDZ File
zm3,ZSNES Movie #3 File
zm3,ZoneAlarm Renamed NCH File
zm9,ZoneAlarm ZM9 Mailsafe File
zm9,ZSNES Movie
zm?,ZSNES Movie
zmap,Zombies Ate My Neighbors Map File
zmf,Zoner Draw document
zml,Zooming Markup Language File
zmv,ZSNES Movie File
znf,Data File for Selt extractor
zno,Zinio Electronic Magazine File
zom,Compressed Amiga archive
zon,BullsEye Custom zones
zoo,OpenVMS Compressed Archive File
zp1,ACOS PLUS1 Project Management Data and Workaround
zpd,Zeroadic predicates
zpd,ZoneAlarm Mailsafe
zpi,Zipped File
zpi,Nuance PDF Converter Index File
zpl,Zune MP3 Play List
zpl,Zen Play List
zpm,Zortech 3 source Clib file
zprf,ZipIt Preferences
zrb,Compressed Multi
zrl,ZR FileWorks List
zrn,ACOS PLUS1 Project File
zrp,Rapid simulation package
zs8,ZSNES Slot 8 Save State
zsd,Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Data
zsh,Unix shell script
zsn,ACOS PLUS1 Project File
zst,ZSNES Save File
zsys,System Document
zsys,System File
zt,Mental Ray Image Depth File
ztc,Zortech 21 Readme file
ztf,Tycoon 2 Data File
ztmp,Steam Compressed Game Resource
ztr,DVD Label Template Media File
ztr,DNA Sequence Trace Data file
zul,ZK User Interface
zun,Recogsp file
zvd,Voice file
zvr,SAFA Audio Recording File
zvz,Possible Virus File
zw,Chinese Text
zwb,Zortech 21 Read me file
zxp,Extension Manager Package File
zz,Zzip Compressed Archive
zze,Encoded file archive
zzz,Micro Perfect Sleep Products.
zzz,Black & White Game Data



Download the csv file here.

If you want to include this list directly in your c# code – then grab this this file.

by Aage Andre

Mikrotik RouterOS – Conditional DNS-forward

One of the big pains of having a complete network of L2TP/IPSec-devices is that you have to have DNS servers at each site, or run a central DNS-server which could be slow to reach and the users start complaining about slow internet.
This is a simple config-script to allow you to run your central DNS only on internal domains, and everything else on.. well, any DNS you want.

The script creates a new pre-routing connection-mark, checking if the DNS-lookup on the router, port 53 is looking for something with “yourdomain.local”. When it is, it DST-NATs and forwards the packet to your internal DNS without doing anymore processing.

It assumes you use the router/gateway as DNS-server with remote requests enabled in DNS-setup.


# The domain you want to be able to look up
:global DOMAIN

# This is needed because the script won't allow a variable and a dash.. so no "$DOMAIN-forward"
:global CONMARK yourdomain.local-forward

# The LAN ip of your router
:global ROUTER

# The DNS-server where you look up "yourdomain.local"


/ip firewall layer7-protocol add name=$DOMAIN regexp=$DOMAIN
/ip firewall mangle add chain=prerouting dst-address=$ROUTER layer7-protocol=$DOMAIN action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=$CONMARK protocol=tcp dst-port=53
/ip firewall mangle add chain=prerouting dst-address=$ROUTER
layer7-protocol=$DOMAIN action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=$CONMARK protocol=udp dst-port=53
/ip firewall nat add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat
connection-mark=$CONMARK to-addresses=$DNSSERVER
/ip firewall nat add
action=masquerade chain=srcnat connection-mark=$CONMARK